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10 months ago  ::  31 Dec 17 03:43 PM #1
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What a story for Darts,  either a new champion in his first season or the fairytale ending for a legend of the game.  Everyone including me thought MVG would run riot once Taylor was gone but that has now changed in an instant.  Who knows what other hidden talents there are waiting in the background and J Lewis threw the darts of his life throughout the tournie and I am sure he will only get better.

The crowd will have trouble with deciding who to root for as part of them will want both to win lol.

As I mention the crowd it has been the one negative about the darts in recent times.  Booing a player when throwing for a double is unacceptable and the PDC need to stop this before it gets worse.  Not really too sure how they can do it but its the PDC who created this problem in darts by hyping it up the way they do.  I think before long they will have strippers on the stage to welcome the players on. 

The BDO may not have the quality of the PDC but it has more respect for the game of darts by not turning it into a freakshow for the sake of conning people into paying higher prices to watch it.

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