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1 year ago  ::  07 Nov 17 08:40 PM #1
Paul C
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With a mini break from the PREMIERSHIP due to International Friendlies & World Cup PLAY-OFF's (COME ON the IRELAND's) i thought i'd give CREDIT to some of the unfashionable & unfancied Teams in the Premiership.

11 Games Played (so 30% of the Season Gone)

And we have the BIG 6 taking up the TOP 6 real surprise there & i think they might actually stay in the positions they currently hold 1) CITY 2) UNITED 3) TOTTENHAM 4) CHELSEA 5) LIVERPOOL & 6) ARSENAL although perhaps swap Liverpool for Chelsea? maybe?

7th) BURNLEY...who have a 4 point lead over 8th
Sean Dysce is proving his CHOPS, selling Kean & not looking like the defence is missing him.
Keeping things tight & nicking wins away (at difficult places) HAS TO BE APPLAUDED.

I am AMAZED that both EVERTON & WEST HAM didn't make a MOVE for him.

Wouldn't it be nice to think if he finished the season here & WENGER called it a day at Arsenal that they might turn to him?
Perhaps EVERTON will return to him at the end of the season & have done a deal that will see him put in charge of them at the END of the SEASON?

8) BRIGHTON...Chris Hughton is doing an exceptional job, this is DREAMLAND Stuff.
Super new stadium too...they'll probably drop from this position? but it's a great start to the season i think.

9) WATFORD...Unlucky not to get anything away at EVERTON last time out.
They seem like a team that KNOW what they're doing.

10) HUDDERSFIELD...beaten Manchester United, i'll be honest i thought they would be relegated (well 3 have to & i had them, Brighton & maybe Watford or Bournemouth as the 3/4 so HOW WRONG CAN YOU BE? i know most of the season left but still 3 of those sides currently in the TOP 10)

HATS OFF to these 4 TEAMS above (7th-10th)

In the BOTTOM HALF some surprises i feel...

11) NEWCASTLE...Doing OK, Rafa is a very good manager, i thought they might have been doing a little better than this, i had them as one of the DARK HORSES to perhaps be fighting for a 6th / 7th place & EUROPEAN PLACE but the funds didn't ARRIVE as PROMISED.
Still, with the club for SALE it might be the START of GREAT THINGS for this CLUB (i hope so)

12) LEICESTER...Recovered well recently after an AWFUL start.
Can they get back to the levels that won them one of the most incredible PREMIERSHIP TITLES (and being biased i thought CITY's with MANCINI & THAT Aguerrooooo Goal was UNBELIEVABLE winning in FERGIE Time after being 2-1 down! MAGIC but that LEICESTER win TOPS that as it was like a 'ROCKY' Story)
Should be SAFE but NO EUROPEAN place this year i think.
FANS should LIVE OFF that PREMERSHIP TITLE FOREVER...even i'm still buzzing from it!

13) SOUTHAMPTON...Probably about where many of us thought they'd be although i have a nagginf FEAR for them this season as one of the OUTSIDERS to go down?

14) STOKE...i think SPARKY has worked wonders.
Not sure what STOKE fans expect? but i hope the majority of them are HAPPY with HIM?
Thought they'd be doing a little bit better but clearly THE FA CUP is where they will hope to get a good draws with a chance of another FA CUP FINAL APPEARANCE...unlikely but you HAVE to DREAM.

15) EVERTON...Seriously thought after some of their signings & with rumours of others to come (that BIG Main STRIKER never materialised) that they would THREATEN to break up the TOP 6 (or at the very least be in contention for a EUROPEAN slot?)
This is highly unlikely now, so an FA CUP run? might not be a BAD BET i think?
A Temp manager (perhaps giving BURNLEY the RESPECT they DESERVE) and waiting until the END of the SEASON before appointing DYCHE who i feel is the PERFECT FIT for EVERTON.
They'll improve from this 15th place & i with a good draw DON'T RULE THEM OUT of making another FA CUP FINAL.
I expect an improved rest of the season & a TOP 10 SLOT.

16) WBA...i fear for PULIS (shame really) not sure what the fans expect again?
He's laid back about it (GOOD for HIM) although clearly he'll be worried by they're current form.
They have some GOOD PLAYERS but like SOUTHAMPTON you do wonder?

17) BOURNEMOUTH...i really want this side to SURVIVE.
On paper you'd think they might have enough FIREPOWER to get the GOALS needed to give them a CHANCE? but this start makes things tricky for them.

18) WEST HAM...Another football club i have a LOT of TIME for.
They have some WONDERFUL HISTORY & of providing ENGLAND with some ALL-TIME ENGLAND GREATS.
I was genuinely sad for BILIC, i liked him & for some reason it just didn't click for him (i can see him having a rest & getting another decent club in English football, perhaps in the CHAMPIONSHIP? and doing well with them)
As for this team? ON PAPER (again) they should be far higher but that's why we LOVE Football.
Can't see them going down & should get closer to the TOP 10 & again an FA CUP Outsider CHANCE.

19) SWANSEA...a DECENT Defence especially given this position!
They are struggling badly for GOALS, i wish Wilfred Bony well but they'll need him to turn back time & start banging in the goals if they are to ESCAPE i feel.

20) CRYSTAL PALACE...At the start of the season i thought they'd be one of the teams that might struggle but that would probably get out of it but i NEVER EXPECTED THIS!
What in the world happened? 
1 Win
1 Draw
from 11 is sadly for them RELEGATION FORM & they are already CUT ADRIFT.
Difficult to see them recovering from this? mighty impressive should they do so.


But i love ALL Football...i LOVE that smaller teams can get PROMOTED to the PREMIERSHIP & give the (so called) BIG TEAMS a bloody nose.

I haven't liked the FACT that the BIG CLUBS have ganged up on the lesser one's in the PREMIERSHIP with regards to MONEY over FOREIGN Tv Rights.
THEY of course WANT MORE of the % cut as they see themselves as the BIG DRAW (they're right in that respect) & if we are honest the likes of WBA vs SOUTHAMPTON is perhaps not a game that would get people DROOLING but THAT's NOT THE POINT.

Many of these so called lesser teams have far lesser budgets & have worked miracles just to get to the PROMISED LAND...THEY DESERVE THESE REWARDS...they should SHARE the rights evenly in my view...each getting an EQUAL SHARE.

These BIG RICH TEAMS (mine included) SHOULD PLAY FAIR & NOT be so GREEDY in what is one hell of a GREEDY World.

Come on RICH OWNERS...PLAY FAIR Innocent
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