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9 months ago  ::  13 Sep 17 10:51 PM #1
Paul C
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Just been listening to RADIO 5 live whith Chappers (fan of) & Phil Neville (not a fan of)

Near the end The Ballon D'Or came up...

Something about you 'CAN'T be a GREAT PLAYER' unless you have WON this?

Well that's what Phil Neville thinks Laughing who if i caught his drift well enough agreed with that must have won this to be considered a truly GREAT PLAYER.

There is a word i would like to use at this point but i shall refrain from using it.
Chappers (who's been given a bad time recently on MOTD extra & MOTD2 by a good few ex-players who should know better) on the other hand says that's BULL.

Guess who i side with?

So the player that wins this usually plays for one of the VERY BIG SIDES & they pretty much have to win the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE...this is probably true but it does NOT make it right.

UEFA like FIFA always go GLORY HUNTING...Ronaldo, Messi BOTH GREAT players it's TRUE (one is up his own backside & the other plays for BARCELONA Wink) they have the SAME 2 (sometimes 3) players winning it & have done so for what ? 5 years? more?

Some might not agree with this (i'm not even sure i really agree with it but i'll suggest it) when LEICESTER who many thought after only just surviving the previous season would get RELEGATED actually WON the PREMIERSHIP which just about everyone knows is the MOST DIFFICULT LEAGUE to win in EUROPE so might there have been a case under these circumstances for awarding it to VARDY? for his GOALS or to KANTE who was PIVOTAL in this side's AMAZING achievement!

But this is an unfashionable, not glamourous team & who in the hell are these players anyway? that's what UEFA would be thinking....give 'em a pat on the back & get back to the BIG EARNERS at the BIG CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Winning CLUBS.

Yup i'm with CHAPPERS...the NORMAL FANS may well have given it to the likes of VARDY or KANTE but no chance with UEFA.

Do you really have to win the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE to win the BALLON D'OR? and then do you have to win the BALLON D'OR to be considered a TRULY GREAT of FOOTBALL.

Well Neville it would appear thinks so...he's entitled, some might agree but i think many would side with CHAPPERS...they don't care if they won the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE (they can afford to win it!!! and so are likely to win it! WELL DONE)

Ask yourself this...Had RONALDO or MESSI been in the LEICESTER CITY side would they still have won the PREMIERSHIP ?
Discuss Smile
Because honestly it was ALL about TEAM SPIRIT & yes players that jumped up in CLASS & did amazing things...HOW MANY GOALS in a ROW did VARDY score?
I think he might have made the short list? not sure but for many of us NORMAL football fans i think he DESERVED IT...not the VERY BIG NAMES & the GIGANTIC CLUBS.

Best of the BEST players HAVE GOT TO WIN the BALLON D'OR do me a favour Mr Neville.

Keep on badgering them just makes 'em look silly (in my view)
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