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12 months ago  ::  03 Apr 18 11:11 PM #1
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I got called all sorts of choice names for this, but to me it's a no brainer to play, I'd just lost half my stack on a pretty aggro table with KK all in on a Q69 rainbow board, called by 87 who hit runner runner str8 (I don't have auto rebuy activated)

#Game No : 1158754101

***** 888poker Hand History for Game 1158754101 *****

$0.05/$0.10 Blinds No Limit Holdem - ***

Table Kirov 6 Max (Real Money)

Seat 1 is the button

Total number of players : 6

Seat 1: 654001 ( $2.99 )

Seat 2: Splitus ( $10.44 )

Seat 4: wiggy ( $4.80 )

Seat 6: valerossipma ( $19.76 )

Seat 7: EHarks ( $14.08 )

Seat 9: Panmanmara21 ( $18.45 )

Splitus posts small blind [$0.05]

wiggy posts big blind [$0.10]

** Dealing down cards **

Dealt to wiggy [ 5c, 4d ]

valerossipma folds

EHarks raises [$0.20]

Panmanmara21 calls [$0.20]

654001 folds

Splitus calls [$0.15]

wiggy calls [$0.10]

** Dealing flop ** [ 3s, Ac, 2s ]

Splitus checks

wiggy checks

EHarks bets [$0.80]

Panmanmara21 calls [$0.80]

Splitus calls [$0.80]

wiggy raises [$3.80]

EHarks folds

Panmanmara21 folds

Splitus raises [$6]

wiggy calls [$0.80]

** Dealing turn ** [ 7d ]

** Dealing river ** [ 8c ]

** Summary **

Splitus shows [ 6s, As ]

wiggy shows [ 5c, 4d ]

wiggy collected [ $11.02 ]

tell me you see it

I'm too old to die young
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12 months ago  ::  05 Apr 18 05:00 PM #2
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In BB we have to call a min raise with 3 others coming a long calling intial raise so we would be calling with any 2 cards.
Its a perfect flop for us and a flop that the sb has hit massive as well so its going to be going in would be nice to know what the pre flop raiser had.
 In his postision C- betting here is not good play unless he does have it, the board is to wet and he will be just be put in tough spots when he gets played back at.
I would have re raised less, at this level you will get any one holding an Ace will come along as well anyone who is on a draw will also be calling.
 By reraising less we then have the chance of the intial raiser calling or even reraising thinking his AK or AQ is good.
Its rare to hit the flop this good and we were lucky that the sb had a hand that would call.
For them to call you names over this hand is laughable they are prob angry they played there hand badly if it was the sb moaning he obviousy hasnt played cash tables for long.
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