SPORTS Football Guardiola accepts charge...he's simply being...
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1 year ago  ::  05 Mar 18 11:42 PM #1
Paul C
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REMEMBER it's not too long ago that the FA brought up the right to wear a poppy (no problem with that whatsoever) THEN it was UEFA or was it FIFA? that were being A Hole jobsworths saying NO until they finally agreed it was nonsense not to let our british countries do so during that time of the year.

Now it's the FA's turn to be A-Holes.

So, Pep has accepted an FA charge over wearing a political message yellow ribbon have you ever heard of such nonsense?

He was charged for breaching the FA's kit & advertising regulations.
Geezzz the Sweet FA have nothing better to do?
There will be a further HEARING...what kind of stupid BS is this?

He is giving his support to his fellow catalonian's (imprisoned & politicans it's true) which i think most people reasonable people would agree is perfectly OK for Pep to do? but the FA in their wisdom have turned UEFA / FIFA jobsworth's themselves in my opinion by doing so.

I think accepting the charge is interesting, he's being very kind to the FA if you ask me.
On this occassion i'd have stuck 2 fingers up at them & carried on wearing what i believe was a just cause.

I think he has followed this up by saying that he will no longer wear the yellow ribbon during matches...FAIR ENOUGH he's coming to a compromise, i'm pretty hard headed at times & might have said to hell with want to take up time & money with this crap then so be it, of course he has tried to broker a compromise (trying to help them out) very kind.

Rules are might be said by some? is it really a political statement? it's a statement & support of injustice (i've never liked injustice) how is it that those catalonia politicans are currently in jail?
Yes i understand they may have gone about it in the wrong way? the riots were NOT right but for SPAIN to have jailed them seems very heavy handed & wrong to me.

THIS SHOULD BE DROPPED by the FA with immediate effect.

What is the WORLD coming to?
Watch out they'll be charging POGBA for his RED HAIR next! because it might suggest he's supporting LABOUR (i know from one extreme to another!)

But this PLANET of ours is getting rather CRAZY!

So, let's say you or i are the head of the FA (let's say) & someone says 'hey we've heard PEP is wearing a yellow ribbon in support of jailed political catalans'
me/you "So what?" jobsworth FA employee "But it's against the rules".
Ok get Pep on the phone would you "Hi Pep, look it's against the rules (stupid rule i know, we really need to change it) but could you just hide the ribbon your wearing please? 
Pep...has already stated he will not wear it during the matches anyway...END OF but not for the FA they have to have another meeting costing more needless money! but even had he said nope i am going to wear it anyway well is it really such an offensive thing to do? that warrants such a thing?

Quiete literally politically correct nonsense.

Bit off topic this...but the same goes for the EU & Brexit.
Many folks in Britain decided to leave not only because they were genuinely worried about immigration & jobs, housing, school places being taken & folks using the NHS that had not paid into it BUT ALSO BECAUSE the EU folks in charge were making rules that could not be challenged by we here in the UK or we were out voted.

Enough was enough, they would NOT COMPROMISE on anything it seemed (they certainly were not listening) we understand it's not quiet as simple as we're OUT & that's it but if the EU keep putting barriers up saying we want this, we want that, we won't allow this & crazy stuff like bringing in barriers between Northern Ireland & Ireland as clearly a silly bargaining tool (playing silly POLITICS in effect) then it shows you WHY many VOTED OUT.

They'd have never held CHURCHILL to ransom, we functioned well long before the EU & will do so again.

Would it have been better to have remained? i think so, probably but ONLY if the EU had took our concerns seriously (remember Prime Minister Cameron went virtually cap in hand pleading for just a few changes (crumbs) & came back with NOTHING) that was a mistake on their (the EU's) part but it had already gone on way too long...many Brits were fed up with the likes of JUNCKER & his ELITIST EU cronies making their own rules & regulations regardless of what the UK said or asked, so is it any wonder a majority voted out...a surprise to many.

If only the EU had ONLY listened & took action & if only THEY didn't have these sorts of people in POWER over there with only they're own interests they are invested in then perhaps we'd have still been in & been a fair & equal partner within the EU but NOPE they played hardball then & they're doing so now & therefore so must we.

THE EU are going to LOSE Billions over the coming years thanks to our leaving & they are trying to make us pay whilst at the same time trying to halt anyone else leaving.

A bit of politics there i guess but the world has become even more GREEDY & POWER MAD than ever before.

They want to dicatate how we use the customs & other parts of the Common Market & are  saying we cannot trade with other countries!!! are you JOKING?
My father & i just laugh at these guys in the EU, we're OUT we can do whatever we like, get access to the common market would be good for all parties but don't hold us to ransom or we may do a TRUMP with tarrifs on goods...they are NUTS trying to hold britain to ransom & after ALL we did for EUROPE we deserve more respect than this!

Should they continue on this path perhaps we should just spell it out in black & white & give them our terms...a YES or NO (and if NO we are OUT)
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1 year ago  ::  08 Mar 18 06:44 PM #2
Paul C
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You might gather from this rather long posting that i find POLITICS rather interesting Wink

My DAD always said i should have been a politican but the simple fact is i'd have probably been more like Brian Clough (Nottingham Forest manager from the 1970's / 80s) probably THE BEST ENGLAND Manager that England never appointed.

Not saying i'd have been the best politican never to have been so Laughing oh what the HELL, yes i am Innocent JOKING but i would have liked to have thought i'd have made a difference for GOOD.

Cloughy would have been like a BULL in a CHINA SHOP at the F.A.

Would LOVE to be there at that FA Meeting with regards to PEP...
Erm, so we are gathered here today to discuss Mr Guardiola agreeing to NOT WEAR the yellow ribbon during matches, anyone want to START Laughing
Seriously, my father & i can't stop laughing at the lack of common sense & jobsworths thesedays.

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SPORTS Football Guardiola accepts charge...he's simply being...
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