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1 year ago  ::  05 Mar 18 06:29 PM #1
Paul C
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We are fast approaching the run in until the end of the season.

A time when the awards for BEST PLAYER are sent in (never understood why the voting takes place quiet so early? with so many games left that could alter such awards, but there you go, i'm about to ask the same anyway)

So WHO gets your AWARD for player of the SEASON (should be so far really? but as the voting ballots will dropping on players doorsteps soon let's just go with the same decision they have to make at this stage)

For me & probably for you folks out there? it will come down to 1 of 3?

I could understand any of these 3 finishing in top spot but here's my TOP 3 (for what it's worth)

3) DeBruyne (Manchester City)
Ithink many might be surprised at that (being a CITY fan & all)
Exceptional football player who almost never gives the ball away, superb season, it's just that Guardy has got ALL the MANCHESTER CITY players ticking & playing for each other.
I bet CHELSEA are kicking themselves for not sticking with him but this was under Mourinho's watch (again) he's also let other CLASS, ATTACKING players go, one he re-bought (LUKAKU) and another he inherited (MATA)

Had DeBruyne just added a few more goals this season he'd been my No1 but i couldn't argue with anyone voting him as such but for me it's been a TEAM effort at CITY (just about as exciting, attacking side i & other CITY fans could ever have wished for & what's more guardy came in saw OUR DEFENCE & simply said NOPE...not for me, in came WALKER, MENDY, LEPORTA, OTAMENDI & our AMAZING GOALKEEPER whilst KOMPANY came back from injury (all CITY fans are delighted for this fella, the heart of City for the past 7 years or so) we also have STONES (thought he would become the new BOBBY MOORE? has the potential but he needs to work on the DEFENSIVE side & not playing square balls all the time)

So the fact that it has been a TEAM EFFORT has cost DeBruyne this year, a bit unfair perhaps? but i think there have been 2 other players that have made a BIGGER DIFFERENCE to their teams this season & they are...

2) SALAH (Liverpool)
Another let go by CHELSEA Smile
You have to wonder what kind of side Chelsea would have had were he in their side, alongside DeBruyne, Hazard & Lukkaku up front? certainly more of a THREAT that's for sure.
That having been said, he's sure come on by the looks of it.
He has made a HUGE difference to Liverpool (even after they had lost COUNTINHO) he gets into dangerous areas of the pitch that hurts defences.
If he's not scoring goals, he's assisting them (hence Fantasy League teams take up of him at over 50% which tells you all you need to know) and even when not doing either of these things he's creating havoc making runs to create for other POOL players... diversion.
Exciting, Dynamic & a player ANY SIDE (City included would LOVE to have)
Is he a 1 season wonder? hope not.

If Liverpool can get a GOOD Goalkeeper...Burnley's TOM HEATON would me my pick, along with another defensive centre back, a midfielder to replace Countinho (OXO at the moment has not worked?) & of course they are missing a TOP CLASS STRIKER to partner Firminho then LIVERPOOL would be most people's picks at the team to challenge to CITY next season.

1) HARRY KANE (Tottenham)
I don't think he will win will be one of the two above but he's my choice.
I LOVE the fella.
Old fashioned, plays the game in the right spirit (he really should have a word with his mate Delli Alli) & never a BAD WORD is said of him or by him.
As a player HE HAS IT ALL & has now proved it for 2-3 years.
He keeps himself FIT, works hard for the team & can score from anywhere on the pitch, from penalty taker (still hope he stops this sending them down the middle though...unless he see's the GK move before he takes it! he's a super stiker of the ball & doesn't need to risk this kind of thing IMHO) he can head the ball, get tap in's, can strike from outside of the box, can lift them over players with finese, can make tackles & well you can see i'm rather PROUD of HIM (and he's not even a CITY player...boy would he make a nice addition to Aguero & Jesus)

I NEVER thought ENGLAND would have the BEST STRIKER in the WORLD, it's been a long time since we had anyone close, at one time Lineker was close (but even he has admitted KANE is an all round better one) SHEARER was powerful & is similar so it's with GREAT PRIDE seeing we have got if not? THE BEST STRIKER in the WORLD, certainly one of the TOP 3.

I think he is NO1 & he makes ALL the difference to TOTTENHAM & that's why he gets my vote.
He will be the 1st player on ENGLAND's TEAM SHEET & thanks to him (and he should be able to play with little pressure this time out) we have every chance of being there at the end of this WORLD CUP Tournament in Russia

Honourable Mentions for...

STERLING, CITY LEGEND (Aguero) TOP City scorer, David SILVA (had a bad time of things recently in his private life but has NEVER EVER let's City & his team mates down) SANE also from CITY Smile
Well it's the reason i don't have DEBRUYNE in the No1 spot...any other season perhaps? but it's simply been an OUTSTANDING TEAM thing with Manchester City this season & i hope will be for seasons to come!
I would also add in MURRAY of Brighton who seemingly has provided enough goals to perhaps keep them save...a fine achievement if so? (i had them going down)

As for the TOP 3 UNDERACHIEVERS (bit cruel? well maybe but when they are being PAID the money they recieve you DO expect more from them) 

3) DELLI ALLI (Tottenham)
He has the PROMISE of a very good player.
But at the moment he is wasting it away, not played consistant & well for over a year now.
Did he get too big for his boots? talk of moves away to Read Madrid & getting a better agent?
If he can return to the quick thinking, not giving the ball away, feeding the likes of KANE & providing some of those sparkling goals we are used to it may all just be a hicup?
I hope so i like him but i for one have been really disappointed so far this season by him & his STARTING PLACE is in doubt for me in the ENGLAND TEAM (and it really shouldn't be)
Of course it hasn't helped with this crazy DIVING for a penalty every other game it seems.
It's CHEATING...i don't want to win the World Cup like this & if he continues on this PATH he could well LOSE it for us by getting sent off.
Buck up your ideas kid, you have real talent & speed.

2) POGBA (Man Utd)
Of course there may be a more recent reason for his poor form.
The arrival of Sanchez from Arsenal whose preferred area in the team he has taken up (and let's be honest Sanchez hasn't exactly set the world alight with his form either in this area of the pitch)
Pogba wants that attacking midfield No9 role, one many of us thought he would be handed & do rather well with, but this is Mourinho's team (and his teams are defensive for the most part) in which case i feel a little sorry for the fella.
But only up to a point...unlike KANE, DEBRUYNE & others POGBA has got the BIG TIME CHARLY syndrome it seems to many, focusing on Social Media & getting the right haircut & colouring, all very well & fun if playing well.
It will be interesting to see where he is played NEXT SEASON...shouldn't be any reason that i can see why he cannot be partnered with SANCHEZ in such an attacking midfield role with Lukkau up front but JOSE knows BEST right Wink
I'm just glad CITY didn't land one or both of these players now (cue both to score in the Derby Laughing)

1) SIGURDSSON (Everton)
I had him in my Fantasy League Team at the start of the season & figured he would do superbly well moving from Swansea (for whom he provided & scored plently of goals for) to EVERTON & who under KOMEN (that's spelt wrong right?) i expected GOOD things from.
Both have been FAILURES.
Is it the way EVERTON have set up for him that doesn't work? you'd imagine so, how can a player playing like he did be playing like this?
Sounds like a good grounded fella but at the moment it's just not working for him & for me this is the biggest SURPRISE & gets my reward for biggest undersachiever.
He's actually still in my side Laughing how crazy am i, figured he'd get back to something like the form he was in but NOPE.

And what's your name, Arsenal (GERMAN) midfield player? you shall also go on the list at No4 (little Dad's Army humour there) don't tell him 'OZIL'
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