SPORTS Football ENGLAND still 20-1 to win THE WORLD CUP...Nah
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1 week ago  ::  11 Feb 18 05:54 PM #1
Paul C
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I know ENGLAND fans have been desperately disappointed with our teams PERFORMANCES at a good many tournaments over the past 20 years or so...THAT'S WAY TOO LONG for a BIG Footballing nation for them NOT to SHOW UP...although no one has a given right to do so!

Our last OH NO!!! we should have won THIS ONE tournament was back in 1996 (The Euro's in ENGLAND) most would say we were incredibly lucky not to have done so & i think many of us will have that image of that final germany penalty taker scoring & knocking us out again this way but then shuffling forward with his hands on his hips (his name escapes me just now...maybe i have just blicked it out Smile) & gesturing...ARGHHH.

Credit to Klinsman though he showed REAL CLASS as he went to EVERY SINGLE ENGLAND Player to shake their hands after this loss, whilst his German team-mates were celebrating, i found that quiet heart warming, he knew how much this hurt us, on our home turf & with the song 3 LIONS having taken on a life of it's own (in fact the Germans even took ownership of that after winning this tournament)

Of course we USED to DO WELL in BIG TOURNAMENTS up to this point...ITALIA '90 again incredibly unlucky losing out on PENALTIES again at the Semi-Finals, MEXICO '86 Lineaker & Co gunned down by the HAND of GOD in the Quarters, SPAIN '82 if memort serves KEEGAN & BROOKING & Co never lost a match but it was in a different format & again despite not losing we went out at the later stages.

IT's AGES SINCE THESEDAYS...but i'm beginning to get excited as we're ONLY some 4 MONTHS away from the RUSSIAN WORLD CUP...and hats off to ENGLAND fans for not buying up the tickets & heading over there, stay away from it all & out of trouble, although if i'm right & i DO HOPE i'm right? that may change as ENGLAND progress through the tournament.

Of course we've been here before...BELGUIM are tricky for sure, they are my DARK HORSES (but i think they're everyone's dark horses Laughing again) England in a section they should finish at least 2nd although i fancy us to top the group? will depend on that final game with Belgium & should we do so...most would agree (although not guaranteed) that we should get a nice draw to progress to the Quarter Finals (at least)...i know remember ICELAND!!!!


20-1 ENGLAND to win it still with most BOOKIES...get on it NOW!

Not saying ENGLAND will win i just have a GOOD FEELING we will go more like we did back in those era's 20 or so years ago when if we did go out we did so unfortunately, penalty shoot outs (PRACTISE them LADS now, already...GET GOOD & no down the middle crap!) i just have a feeling we are CAPABLE of WINNING THIS, Shearer surprised me, he talks a lot of sense but doesn't think so.

With the likes of WALKER (aggressive attacking defender) & a reasonably solid defence (sure we have to sort out the who's but overall they'll be far more with worse defences than us) but it won't be about will be the MIDFIELD & STRIKERS one would think that will win US THE WORLD CUP...yup i've said it again!

Do we have the BEST MIDFIELD & ATTACK FORCE at this years World Cup?

Probably not but it's right up there...

If WILSHIRE (yes i right him highly & thankfully he looks to be getting back on form for Arsenal...go JACK) LINGARD, LALANA (another i like but he's not getting enough match play at the moment) ALLI (wish he was playing like the previous two years but he's capable & looks like he'll be FRESH...get at em DELI), he missed an open goal! who cares! he got in that position & has played BRILLIANTLY for CITY all season, not just the goals, he's actually running off the ball like he did back at Liverpool & providing excellent balls for the likes of Aguero, if he's in this form in 4 months time he could be the DIFFERENCE & of course we have the BEST STRIKER in THE WORLD (currently & proven) HARRY KANE has EVERYTHING & if i were CITY BOSS i'd go get him if he was willing to move? he's a super header of the ball, can hold up the ball, can run with the ball, can provide beautifully weighted passes for those in front of him & BOY can he STRIKE a BALL...only slight flaw i see are those PENALTIES down the middle!!!! if you see the GK move then far enough but to guess he's going to move (many don't) is a risk...TAKE a GOOD PENALTY instead...get practising HARRY.

I'll add BUTLAND as our GoalKeeper for surely JOE HART will not be ENGLAND keeper if he's not played so we need to pick someone & get them used to being number one.

RASHFORD & VARDY are threats...Great stat about Vardy recently stating he's scored a huge majority of his goals against the TOP 6 Premiership sides...his PACE could help get us the goals at certain points to WIN THIS THING!
Rashford i also like...probably not enough match time at United.

LOFTUS CHEEK had a GREAT couple of GAMES against Germany & Brazil but he's been injured but if fit you get the feeling manager Southgate might take him.

2 Players i cannot see going to this years World Cup are Struridge & Barkely...great talents never achieved.

And my DARK HORSE PLAYER...And although he is clearly NOT getting (at the moment) enough match time (for obvious reasons) he LOOKS a real player, a bit like Wilshire but is perhaps more attacking in nature? i saw him at the Under World Cup and he was pivotal in helping us win it & he did remind me of Wilshire / Inestia / damn the other small Spanish midfield lad's name has gone right now (bald head, now well into his 30's) that one...gem of a player and he is...

PHIL FODEN at Manchester City, Guardy is giving him some time on the pictch as a sub, seems to be using him in the cups back here & should be FRESH for the upcoming World Cup.
I would take him & i hope Gareth Southgate does...MANY will i am sure disagree with this choice, too soon, not earned his stripes with the big boys but again i could see him doing MAGICAL THINGS if England's manager gives him a go.

So what's that 10 players of a more than decent standard & more promising youngster's might also make the cut too with Southgate knowing those under 21, 20, 18 players & willing to give them a chance...would rather he took one of these hungry types than an out of form Strurridge / Barkely, then if he can get an attacking system that works for us & we at least TRY to KEEP the BALL against the so called bigger nations rather than giving it back THEN SURELY we HAVE A GREAT CHANCE???

I'm going to look awfully silly but i think OUR WAIT is OVER...and our lads should not fret or FEAR ANYONE, just GO FOR IT, our youngsters went 2-0 down to favourites SPAIN, held they're NERVE & continued to GO FOR IT & won 5-2 wasn't i****ched it & it was super attacking football & we should fear NO ONE.

Egg on my Face in 5 months time?

Maybe of course but i have a GOOD FEELING this TIME!

And should we reach the SEMI FINALS or THE FINAL then of course it will be too tempting for many English fans to give that chance...JUST STAY SAFE & don't do anything STUPID.

Don't know why but i actually could see an ENGLAND v BELGUIM a 2nd meeting for these two perhaps? bet you'd get GREAT ODDS for that FINAL.
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6 days ago  ::  12 Feb 18 06:42 PM #2
Paul C
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Just a few more thoughts.
First regarding the 20-1 odds which you can still get with some!
These are AMAZING GOOD ODDS for a big footballing nation, ok we have not really shown up in any of them over the past 20 years, we seem to stroll through the quailifying (without even losing a game!) but get to these tournaments and we wilt for some reason?

We have folded before even beginning the tournament...Is it the PRESSURE is too GREAT? we had on paper a WORLD CUP & EURO'S winning team with the likes of BECKHAM, LAMPARD, GERRARD, SHEARER, SHERINGHAM & a strong defence too at that and not only did it NOT HAPPEN for these guys but it frankly they never even came close!
That group i am sure will look on those attempts as pitfiful...even Shearer who's an honest guy.

Are the current 11 as good as these above? it's an easy answer, but we're a young side & perhaps we won't feel the pressure so much because of it...THEY CAN GO FOR IT...make those daring runs, take those shots, create GREAT FOOTBALLING MOMENTS during this tournament in RUSSIA...chance a few youngsters when needs be.

We DO have the players to do so, just need manager SOUTHGATE to let them off the leash & get the tactics right & the choices right, it's a simple game really, keep the ball the best you can no easy giveaways (especially in defence) & try to create as many GOAL SCORING chances as possible...of course you have to have the talent & the abilty to carry it out better than these other teams.

THE WEATHER is tailor made for shouldn't be too hot or too cold, we have a good young side, decent defence (better than most teams there) & our strike force with HARRY KANE & the midfield is up there with the best of em, you always need LUCK & i think we are DUE some of this finally (get it?)

20-1 to win the WORLD CUP...Nah, those are the longeset odds i have ever seen for any ENGLAND team at for any World Cup or EURO FINALS competition since i can remember.
ENGLAND are usually right up there in single figures 7-1, 8-1 perhaps 10's or 12-1 but 20-1!

We should get through the Group? if not then the misery continues for we fans & we can again say they get to these things & then don't turn up! NOT THIS TIME! the draw looks to have been fairly kind to us, so whoever we get in the last 16 we should (famous last words) get through that one & then HEY PRESTO we're once again FINALLY in there where it matters THE QUARTER FINALS & SEMI FINALS & then who knows?

Anything can happen...just look at PORTUGAL in the EURO's last time out!!! how in the world did that team win it??? i'm still scratching my head & if they can then WE CERTAINLY CAN (i just hope we don't play like they did) if you get to the Q-FINALS (Last 8) i ask you? is there a HUGE difference between the teams at this stage? England's B Side held both GERMANY & BRAZIL's full strength teams not too long ago, that's encouraging right?
20-1??? should we reach the Quarter Finals at least like i expect them to do then your only 3 games away from winning the thing so why not? we probably won't win it 4 years later in QUATAR unless the air conditiong is spot on!

Maybe my OPTIMISM is misplaced?

But i don't think so...ENGLAND to WIN the WORLD CUP 2018 in RUSSIA in style like our young lads did (all 3 of the under teams have won it & the women went so close) so time for the SENIOR side to give it a real go & if we do go out then let's hope we did so with style we are again saying how truly unlucky we were.

Can you tell i'm getting excited yet?
HARRY KANE...lay off those down the middle penalties! your BETTER THAN THAT!

I will probably look like one hell of a DA come the end of JULY but i have every hope to be CLUTCHING my REPRO WORLD CUP in my arms & lifting it above my HEAD in TRIUMPH (will even post a photo should we do so wearing my 888 hoodie)

Come on ENGLAND...Come on ENGLAND...ENGLAND Laughing
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5 days ago  ::  13 Feb 18 11:58 PM #3
Paul C
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Some of our ENGLISH Players performing well in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE & the EUROPA games can only be a GOOD thing, so i'm glad with City's 0-4 away win in BASLE, Sterling, Walker good experience.

Was a little worried when i heard about Spurs being 0-2 down after less than 10 minutes in Juventus but WOW! what a great comeback, again some good English players getting good experience in these BIG GAMES & it shows they can help with a comeback & of course HARRY SCORES AGAIN!

Anyone notice the Juve penalty miss was one taken down the middle...PLEASE TAKE NOTE HARRY, your better than this, practise & get them accurately placed rather than taking risks of the goalkeepr NOT moving.

Yup any England side with KANE, ALLI, STERLING, WILSHIRE, LINGARD, RASHFORD, VARDY, WALKER & Co must have a CHANCE right?

As for the abuse they might get in RUSSIA? well don't be too surprised by that but i differ with Mr Jeremy Corbyn...don't walk off guys, ram it down their throats by PLAYING Well.

YOU CAN DO IT & if you don't then AT LEAST GO OUT Giving it a GO...we'll forgive you that!
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SPORTS Football ENGLAND still 20-1 to win THE WORLD CUP...Nah

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