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12 months ago  ::  15 May 17 07:11 PM #1
Paul C
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I LOVE Football (ALL Football not just GLORY hunting)

Congrats to our Manchester City women's team in the FA CUP Final.

BOURNEMOUTH who are currently in 10th place!!! are almost certain to finish here or in 11th at the end of the season, making it by far their HIGHEST EVER League finish.
This is a superb achievement by Eddie Howe & his team & is is WONDERFUL to see.

FOREST GREEN made it into the LEAGUE proper for the 1st Time EVER!
Again briliant to see.

SADLY the REVERSE to these HAPPY news stories came (again) from the NONSENSE sprouted by Mourinho after the Tottenham game (congrats to Spurs & their fans, another impressive campaign & i hope you keep hold of everyone but i wouldn't say no to ALLI Innocent) yup the United manager just couldn't resist with MORE negative words, Chris Sutton over on Radio 5's 606 is right & i do think AJAX might just do 'em in the EUROPA Final (as the pressure heaped on this United team to win this FINAL could simply prove too much? but we'll see, United will start favourites)

As for GUARDY & City?

Pfff where to start?

He's a good manager & will learn but he's never been in a more competive league & has been found out a little this season.

3 GREAT signings who will only get better...SANE has really hit his stride, JESUS might well be the new AGUERO? (more of our LEGEND in a mo) & GUNDOGAN (injured but last year scored & provided plenty in the tough German league)

And yet CITY will place 3rd (at best) or 4th (hey don't knock it...champions league spot but will have to do the play-off thing) or nah, surely not 5th at worse.
KO'd in the QF's of the Champions League (PELLEGRINI without these extra players got us to the SEMI's) and a SEMI-FINAL in the FA CUP (although we should have won that one...sorry Arsenal fans but you know it to be true)

So much thinking for Guardy.

Those reports of upto 10 City players to be shown the door (many of which we City fans simply can't understand) is interesting.

One of these has been BRILLIANT for us...

ZABELETTA is already off to WEST HAM (i like West Ham & they have a good player here, would have liked to have kept him, he's also a terrific fella as Hammers fans will soon find out)

SEGIO AGUERO is on this list??? WHAT??? No WAY!!! ANY & i do mean ANY Premiership Team would take him & play him each & every week, he's still young & is trying to help more teamwise which is what Guardy is after but really!!!! he SCORES GOALS (and against the BIG TEAMS) what more do you want? Sorry we fans just can't understand that one & Mourninho is already S...Stirring (ain't he a classy sort) saying United will take him.

KELECHI IHEANACHO...Again, i can't quiet believe this guy is apparantly on the list of 10?
Most other Premiership Teams would start him but sadly for him we now have JESUS (who fingers crossed is going to do GREAT things?) and with Aguero still here he's down on the subs bench...but teams need 3 maybe even 4 top class strikers if you can get them?
And here we have them but Guardy wants to ditch either this young & very promising finisher or ditch a CITY LEGEND in Aguero...i just don't get it.

Others on the list that we can understand...NAVAS, CLICHY, SAGNA, NOLITO, FERNANDO & a few already on loan and will be sold such as HART (did great for us but he does seem to be an accident waiting to happen at times)

BRAVO will do well to survive...surely one of those young English GK's will interest us?

JOHN STONES...really needs to get fit & up his game next season (i think he CAN do it) but he needs to learn NOT to take SILLY risks, he can still be the Bobby Moore type we hoped he might become but he has to figure out when he can play it out and when a no nonsense approach is best...if he figures that out we may still have a good un maybe a GREAT one?

CITY for my money do have the best players in the league but have not performed as a team under guardy & this DEFENCE needs sorting out...KEANE over at Burnley looks promising! i wonder if we'll go for him?

I expect better, Guardiola expects better (Barcelona are after another manager & i do wonder if they turned back to him if he would go? i would like to think he would take up the challenge of this competitive league rather than dropping back to boring certainty?)
If he gets it right at City he could end up winning the Premiership many times over ala Fergie but it will take some figuring out & shrewd buys & the Champions League has to be a short term aim.

I'll finish with this one....There was a caller i heard on 606 (Radio 5), a United supporter apparantly, Kelly stated they had a FAN on the line but he corrected her with NO i'm a SUPPORTER as he goes to Old Trafford regularly.
Well good for you mate...NOT too expensive that is it!!! yeah we can all go & watch our teams on a regular basis thesedays NOT!!!
Technically i suppose he's right as he does support them with his money but wow what a bleep bleep Laughing i think even Kelly thought this quick early response amusing.
I very rarely get to see CITY thesedays for a few reasons (expense & time) but in the past i visted MAINE ROAD every home game for years when younger & i still buy stuff from the club i a supporter or fan?

JUST ANNOYED me this one is all.

However your team did this season i just hope a good percentage of it was positive for you.

NEWCASTLE next season? RAFA has been promised much money, they could do well next season? and what of SPURS? like my beloved CITY they play football as we like to see it ATTACKING (the Mourinho way LaughingInnocent What?) but how will WEMBLEY suit them after only winning 2 of their games this year...has their chance to win the PREMIERSHIP gone? was this or last year it?

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12 months ago  ::  20 May 17 02:13 AM #2
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I am a Utd fan bud and I cannot stand Mourinhos behaviour.  My honest opinion is he is on the edge of a mental breakdown.  Sounds extreme but look back at everything that has gone on since Chelsea v Swansea on opening day of last season.  I think hes still not put that behind him.  Since that day he was firing daggers at every1 that was near him.  If I had a choice I would sack him and put Marco Silva in there.  Bet that is a surprise but hes adaptable and has shown in the brief time at Hull that he has a good style of play and is not afraid to change if something isnt working.  Guardiola and Wenger are too stubborn to change and its holding both clubs back although with 2 or 3 good signings city will be a force with this Gabriel Jesus up front and Aguero backing him up.
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12 months ago  ::  21 May 17 02:48 PM #3
Paul C
Posts: 385
Date Joined: Jul 30, 2015
Status: I would like to VIST the planet 'PLUTO' :)
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Hi John
Interesting & some good & honest thoughts from ya there.

Of course i am a City fan/supporter Smile but here's the thing i am NOT a Manchester United hater, there have been moments for sure but you might be surprised to hear i will be supporting (said in a quiet HUSHED voice Innocent) Manchester United in the EUROPA Final next week...THAT's RIGHT! even with Mourinho (he's been off since he took it out on the poor Chelsea medical staff & he seems ever more agumentative & more angry than ever now ) it's a BRITISH club in a BIG FINAL so yes i was brought up to support ALL British Teams in Europe i will do so next week.

So in all seriousness i wish you & your team well next week.

In this regard i will be in the minority with most City fans probably hoping for a thrashing from the promising AJAX side who i personally think might win it due to the pressure put upon this United side to win the thing...if you do win it, i would say you'd had a decent season (better than us that's for sure)

Surprised you choose Silva though, a very interesting choice, United like City will improve i'd have thought next season but Mourinho does NOT play nice attractive football so you may well get your wish if he b _ _ _ s it up (pardon the pun) next season after more additions.

Personally i LOVE that this Premiership now is hard to call & expect & hope to see Liverpool improve, Arsenal will surely strengthen & i have hopes for West Ham & Newcastle (Everton i hope will strengthen too if they loose as many believe Lukaku & Barkley)

BTW your spot on with Aguero & Jesus...WHAT A PAIRING if only Guardy would do so & he gets that DEFENCE sorted.

ENJOYED this Season but it could be even BETTER next time around.
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