SPORTS Football SKY & BT win 5 of the 7 TV FOOTBALL Packages...
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12 months ago  ::  13 Feb 18 11:45 PM #1
Paul C
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So who will get these other 2 packages of LIVE Matches?

Wouldn't it be NICE to see LIVE Premiership Football back on terresterial television again in this country? yeah DREAM ON!

FOOTBALL is still our NATIONAL GAME & yet we don't get to see ONE SINGLE live game even per season & haven't for a long time now...unless you PAY for it, used to be SKY only but now it's BT too.

Here's the naive in me...Wouldn't it be NICE if the Premiership could issue at least one of these LIMITED PACKAGES to a lesser terresterial bidder so that perhaps we normal folks could get at least 1 LIVE Premiership Game per month (2 LIVE GAMES per month would be nicer?) of course they would probably be the lesser teams & probably not one of the BIG SIX would feature in any of them...but's that OK, i just LOVE FOOTBALL & we'd finally get actual LIVE football on British Tv screens for the majrity (rather than just those that can afford it or are willing to pay)

Some years back there were talks of a TEAM UP with terresterial channels clubbing together (i know sounds a bit sad don't it) but WHY NOT?
The BBC would have limited funds to add to the pot (so they would probably get less games) but if they could pair up with ITV, Channel 4 & Channel 5 surely the LOT of them could come up with an amount acceptable to the PREMIER LEAGUE? to get live football on our Tv's again in limited numbers with the so called lesser teams...after all, your unlikely to have SKY & BT chasing down WBA vs BRIGHTON or HUDDERSIELD vs WATFORD.

So why not have these 4 channels club in & get one of these packages rather than these also going to the RICH FOLKS.

They'll no doubt end up with the likes of NETFLIX and some other STREAMING SERVICE because as we all know FOOTBALL is ALL about the MONEY now Cry

WHAT A SHAME OUR NATIONAL GAME IS NOT AVAILABLE TO ALL (even if it was only the odd lesser game once a month...they can't even allow us this!)
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SPORTS Football SKY & BT win 5 of the 7 TV FOOTBALL Packages...
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