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Switch to Forum Live View NEWCASTLE 1 - 0 MANCHESTER UNITED...Wow!
12 months ago  ::  11 Feb 18 04:58 PM #1
Paul C
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I think WOW sums this result up.

We shouldn't be too surprised really, the PREMIERSHIP here in ENGLAND is the most competitive LEAGUE (& probably the most EXCITING) in THE WORLD.

It's not as if we get just one or two results like this per season either & it's what still makes the PREMIERSHIP LEAGUE interesting & unlike many others....the rich folks (CITY too) would like a EUROPEAN ELITE LEAGUE...not against that if it replaces the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, in fact it would provide a more deserving EUROPEAN CHAMPION TEAM, playing home & away (even if it takes 2 seasons to complete would get you a deserving champion i think) but at the expense of OUR ENGLISH PREMIERSHIP? no thanks.

Newcastle in poor form in the bottom three & Manchester United in 2nd place trying to hold onto City's coat tales, Man Utd have just not been playing that great of late but have been getting bye & doing enough to get there so did you really expect this? hats off to ya if you did!

It wrecked my coupon i can tell ya, i had expected a 2 or 3 goal margin win with Sanchez (I BET CITY are GLAD they NEVER got him now) grabbing one or two goals but he's done little really to warrant the kind of money he's getting (so far)

Said it previously but the table has a strange look to it really as Tottenham & Liverpool have been playing far better football than United, but as they say the table don't lie, it probably doesn't take into account the teams played at this stage (Home & Away) but this must be a huge dent to United's hopes of holding onto a Top 4 spot?

Chelsea & Arsenal? who knows which of these shows up with a good finish, so United are probably SAFE? with one of these Premiership Places 2,3 & 4 but it just got even more do places 5 & 6 even.

Sanchez recently said he joined the biggest club in ENGLAND (trying to justify his wages of course) & actually he's RIGHT, history would say United have won enough & have (currently) a fan base around the world that are second to none & are even the biggest money earner as a club in Europe right now.

However if Guardy stays & CITY continues to get them playing football like BARCELONA used too then it's not impossible this could be begining of  the changing of the GUARD.
I think this may have began earlier with Manchini winning CITY's first Premiership title & Sir Alex Fergursen then leaving United, i just don't think United have played brilliant attacking football since he left but we'll see? i wouldn't expect Moanrinho to do so & yet he just got a new contract Cool interesting...perhaps the United board might be regretting this now & will have one keen eye on Athletico Madrid Smile someone i thought CITY might have gone for before getting Guardy.

DELIGHTED for Newcastle fans, supporters & players & for's AMAZING (and to his credit) that he stuck with them after going down last year, that should earn lifetime points with Newcastle fans i bet & he got them straight back up, then got reassurances from Mike Ashley Wink yeah right...he (Rafa), the fans, you & i should have known better about those reassurances of spending a sizable amount on the Newcastle Team, simply wishful thinking, it's NOT RIGHT, had he said nope...sorry Rafa no money for next season at least it would have been HONEST & let him & the fans know where they stood....they DESERVE a BETTER OWNER & fingers crossed it will happen for them ONE DAY.

Still a DAY to REJOICE...a superb, unexpected result,  i hope they build on it, one result getting them out of the bottom three is great but looking at the teams down there, well it's still going to be tough, but they're another team i have every sympathy for & wish the best for them with the fan base they have up there! been SHORT CHANGED for YEARS!

What RAFA could do with NEWCASTLE...with a better owner & more money from those Tv contracts rather than the owner holding onto it knowing he will eventually sell up.
NEWCASTLE are a club that could be playing for European places if everything was put in place.

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