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4 months ago  ::  11 Mar 19 11:34 AM #1
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Fulle details can be found here

For funded players only

XL Blizzard - More Ways to Win than Ever Before!
Win up to $1,000,000 for special achievements!

Our XL Series is back with the XL Blizzard Championships. Brace yourself for a spectacular series offering huge prizes, high value tournaments and loads of ways to win!

Will all my888poker members please ensure they have their 888poker player name in their profile.
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4 months ago  ::  11 Mar 19 07:22 PM #2
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Thank you Cryptic and all of the Mods, your group supplies two things that all Newcomers and many others need. I believe without you folks 888 would soon become not much more than an after thought. 888 should be intelligent enough to have this figured out and then they should give you all the respect you deserve, in a way that lets us all know how much you are needed here. What two essential elements are they? INFORMATION & DIRECTION. How long do you think it would take for a player to become frustrated when they cannot find out something that is important to them? Or how long would a Newcomer who has decided to take that first step of making a deposit wait while their inquiries are not answered before they become angry? Then how long before these folks decide the solution to their problems my just be to go to another gaming site? I think the answer to all those questions would be, fairly quickly. That would also be the answer to how long 888 would last without any new faces and the loss of many older faces. So once again, thank you 888 Mods, we respect you a lot, a friend, Len. 
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4 months ago  ::  14 Mar 19 08:43 PM #3
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thanks for the interesting post, let's play
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4 months ago  ::  17 Mar 19 01:04 PM #4
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You usually receive an email, offering you some free tickets for this, along with an email setting you challenge to get more tickets.  Good luck with the promotion
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1 month ago  ::  19 May 19 07:37 PM #5
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Eu acho que deveriam ter algumas promoções para atrair novos jogadores, o site está perdendo muita gente. 
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