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13 months ago  ::  07 Mar 17 03:47 AM #1
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I sometime go over to the casino games and stick a couple of $ on some numbers to up (or down)my stack.
Have done this on numerous occasions,putting a dollar here and there. I have on the very very odd occasion put a crazy $5 bet on a colour. Tonight I went there and bet a colour and a loose number bet.Iwon. Then I chatted with the guy a bit and then wanted to bet $1 dollar on a colour. I clicked then saw that the bet was $25 ,basically every dollar i had. I clicked undo undo  undo, but nothing, the bet ran.

I have never bet thismuch, would never bet this much on casino and said so instantly.
how can it go from a $1 bet to 25 ???

Look at my history , I am not this kind of gambler.

If 888 want to keep my money , ok , but then I will have to make a decision also.
Maybe they dont care.ok. Right now I am deflated.
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13 months ago  ::  07 Mar 17 08:54 AM #2
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few years ago i did this on the slots....wanted to bet $1 and my history was full of this kind of play, i made a mistake somehow betted $200 lost....i emailed them they checked and could see this was not normal play and a mistake on my part and i can remember them giving me that bet back...glitch slow internet connection caused it
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13 months ago  ::  07 Mar 17 09:24 AM #3
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happened to me once where had  a free $5 spins and it decided to take some of my bankroll as well. Hence don't play casino games as there is no way of protecting your bankroll from this happening. If you go to cash table at poker you can just go with the min buyin or reload auto.
not with the casino your whole bankroll is open to internet lag or disconnections, so if you have miss clicked and that happens wave good bye to your cash. you should be able to load a maximum amount to the game/s without your bankroll being at risk from any miss click...... 
WHY ARE 888 unable to sort out their server issuses.
or are there other gremlins at work?
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13 months ago  ::  08 Mar 17 05:40 PM #4
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Ive done exactly the same thing few years ago was doing the colour run on roulete where i was betting $1-$5 next thing i new i had $150 on the spin luckily it came in but ive avoided playing casino games now when tired or drunk.
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12 months ago  ::  05 Apr 17 08:07 PM #5
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Playing casino or poker when drunk is a recipe for disaster.  My m8 lost $1000 having worked hard to build it up from a $20 deposit.  Took him over 2 months to build it and 5 mins to lose it.  Hard lesson he learned but hilarious none the less.  He logged in the next day and thought his money was stolen.
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