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Switch to Forum Live View changes in last updates i dislike(and a few other suggestions)
4 days ago  ::  23 May 17 07:02 PM #11
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23 May 17 07:30 AM , John wrote:

My software updated and I thought they actually for once listened to us but nope still the same rubbish and I cannot see anything new so if anyone knows what changes have been made this time please post.

In the time since update traffic has dropped on the cash tables here while increased on partypoker.  888s ignorance is risking a situation like

my message to 888 on facebook

Good too see 888 listened to the feed back on what every one thinks of the last update with this latest up date what a bunch of WANKERS and you wonder why your online traffic drops. When will your idiot's in the software department listen to feed back.; you deserve to lose clients because you just keep insulting them....

WHY ARE 888 unable to sort out their server issuses.
or are there other gremlins at work?
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