SPORTS Football MALTA 0 - 4 ENGLAND Hmmm LOOKS Convincing!
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10 months ago  ::  01 Sep 17 10:08 PM #1
Paul C
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It wasn't!

I was very hopeful about ENGLAND's CHANCES at next years WORLD CUP in Russia (2018)

Climate should be PERFECT for them! & i expected us to make the QF's, maybe SEMI's & hey if PORTUGAL can win the EURO's like they did!!! WHY not ENGLAND to win THE WORLD CUP?

But after having witnessed those recent friendlies (i know ONLY friendlies!) & now this (i know 4-0 away! looks good don't it) i'm juts not as convinced anymore.

This performance away in MALTA had a ring of ICELAND about it, thankfully they got a little tired & we had some decent fresh subs added to the pitch which the made the difference & flattered us  little.

The SLOVAKIA match at home on MONDAY will tell us EVERYTHING we NEED to KNOW.

Win that & we should be on our way to the FINALS, draw or god forbid lose & we have our work cur out.

NOT convinced by SOUTHGATE right now...JOE HART had little to do vs MALTA but he is NOT ENGLAND's BEST GOALKEEPER & has mistakes in him!
BUTLAND, PICKFORD or ? take your pick must be 3 maybe 4 i'd pick before him so just don't understand this decision.

Alli (who i like & will be crucial if ENGLAND are to go close next year) WAS DISSAPOINTING tonight.

4-0 but at 1-0 we were saying that just about reflects the game!

Can't really remember an ENGLAND GAME in which i was EXCITED & ENGERGIZED, perhaps that will come MONDAY NIGHT (although i wouldn't bet on it if i were you!)

I LOVE SCOTLAND & the SCOTS so i will be hoping for their sakes that ENGLAND can beat SLOVAKIA in a few days time!
We shall see.
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SPORTS Football MALTA 0 - 4 ENGLAND Hmmm LOOKS Convincing!
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