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6 months ago  ::  08 Aug 17 08:08 PM #1
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Anyone else having problems with the lobby, mine is not updating and i can't see how many in the tournaments Frown
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6 months ago  ::  08 Aug 17 08:14 PM #2
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Hi I honestly thought it was my firewall or something, just deposited and cant join tournaments, played a table and won a big pot that funnily now doesnt exist that was a cash game....its just buggy as hell and its not the start to 888 I was hoping for.
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6 months ago  ::  08 Aug 17 08:20 PM #3
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They updated the client recently and stuffed it up per usual I expect.
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6 months ago  ::  09 Aug 17 09:47 AM #4
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It looks as though there was a lag in the lobby last night of around 36 minutes. I checked several games that were running and although they showed players still in the game the amount was either incorrect or the game had finished. 1 showed 21 but they were on the FT with 9, another showed 3 but the game had finished.

It all seems OK this morning.
Will all my888poker members please ensure they have their 888poker player name in their profile.
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