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6 months ago  ::  09 May 18 01:51 PM #1
Paul C
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Sir Alex first...
DELIGHTED, truly surprised in this day & age to see a pouring of affection & respect for the legendary MANCHESTER UNITED Manager.

Very proud of those Manchester City Fans at the Huddersfield game when we were presented the Premiership Trophy unfurling BANNERS of GOOD WILL for the guy.

The same from Arsenal fans, yup Wenger & Fergie fought like tigers during they're time managing these two huge english sides but in the end it's nice the RESPECT they showed each other & so it was with SHOCK that a few days after Sir Alex presented Arsene that trophy at Old Trafford that this news should come out...ANY REAL Football Fan would have been saddened by this.

The guy was at times an argumentive so and so but i think he did it in good heart.
What stuck me was when Fergie beckoned Jose to have a photograph taken with both he & Arsene...there's still bad blood between those two & so Jose came in, shook hands quickly & departed before that shot was taken...there is a HUGE difference between Fergie & Jose (sadly)

There is some GREAT news...
Apparantly it has been reported that Fergie is awake & the first thing he asked was how his son's team DONCASTER had done in the match? Smile
He followed that up with a cheeky i hope to be well enough to go to the Champions League Final (in which LIVERPOOL are playing) Laughing
It's nice to hear...even Liverpool fans will not begrudge that this guy was one of the best managers (perhaps EVER?) & i'm a CITY fan but that's the truth, he built & rebuilt United's teams many times over, even with a rich club that still takes skill, he admits he made mistakes (who don't?) but you just have to hand it to him...even now BATTLING for all his worth.

You know what's funny...

I actually think if he hopfully gets fully over this...he could still do (in my opinion) a better job at United than Jose is doing, although United now look like getting that 2nd place i still don't quiet know HOW they did it? Tottenham, Liverpool & now even Chelsea have for the most part been better teams, it will be interesting to see how they go next season?

Was there something going on with that HOTEL rumour?
Southampton had a hotel booked & at the last minute it was changed & cancelled in Swansea.
Seems fishy to me...GLAD Southampton made it (only extraordinary results could now send them down) & although i would hope & expect CITY to beat them in the final match i cannot see them winning by an 8 or 9-0 margin.

So that means it's SWANSEA or HUDDERSIELD to go down.
With Chelsea still hopeful of catching either SPURS or LIVERPOOL...can you believe this?
Most of us had Chelsea & the manager gone & yet here they are with 2 games remaining which if they win gives them a decent chance of making it (especially with Spurs current form)
I expect Chelsea to win tonight against Huddersield and their final game giving them 75 points.

Huddersield got a point against CITY away so you must think they have a chance in their final game at Home to Arsenal of getting that point needed? which they'll need for surely Swansea will win their finak game against Stoke (that means Huddersfield would have to get at least 1 point as if they lose they would go down on goal difference)
Hope Huddersfield make it.

So with Chelsea probably ending on 75? assuming they win both games?
Liverpool should win their final game giving them 75 but a far better goal difference to about leaving it close!
But what of Spurs?
It's like the wheels have dropped off...ever since Harry got injured...
You have to expect them to win tonight? and should beat an out of form Leicester side on Sunday which would bring them to 77 points...AMAZING, could finish out of the TOP 4 but will probably find the form needed to finish 3rd ahead of Liverpool who could win the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE but might have to get back early in late Summer to play a Champions League QUALIFYING match!!!
Can you believe that?

Glad to see WEST HAM & NEWCASTLE safe, along with BRIGHTON (in fact ALL those teams that came up last year from THE CHAMPIONSHIP might survive this time around!!! when was the last time this happened?)
WOLVES look like they could do some damage next season.
ONLY WBA if they stick with this manager i think have a chance of getting straight back to the Premiership.

CRYSTAL PALACE...No wins no goals after 7 games and now sit in 11th with a chance of making the TOP 10, will done Roy.

EVERTON? don't expect BIG SAM to stay on...DYCHE almost certain to take over.

NEWCASTLE? RAFA will not get the money he wants for transfers due to ASHLEY still being in place & he will sadly probably depart...if he don't the TOON ARMY will LOVE him even more!
It's like he has his hands tied behind his back & yet still has them in the TOP 10.

MAN UTD will Moanrinho survive? probably but he's not for me heading in the right direction, MARTIAL, POGBA, SHAW & even RASHFORD it seems? along with probably a number of others are upset & not happy.

Enjoyable season i think (but i would say that having won with Football we like to see it)

And still things to be my fingers crossed for Huddersfield to survive & for Liverpool to win the Champions League but let's just hope FERGIE comes good (he usually does) 

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