SPORTS Football Man U 0-1 WBA well that's just typical
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12 months ago  ::  15 Apr 18 08:45 PM #1
Paul C
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Well that's just TYPICAL!

Trust United to head to City last week & somehow (don't ask me how?) turn a 2-0 loss into a 2-3 win, stopping us from winning the TITLE on our own ground against them & then low & behold they blow it at home to WBA (bottom of the Premiership) who'd a thought it? not many i bet.

WBA win 1-0 at Old Trafford & hand the PREMIERSHIP to Guardy on the GOLF COURSE.
CHEERS for THAT Laughing

Typical, they couldn't even let us win it on our own ground at home to Swansea next week!


ONLY JOKING! of course i'm delighted...and as a family we just played the QUEEN 7" record again WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS, getting some good plays out of this recently Wink

What did i say last week after Mourninho's comments? that perhaps we should give him & them a little more credit...well hmm, maybe not, we know they're pretty defensive but this result may well bring into question just where it is Manchester United (a GREAT English club...this coming from a Manchester City fan) are heading under him?

Understanably they'll be many calls asking for his head, i'm just glad CITY never went for him & that they finally got Guardy after trying for a good few years.

Clubs usually have cycles of success, especially if a reasonably sized one with good support & money to spend...and right now & i hope for the forseeable future it looks like being MANCHESTER CITY's turn (has been for awhile already) & happily i don't see this changing any time soon.

Sure they'll be other clubs that will attempt a tilt on the PREMIERSHIP CROWN but right now under Mourihno i just can't see it being MANCHESTER UNITED.

LIVERPOOL? without a shadow of a doubt, it could well be their year next year? as it's been proven that the previous years winners usually don't defend it, hope not, next year? although i think Guardy might have his sights set on the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE as well as perhaps DEVELOPING the promising YOUNGSTERS at City & creating a LEGACY similar to Sir Alex Fergurson.

TOTTENHAM? it remains to be seen if they can keep the likes of KANE, ALLI, SON & ERIKSEN as well as a number of their backline...I HOPE SO (kinda Wink  although i would LOVE to see HARRY KANE at Manchester City, he just seems tailor made to Guardiola's Game)

ARSENAL? & CHELSEA? the 2 so called bigger LONDON sides...there's changes to come at both surely? and who knows how they will work out?

Might there be someone that gate crashes the party...into the TOP 4 or 6 spots?

LOOK at what BURNLEY & now NEWCASTLE (after a dodgy patch) are doing!!!
Just a bit more funding perhaps & who knows?
NEWCASTLE especially i'd like to see do well (FOR THEIR long SUFFERING fans) we all knew BENETIZ was a class & clever manager (what United wouldn't give for him right now?) but he'll tire of Mike Ashley, i mean a manager like this working under this guy, i just hope he SELLS up & NEWCASTLE can kick on.


Didn't expect it today & juding by ALL the FANTASY LEAGUE TEAMS not many did (having LUKAKU, RASHFORD, SMALLING, JONES, DEGEA in their sides) 
DON'T YA just LOVE FOOTBALL on days like this.
Sadly for WBA it's come to late but what a GREAT RESULT & many thanks to them.

That FA CUP Semi-Final is now becoming very, very interesting (UNITED vs SPURS)

THANKS to Mr Guardiola, the fans, the OWNERS & of course the TEAM who have shown that FOOTBALL can be LOVED again when PLAYED in the RIGHT WAY.
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SPORTS Football Man U 0-1 WBA well that's just typical
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