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2 months ago  ::  10 Sep 17 02:41 PM #11
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Yes gutted with the result v stoke but as you said fair play to stoke they defended well and were a real threat.  I was hoping that we would turn them over easily specially after how poor they were v Arsenal even though they won they rode their luck with Arsenal wasting tons of chances but they didnt just sit back like they did then.  Looks like the inner child of Mourinho is back, not shaking hands over the most petty of incidents.  Some things never change.  Everton next I think,  should be interesting with Rooney coming back.

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2 months ago  ::  12 Sep 17 05:04 PM #12
Paul C
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Not the UNITED we have seen of late this...i was surprised.
Still there is no doubting your starting to look something like the Fergie UNITED, defence (except for vs Stoke) looks solid, some good midfielders & with Rashford & Lukaku up front your a THREAT alright now.
SPOT ON abut Mourinho, yeah Sparky said 'Back in your Area' & UNLESS he said something else? rather than just the actions we saw then he should have just shook hands with him (he made a point about shaking all the other Stoke fella's hands Laughing)
Good manager? NO question (in the short term it would seem of around 3 years) it would be interesting to see if he's still there & doing well after 5 years?
Good fella? I don't suppose he's a really BAD one? but there's something off about him, like a SPOILT CHILD.
Yup EVERTON next for you but ROONEY's HEAD is probably not with it right now so he probably won't do what many strikers returning to their former clubs do & SCORE (i've said it now Surprised i don't think he will score on his return) interesting game nevertheless but United should win out?
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