SPORTS Football WEMBLEY an F.A. Cup Advantage for TOTTENHAM?
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13 months ago  ::  31 Jan 18 08:38 PM #1
Paul C
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It's a question i'm sure a good many football fans might have been asking as this GREAT competition (THE FA CUP) continues...

What happens should SPURS progress to the SEMI-FINALS? (Both played at Wembley which to many old timers make the FA a laughing stock! of course it's all about the MONEY generated but they counter this argument with the...well it allows the fans a good (and no doubt EXPENSIVE) day out at both these semi finals Wink keyching!

But seriously if Tottenham reach these semi-finals & perhaps even the final that's not seen as an ADVANTAGE?

They'll have been playing here virtually every other weeek...of course it's an advantage (to what extent is open to debate? but it is clearly an advantage) what will the FA do, sweet FA Laughing sorry had too! but what's your bet the FA still play any semi-final featuring Tottenham there?
Of course the FINAL will have to be played there so if Spurs make it there then clearly the opposing side will have to ignore this as this is THE HOME of the FA CUP FINAL.

But it shouldn't be the home of the FA CUP SEMI FINALS...a bad move by the FA this (we all know it's to help fund the build & up keep of the staduim at the expense of ignoring FOOTBALLING TRADITION) & should Spurs make it to the semi-final then for me IT should be moved to somewhere else depending on who their oppenents might be? 

Eg: a Semi-Final of Tottenham v Manchester United say should to be FAIR to United be played in the MIDLANDS somewhere? Villa Park perhaps? an old traditional semi final ground.

With Liverpool & Arsenal out there's every chance Tottenham could be there or thereabouts so it could end up being an interesting problem for the FA?
In reality they'll just IGNORE IT & play it there regardless.
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SPORTS Football WEMBLEY an F.A. Cup Advantage for TOTTENHAM?
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