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1 year ago  ::  25 Feb 18 08:37 PM #1
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Anyone see the game today?

Abject performance from Arsenal I thought.

Deserved win for City - will be interesting to see how they get on in the Champions League now with the league basically sewn up
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1 year ago  ::  26 Feb 18 06:13 PM #2
Paul C
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Listened to the match on 5LIVE i think it was? nice to hear from Teddy Sheringham again & then yes i saw it on Tv by way of Channel 5 highlights.

Would have to agree with with regards to Arsenal but i must say given that line-up (which on paper looked good) i expected a closer, tougher game from them.

1st Half not a great deal in it...Arsenal should have taken the lead with Aubermang but Aguero showed his CLASS with that finish to give us a HT lead but i don't think Guardiola was happy & they came out far more determined to win this Mickey Mouse Cup Competition?

I say Mickey Mouse competition because although i'm pleased my side won this it wouldn't have bugged me too much had we that SAD? 
It's not the HISTORIC F.A. Cup, it's not a European Win & it's not the Premiership Title, i guess if you make it as far as the Semi's or Final you may as well try to win it?

The Premiership sides say there are FAR TOO MANY GAMES & they have no REST UP.

It's an EASY SOLUTION in my eyes...

DROP this old LEAGUE CUP Competition which sadly has now become a bit of JOKE (this win will NEVER mean more to me than when CITY beat Newcastle back in 1976 with a fantastic Dennis Tueart overhead kick) this Cup Competition is now tarnished.

If they have to keep it, it will be for MONEY REASONS & if it must continue either allow the Premiership Teams to drop out of it OR simply let them play they're KIDS for experience?

My preference would be to drop it as the Premiership & perhaps the FA (deep down) have wanted too for years, only thing keeping this thing going is money pressures.
GET RID...let the players from ALL LEAGUES have more rest to focus on the IMPORTANT matches.

I'm a TRADITIONALIST so i LOVE the CHRISTMAS Festive Schedule all the way up to the 1st round of he F.A.Cup in early January...after this, perhaps around mid Jan until early Feb why not introduce a WINTER BREAK? & start the PREMIERSHIP Season a little earlier?

This along with dumping the League Cup would make sense to me.

With a little luck this should help teams & especially ENGLAND going to tournaments in the Summer (not that it should be an excuse! real footballers would play 24/7 if they could & back in the day they did with REPLAYS lasting Weeks) i wouldn't go back to those days but we SHOULD keep the CHRISTMAS FOOTBALL SPIRIT going.

Oh & as for VAR...they always have to give these things names Smile

I was 50/50 about Video Assisted Referee or Review but the little i've seen so far, they still manage to get the results wrong, it stops the game in it's tracks & for now i've come down on the I DON'T LIKE IT side.

Always made me laugh this...we've had a 4th official on the sidelines for years!!! mic him up with the refree, tell him to give him a QUICK review, GOAL or NO GOAL, Over the LINE or NOT, SENDING OFF or NOT & it might not be too bad?
But all the BS that's surrounding this now is NUTS!!! it's almost turning the SPORT i LOVE into AMERICAN FOOTBALL or RUGBY with these long reviews which no one has any idea what's going on....those WAVEY LINES a few weeks ago were hilarious.

Whilst i'm on a negative vibe Laughing

Just after i was TRYING to JUSTIFY a place in the ENGLAND SQUAD for Delli Alli (are there 6 or 7 English midfielders better than him currently? maybe) he's been out of form & his contributions to games seems to be TAKING the FUNNIEST ouch i've been SHOT dives EVER SEEN!!! i don't like cheating! never had & never will.
It's possible Alli could win us a penalty at the WORLD CUP that wins it for us but it would leave a bad taste in the mouth (Bobby Charlton, Booby Moore, Gordon Banks & the like WOULD NOT APPROVE)
Been trying to give him the benefit of the doubt....but ALLI is likely to COST US the WORLD CUP at the moment, out of form but this DIVING THING is getting silly! he's ignoring it, the refrees at the World Cup won't mark my words!
HARRY (KANE) should really have a WORD WITH HIM (as Lineaker once said) & tell him to get his finger out whilst at it.

Those 2 dives this weekend by him at PALACE were laughable.

I don't want ALLI heading the PRIMA DONNA way, he has genuine talent & pace but he's currently wasting it, he'll probably make the plane? just but at the moment he'd struggle to make the TEAM.

JACK WILSHIRE also took the most incredible DIVE against CITY & again after i have been trying to defend him & hoping he gets he place on the plane!


And yet i still have a funny feeling we are going to win this WORLD CUP, call me silly? your not just silly Chris you damn well deluded!!!Laughing maybe dark side of my mind but i still think it's the BEST CHANCE we have had for a good while?

And with that dchoo i'm outta here...sorry i hijacked to topic to drift onto others.
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1 year ago  ::  26 Feb 18 06:16 PM #3
Paul C
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One more thing...

AGUERO, DAVID SILVA & KOMPANY still doing it for CITY...proper NON Prima Domma PRO's.

If the likes of POGBA & SANCHEZ are worth the kind of money talked about then WHAT PRICE these 3 in their PRIME? and i still think they're super players with plenty of years left at CITY.
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