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Lady Jockeys.

Over the last few years it has been possible to make money following certain lady jockeys, especially when they were riding out the last few pounds of their claim.

A couple of season ago I noticed that when Josephine Gordon got on a horse it seemed to improve its chances of winning quite dramatically which was proven with stats provided by racing pundit Hugh Taylor at the time. Josephine has gone on to do well getting rides for big trainers and owners and had 914 rides last year but so far this year she has had only 9.

Hollie Doyle is another lady jockey to have hit the headlines recently and has just ridden out her claim. Last year from 516 rides 11% were winners and 46% of all rides were in the first 4 which is better than some top jockeys stats.

Other lady jockeys provide lots of winners too, Rachael Blackmore rides a lot over the jumps in Ireland and weekend winners has brought Bryony Frost into the limelight lately with some good rides.

With all this success I am often surprised at how few rides these good lady jockeys get and I wonder what the reason for this is.

Are trainers reluctant to use the ladies, and if so why?

Personally, I would use any of the above jockeys if I owned horses, I feel that often a ladies touch can bring about a little improvement in a horse that might have an odd issue otherwise.

It would be interesting if someone from the racing world interviewed trainers to find out why they are not using these good lady jockeys as much as they could be.

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