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1 year ago  ::  19 Mar 17 12:29 PM #1
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Rhonda March 18, 2017 7:14 AM GMT+12
So there was a game tonight for Tonakaaa's Home Game. It Said to watch his live TV feed to obtain the password. So I  watched his twitch TV. He has posted he is in Sweden until 25 March, so there was no live feed when I viewed,  this was 10 minutes before the start of game. SO 1 question, any idea how two players had a password to a game that wasn't showing a password as he was  not live at 10 minutes before the start of the game??  There were loads of players on the chat asking for the password, including a couple of forum members.  So how silly to host a game with no password available at 10 minutes prior to the start! AND GUESS WHAT?  The game got cancelled as there were not 8 entrants. A bit like the fiasco for the last one.  He posted the [password an hour  before the time he was supposed to and the game filled with a lot of non 888 players.  I watched the chat, as players were telling others how to open an 888 account, and then when the game was full, some commented that they would cancel the 888 download!
Someone get a grip!!!!!
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