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9 months ago  ::  11 May 18 09:16 PM #1
grumpy (got me vajazzle back)
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one trend i have noticed since taking up sit and gos is the amout of shoving from the small blind into the big blind on or near the bubble, 90% of the time or more it is with air, so just what hand are you calling with for all your stack if you are short stacked? or what are you calling with for half or more of your stack? 
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9 months ago  ::  12 May 18 10:31 AM #2
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Yep i have seen this tactic being used by most of the regs.

Now the answer to your question_

What we need to know are the stack sizes of all 4 players,  and what level we are at in blinds, for me this determines whether i am calling or folding. For example if i am the short stack and the other 3 have double my stack i need to start gambling otherwise when i do get a hand i will be called by any 2  and if i know the SB is shoving any 2 into my BB i am calling with a very high range of combos. Any pairs, any Ace, K9 to J 10. But what alsoshould come into our thinking is are all players who are left doing this tactic?
Now if i know the answer is no and i know the players in the blinds when im on the button have a high fold frequency then there will be occasions when i would only call the above situations with a tighter range.
So if we are sitting with a bigger stack and there is a shorter stack hanging on and the SB pushes into us with any 2 you need a stronger hand to call. The reason being is even though we are prob a 60-40 fav or even higher we dont want to be put in a situ where we are now the SS.
So for me it is all about stack sizes for all players to blind levels and also the players left what kind of player are they, are they playing most hands, is 1 a nit only playing a few hands.
I am building up a nice amount of hands on these sngs and its good to go over my games every week to see and go over the situations and learn from what i am doing right and wrong.
In my first few hundred games i was folding in situations where i should have been calling like in the above situation where the button or sb was shoving into me and i had a fairly big hand which often had the raiser crushed with there any 2 shove.
I hope that makes a bit of sense as ive had a long morning at work.
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9 months ago  ::  13 May 18 08:09 PM #3
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If u want to learn shoving/calling ranges preflop, you should work with preflop calculators like Holdem Recources, ICMizer, etc. Yeah, its possible to count shoving/calling ranges without any additional soft, but you will spend much much more time to get worst results. All this calculators have free demo-versions
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