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Switch to Forum Live View is it ok? 40 BB HU calling w AJo for stacks
1 year ago  ::  19 May 18 10:17 AM #1
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playing multi table want to improve and been thinking about this spot all week.
i just think 40 bb is too much too call an unknown player HU when we are this deep. I feel the best way to go is to lenghten the game and see lots of hands/flops w small bets to work him out.
WHen i make this call with 8hands into HU just seems a bit spewy. Hindsight is taking the flip and not having the edge and letting luck take over, pot is for game and just feel i blew it.
I know the hand is strong and aggression is key in HU bu should i have played for longer?
any help appreciated
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1 year ago  ::  20 May 18 01:43 PM #2
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It's not a flip. Professional players have not shoving range in 40bb stacks, but weak players have. And ranges of weak players are different. But by my expirience, people shoving preetty bad. They doesn't defend their shoving range (doesn't include hands like TT+) and shoving a lot of hands which much worst than AJ (like Ax). And even if we look at opponents poket pairs, we still have ok equity. Yeah, we dont want to shoving versus pocket pairs, but pocket pairs it's not all their shoving range. Also pairs have less combination than non-pairs hands.
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13 months ago  ::  20 May 18 07:38 PM #3
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With 40bb stack you have loads of game play left in the game so i would wait for a better spot.
How did the betting go in above hand? I take it he raised then you put in a reraise and he shoved?
Do you have notes on the player? Is he a maniac?

I always ask myself what sort of player i am against and what range do i put him on.

If i had no notes on player i would be putting him on a hand that he doesnt want you to see a flop mid to low pair or even a raggy ace.
Even if we new he had pocket 10s at this stage do you want to take the coin flip when we know we prob can out play him as the game goes on.
This kind of player will over play a hand when he does hit so one ou can set up nicely when you do hold the goods.
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