SPORTS Football First the Republic & NOW Northern Ireland...
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11 months ago  ::  09 Nov 17 11:17 PM #1
Paul C
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His arm was down by his side & he was turning his back to the shot.


Whilst it is TRUE that Switzerland played BEST it is simply NOT FAIR & it is an INJUSTICE to award a penalty like that.

Perhaps this INJUSTICE will FIRE UP Northern Ireland for the return leg? HOPE SO.

I can see Switzerland scoring at home which would mean NI need to score 2...

GO FOR IT LADS, i acknowledge that SWITZERLAND would be very unlucky not to make it to the WORLD CUP after only losing 1 match in the group stages (it used to be the TOP 2 went through back in the day...surely it is TIME to return to this, makin it more FAIR but MONEY talks i guess?)

The Swiss are clearly favourites now after this but TRULY GUTTED at the way they were awarded an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE, i still hold a grudge against Teirry Henry for what he did to the Republic of Ireland...and here we are AGAIN.


Come on REPUBLIC...every chance of beating Denmark over 2 legs.

Oh & it would be nice to see the ENGLAND (B-Side) Laughing beat GERMANY on Friday.
Go on Fellas stick it to 'em...NO FEAR.
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SPORTS Football First the Republic & NOW Northern Ireland...
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