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7 months ago  ::  15 Jul 18 09:54 AM #41
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Hi M8

I haven't posted for a while as there hasn't been any replies to this thread, and I can use my time much more usefully offering advice to those who respond, I have also been busy with new ideas and trying to automate them, I feel I need an automated football system in place for the new season

But to answer your questions

1 It is purely odds based, but it's the odds of 3 horses that need to meet the rules, there is a filter that can be used to reduce losing runs! but as I have never had a losing run of longer than 6 races I really don't use it now, I have a bank large enough to cover 2 x 8 bet losing runs now but I can include it for when you start

2. The forecasting is something you pick up on quickly once you start using it, you'll see the selections straight away, to cut down on the time used checking each race on betfair just open the sporting life website and select todays cards, it tells you at the end of the race description how many runners are taking part in the race, make a note of the times of the races with 6 or less runners and check them on betfair

3. Sure no problem, I'll make some time and send you the details, once you read through it if you have any questions you can ask me, but this is fully automated you just turn it on and click a few buttons then get on with your day, you will have the exact same settings I use
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7 months ago  ::  15 Jul 18 06:16 PM #42
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Hi mate, Whenever you post something in this thread I usually had got a mail, but strangely for some of the latest posts the ntification didnt come in. And I was also busy as i stated in the previous post. And I also understand that it is quite painful to post something useful for others and not getting any response. 
Now I must thank you for your response. I have sent you a PM. Have you got that? 
Thanks again. 
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