SPORTS Football If GERMANY can reach the OLYMPIC ice hockey...
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1 year ago  ::  23 Feb 18 03:34 PM #1
Paul C
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I keep going on about ENGLAND's chances at the WORLD CUP.

Will they have the BEST collection of PLAYERS at this tornament in RUSSIA?

Probably not...but if SOUTHGATE is a BOLDER than some previous England managers and leaves those over the hill, out of form & ONLY by name & reputation players at HOME & then ADDS to the GOOD SQUAD we already have with some of our GOOD YOUNGSTERS (I would take FODEN & i realise he has not played too much...get him into those ENGLAND Friendlies before naming the SQUAD and see how he goes?) & can blend them into a ball keeping BUT attack minded side (at least this way if we go out it will be in the right way) then i think we have as GOOD A CHANCE as anyone? Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Belguim & SPAIN included.

And there are NOT that many outside of these teams that would be expected to win the 2018 WORLD CUP...i was very encouraged seeing all those England youngsters play against both GERMANY & BRAZIL and get 0-0 results against each...and they were really trying against what was really an ENGLAND 'B' side!

We quailfied well...we have who is now regarded as currently the BEST STRIKER in THE WORLD with Harry Kane & Sterling behind him is on fire (can't see him moving to REAL MADRID as rumoured when he has SO MUCH going for him at City) really hoping ALLI can get his mojo back & will stop diving, WILSHIRE i'm hoping can continue in good form for Arsenal & he could be our INESTIA.

SHOCKS & SURPRISES happen in ALL SPORT...just take a look at the WINTER OLYMPICS in which one of the lowest ranked teams (GERMANY) have just put out the favourites CANADA to reach an OLYMPIC FINAL, they had one only one game over the last 40 years at the Olympics & even at this one they LOST their first two matches!
Now they are in the FINAL...and seeing ENGLAND there in RUSSIA would come as no surprise to me!

The weather should be perfect for us, there's no expectation on them whatsoever (except from me, even Shearer thinks we'll do well to get past the Quarters) but our under 21,s, 20,s & 18's have shown what can be done as too our WOMEN & it's been AGES since ENGLAND got anywhere near to winning one of these BIG TOURNEY's.

Just have a feeling for's a proven fact we START SLOW (so often we win 1 game & draw 2) this needs to END, time for a GREAT free flowing & winning start (especially with the BELGUIM game being the last in the group) and if we WIN this group for a change it might provide us with an easier route into the SEMI's & FINAL.

18-1 now for ENGLAND to win it.

So their price is coming in & i expect it to be 14's or even 12's by the time the finals come around so get on it now!
Seriously how many can realistically win it? BRAZIL, GERMANY, ARGENTINA, BELGUIM, SPAIN & ENGLAND for me & i think England are well capable on their day of beating any & all of these just need to start believing it & doing it against these big teams!

We SHOULD (famous last words) come through the group (hopefully winning it for a change?) & the draw in the Last 16 should be favourable to hopefully get us to the LAST 8 (Quarter's) this is where it should get difficult but show no fear & go for it & i foresee a SEMI-FINAL place (at least) & personally i still think we can & WILL WIN IT.

Can you tell i'm getting excited by the prospect Laughing and the WORLD CUP WALLCHARTS haven't even come out yet & won't for months to come!
Can't wait for those...i have them dating back to about 2002, unfortunately i had kept all the one's i had as a kid going way back i think to 1982 but they were all grouped together & got damp & they got thrown away Cry gutted.

Most popular WORLD CUP Game Results are 1-0 & 1-1 you won't be surprised to hear, followed by 2-1 i think.

I wonder if these WORLD CUP WALLCHARTS are something unique to GREAT BRITAIN?(England, N.Ireland, Wales & Scotland) or if the rest of the world have them?

Don't mind them (ENGLAND) losing if they either lose to a better team on the day, just so long as we give it a good go (something we did not do against ICELAND in the Euro's) that was just a SAD DISPLAY with i think virtually no shots on goal apart from that ROONEY Goal.

I Think it's TIME...surely the Brazilians, German's, French & Spaniards can't keep winning these things? not sure Argentina have the form to win this but they do have some GREAT PLAYERS so perhaps it's ENGLAND's turn once again to win their 2nd title? could a new team win it for the first time? if so i'd put my money on BELGIUM.

I actually have a funny feeling we shall meet them again in that FINAL?
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SPORTS Football If GERMANY can reach the OLYMPIC ice hockey...
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