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1 year ago  ::  27 May 17 02:15 PM #1
Paul C
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Anyone else still do this?

I'm sure you do as most years your team will not make it to the FINAL (maybe they never have? that's why sometimes i like to see an underdog side in the final! damn you WIGAN Cry) in which case i think most of us will pick a team to support on the day (even if you dislike both)

I still think a Manchester City v Tottenham would have been a far more entertaining & exciting match but hey ho here it is & i'm still EXCITED...It's FA CUP DAY Smile

I do like Arsene & Arsenal so that's MY TEAM FOR THE DAY...they are clearly the outsiders with the defensive injuries but i have a funny feeling they might just do it (but they really need to go for it & ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK...ATTACK, ATTACK i think is the shout United fans might be chanting again next season Innocent What (looks one else in the room!) )

You could say it might go one of two ways...

1) A rubbish, edgy, boring game with one side or the other edging it 1-0 or in ET / Pens

2) A Brilliant, open & expansive HIGH SCORING game because ARSENAL really go for it!

The Past 5 meetings results between these two sides (more recent here at the top) are...

Chelsea win 3-1
Arsenal win 3-0
Chelsea win 1-0
Chelsea win 2-0
Arsenal win 1-0

So Chelsea have it 3-2 which funnily enough is what i'm hoping Arsenal will do to Chelsea today in a GREAT ENTERTAINING Game...PLEASE.

I've picked two options...GREAT or BORING (more likely to be tight and boring but i'm an optimist so 3-2 to Arsenal...GO FOR IT!) so it'll probably be an average game between the two probably ending in a 2-1 Chelsea win Cry must admit i like CONTE though.

Fingers crossed for Arsene (especially as some of his own fans have been giving him a hard time despite what he's done for this club....YOU'LL MISS HIM WHEN HE'S GONE! but i do understand Arsenal fan's concerns with regards to the players they have brought in over the last few years...or lack of them)

Hoping it's a GREAT Game mirroring that CLASSIC Arsenal v Manchester United back in 1979? was it? 3-2 Sunderland with a very late dramatic winner...MORE OF THIS PLEASE!

ENJOY THE DAY...get the BEERS in (not a BEER Fan so CIDER for me Smile) & Onion Rings! oh and a CHUNKY Cheese Sandwidge.

The Build Up has began...this is still the BEST of CUP Competitions...COME ON ARSENAL!
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1 year ago  ::  27 May 17 04:23 PM #2
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I think it will be a good 1 and im backing both teams to score with a Chelsea win.
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1 year ago  ::  27 May 17 09:38 PM #3
Paul C
Posts: 439
Date Joined: Jul 30, 2015
Status: I would like to VIST the planet 'PLUTO' :)
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You know that phrase 'NAME ON THE TROPHY' 

Well that name destined to be on this years trophy (even though they have won plenty of FA CUP FINALS in recent years) was ARSENAL yet again! geezzz you folks are GREEDY.

Had a funny feeling about Arsenal after they beat Manchester City Cry in the Semi-Final (with City having had far more chances that day (hitting the bar & post) playing the better football & having a perfectly good goal ruled out) somehow in Extra Time they won it!
It's ok i'm over it now Smile NO your right i'm NOT CryCryCry
So to me it seemed like NAME on THE TROPHY time!

And so it proved 2-1 to Arsenal.

A SUPER Entertaining FINAL this, i very much enjoyed it, delighted for Wenger & most of their fans (he matched the 3 at the back, had no choice really & tried to get on the front foot attacking wise & this caught Chelsea out somewhat)

A couple of points about this VERY ENTERTAINING FINAL (one of the better one's in recent years)

1st up THE BACK 4, were INCREDIBLE but especially MERTASACKER (who had played only 1 game for Arsenal ALL Season!) it helped that in that 1st half they did the majority of the attacking...and it worked (The BEST FORM OF DEFENCE? yup it sure is)
Thought they'd match up Chelsea's back 3 but didn't expect it to go this well.

2nd Sanchez was his usual Excellent self...but MAN of the MATCH?
I like Danny Murphy (co-commentator) he talks a lot of sense i think but i think most that watched this match & considering the facts would have given the MAN OF THE MATCH Award to Per Mertasacker? surely? big mistake that Danny.

3rd MOSES...What in the world was he upto?
I must admit i missed this in real time, saw him go down in the box but i don't even think he was even breathed on Smile
Downright CHEATING DIVE...if Arsenal didn't already deserve this result this action was the clincher, great spot from the ref & clearly with Chelsea 0-1 down this sending off did not help their cause.
Trying to get his side back in it but CHEATING to do it...well it's just NOT BRITISH.

CHELSEA were very disappointing & i'll be shocked if they win the Premiership next season!
ARSENAL went for it (in the 1st half especially) & very much deserved it.

It's games like this that make the game FUN.

Congrtulations to Arsenal, Arsene & their fans (now give the guy some breathing room won't you?)

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