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12 months ago  ::  21 Apr 18 01:07 PM #1
sir upit
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i don't know whats more annoying the fact the cards are not deal untill 20 seconds have passed or the fact that unless everyone folds your lucky to get 3 hands in the 2 minute blasts.
i enjoy playing them when there's a couple minutes to waste in the day however it would be much more enjoyable if people that don't know how to play where not timing out and thusly wasting the intire time one has to rake in some chips to win. it is seriously frusterating when there's 2 hands total in the intire tourny so if the timer went much faster it would be somethin i would play a lot more often.

also i know you folks where not making much for a rake in the $.10 ones so i get why they're gone but maybe offer a $.50 one so its not such a waste of money to see two hands? and please SPEED THE TIMER UP for peoples hands on the short one(or ones if u return the $.10 or add in a $.50 one so it's not a dollar a hand as seems to be the norm as of late)
i hope you folks read our posts and give them some consideration!
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