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13 months ago  ::  06 Jun 18 12:54 PM #1
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Hi can anyone tell me why the lucky spin only ever gives a lucky chip $1500 ticket or nothing? I spin this twice daily since the start and thats all i ever win? Bit silly to have it dont you think!!
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13 months ago  ::  06 Jun 18 07:11 PM #2
grumpy (got me vajazzle back)
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because it is a fix
a pair of melons beats anything
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12 months ago  ::  08 Jun 18 11:19 PM #3
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nothing has changed I see
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12 months ago  ::  10 Jun 18 07:41 PM #4
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one day I won other thing :-).....ticket which was more worth than 1500 ticker
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11 months ago  ::  23 Jul 18 02:19 PM #5
Paul C
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It's a strange thing to be sure...
This spin wheel has all of those different segments (& as you say Elton) it's usually a 1500 ticket or NOTHING (on a previous spin wheel i somehow went some 25 spins in a row with a NO WIN!!! seriously! would have had better odds of winning the National Lottey than doing this)

I'm once again having one of those strange series of spins...
I spin once every day (if i can) and i have won just 1 x 1,500 ticket in about 10 spins!

I don't care what anyone says...THAT's NOT RANDOM.

The funny thing is since i won a $300 bet & have been cashing it out (well it's not a win unless the cash is in your hand & you can use it / spend it) it's been like this! which makes me smile & laugh before i even spin now as i pretty much know where it's going to land before it does!

Also, i think i am decent (if careful, some might say tight? although i just try to use a little basic intelligence) poker player & although i'm a fairly low stakes player i have found some of the hands heading my way recently have been highly amusing...even when dealt a good set of cards, somehow my Aces, Kings or AK suited are strangely being beaten! hmmm.

Probably just incredibly unlucky but it seems to me my luck has changed drastically since i began cashing out...funny that huh?

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