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13 months ago  ::  31 May 18 04:08 PM #1
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GL new Sunderland manager - Jack Ross

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13 months ago  ::  03 Jun 18 08:24 PM #2
Paul C
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I gotta admit Ken i have no idea who Jack Ross is?

Who's he managed? 


Is he Back room staff promoted?

An Ex Player perhaps?

Never heard of him, really thought Coleman was going to get ya out of it!

But no doubt it's not so much the managers but rather the set up.

BLACKPOOL might be a nice day out (if early or late in the season) Wink just not sure about Accrington in the middle of Winter though Cry

Sad to see Sunderland heading for the 3rd tier...been there, done that, what you need is someone like PAUL DICKOV to lift ya up with your boot straps & get you going again, oh and a new richer owner...boy did we get lucky & i thank my lucky stars each year!

Best of luck next year Ken for your team & this new (unknown? to me) manager.

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