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Switch to Forum Live View changes in last updates i dislike(and a few other suggestions)
2 weeks ago  ::  16 Jul 17 09:11 PM #21
Paul C
Posts: 171
Date Joined: Jul 30, 2015
Status: Now up to 18 RAMESES Tickets (WISH we could TRADE 'Em)
Rank: Royal Flush
Without a doubt this current game running (with the EGYPTIAN Theme) is by FAR the BEST i have seen ANYWHERE.

It's FUN, it's EYE CATCHING & it's pretty darn GENEROUS.

Don't want to give 888 any idea's really as i like it as is but it might be fun to ALLOW a few rebuys in the lower prized games such as the $500 & $1000 ? that would be for 888's benefit of course as i'm sure it would get some of those chancer Russians to try their LUCK again Smile

But there is NOTHING like this anywhere else on the WEB...if your an 888 member it's fun times despite & agree with you guys (John & Graham) the UPDATES.

I liked the OLD filled you screen, ok it's not much different but if anything it's not quiet as good as it was, but it's still the BEST & MOST FUN looking tables around & more importantly EASY to READ...PokerStars who i joined about 18 months ago has POOR Promotions!!! make you jump through hoops to withdraw your money! the Tables look too serious & cluttered & so i MADE a CHOICE...and i have NOT been BACK since.

888 keeps me HERE with these fun promotions, affordable tourney games.

Updates are annoying but i wouldn't go anywhere else right now!

And as for the Freeplay Casino BONUS thing...that surely wouldn't take much sorting?
Just a BASIC, plain & simple POP-UP in the corner showing your progress with it & what else you need to bet before you turn it into CASH.
Probably won't happen so i pretty much play at as JOKE MONEY thesedays as i'm unlikely to reach the betting requirements (whatever they are?) but as i say they're free & get you up a few levels every now & again.

Noticed i used to win the ODD free bet on the SPIN WHEEL...and i play that every day & had nothing of the sort over the past 4 or 5 of these themed wheels, so the odds must be pretty LOW on winning one, i think i must be due Smile

And yes some of my bad luck like u guys continues...

I like to think i'm a half decent player, patience is the key i think plus an inkling of intelligence but the Russians & the like continue to wade All In with the likes of A4 or A7 when i have a pair of KINGS or QUEENS and sure enough more times than you feel it should an ACE will rear it's ugly head & you just know that 9/10 they have it!!!
But like i said if NOT Random then 888 would be in trouble or would have to declare such a change in the odds of ACES showing & to my knowledge no such thing has ever been announced?
I guess you play enough & you just take it for granted that an ACE will show during the 3 flop cards, the turn or the's just a GIVEN now approx as high as 7 maybe even 8 times out of 10 an ACE will hit.

And then i do the same as the Russians Smile get A7 say go All in against them & no ACE hits and they're pair of 2's hold Cry you HAVE to LAUGH.

Finally the SOCIAL side of used to be BETTER & you could hold a talk with someone without them getting all aggressive & the like, fine you wanna get aggressive i can dish it out too especially if they're getting on someone else's case.
Shame really this aspect because it's all here for FUN, the tables, the tourney's, the people here are more friendly still than those on POKERSTARS who fancy themselves as WORLD beaters (well we all do at times don't we? but then reality bites)

I think one of you fella's mentioned famous Poker Stars showing up here?
I'm sure there are some that do & we don't recognise their alias user names (i've not noticed any...always thought it would be FUN to play Mrs COREN MITCHELL, she's a fun, intelligent type perhaps 888 could get her to do a PROMO piece for them?) but if they're being quiet it's probably because it would be like having a TARGET on their backs?

888 is FUN, i like it but not so much those updates which you fellas mentioned.

Wish ya all luck & if we meet up on the tables just let me know.
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2 weeks ago  ::  16 Jul 17 09:28 PM #22
Paul C
Posts: 171
Date Joined: Jul 30, 2015
Status: Now up to 18 RAMESES Tickets (WISH we could TRADE 'Em)
Rank: Royal Flush
PS: Anyone wanna buy some $10,000 RAMSES Tickets Smile

Going CHEAP, well FREE actually, if i could give you ONE Surprised (ah the British CARRY ON Humour is still alive in my head) then i would.

Have now got 18, might be 19 now & with just 3 more weeks left that means some 16 go to waste.

If we can't TRADE 'em which i think would be 888 POKER Trading POST Page in which you can (if not sell them then trade them?)

1 of my $10,000 RAMSES tickets for say 2 x $500 one's? but like i said at this point i'd give 'em out for FREE if i could.

You guys seem like good sorts so no problem letting each of you have 1 or 2.

Something 888 might think about...could be a different FUN option to have?

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1 week ago  ::  16 Jul 17 11:26 PM #23
Posts: 72
Date Joined: Aug 2, 2011
Rank: Flush

The option to trade would be a useful feature but tbh I cant see 888 doing it because theres nothing in it for them only hassle of setting it up.  I suppose their point in making it so accessible to get these tickets is exposure to new players, especially recreational gamblers moving across from sportsbook.  If they win something it keeps them interested.

Its a shame really that poker sites in general not just 888 are going down that road.  888 have over the past few months destroyed the poker element to alot of the reward games by changing the blind structure.  Im not too bothered about the promo freerolls as I get why they do it in those games.

I was playing in $8000 level 80+ game last night and had the most fun in last 2 months playing tournies because the blinds were structured better and allows scope to play the opponent and not the cards.  I finished 132nd for $10.40 and usually I get knocked out by a player getting lucky with an inferior hand but this time it was down to a poor play by me.  9 handed chip stack $9288 antes $300 blinds $2400 and $1200.  I had 77 and was 4th to act and 2nd to act limped in and I folded sb shoved $5666 with A3 and was called by the limper with AQ and board ran out 5c Kc 7d 2c Ad.  I would have been sitting with $25000+ chips and well back in the game.  I knew the sb had a wide range with the stack they had and had $5666 left with $1500 already invested and  the other player limped from early position and given the way he/she was playing alarm bells were going off in my head 88 99 tens and at best a race with 2 overs. 

Despite being concerned about my hand possibly being crushed I think I should have shoved given my chipstack.  What do think Paul?

Even after all that I was delighted to finally have the opportunity to play poker as it should be played and not to rely on shove and hope.  Sadly though these games are not on as frequently as the lower value games so roll on next month.

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