SPORTS Football Pre-World Cup Thoughts...still convinced...
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8 months ago  ::  05 Jun 18 12:02 AM #1
Paul C
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GERMANY first...Just heard they have omitted SANE (City's young player of the year) CRAZY!!!

Not only should he be in the squad, he should be a starter in the team!

Shocking news & although Germany are always difficult to beat...despite being current champions beaten they will be at some point & it just became a little more easier without Sane.

DOES ANYONE ELSE DO THIS? (i'm sure you do)

The official WALLCHARTS (from the newspapers) have not been issued yet...that will be this weekend...WHICH ONE TO CHOOSE? Smile i have at times paid a little more for a more expensive paper if they have a bigger, glossy, more colourful one than their rivals but how many of you a week or two before the big tournament have you got a hold of a set of fixtures charting the route to the final & filled it in with your predicted scores?

Who won it with your Predicted outcomes? and how did they get there (on paper)

No surprise i came up with an ENGLAND World Cup win.

I think 7 teams have a real good chance of winning it, Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Belguim, France, Germany & England.

They'll be some surprising results (hopefully none involving England this time) & there are a few tough outsider teams to get past too in the shape of Croatia, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Chile , Uruguary & yes even Portugal but i fuly expect one of Brazil, Spain, Argentina, Belgium or England to WIN IT.

Things never go to plan...but it's fun to speculate...and for what it's worth i have England topping Group G on goal difference from Belgium (but that could easily be reversed)

Question is would England want to win this group? & head for the top part of the draw which would most likely include a Last 16 with Columbia or Poland but then almost certainly meeting the favourites Brazil (surely they'll top their group) in the Quarter Finals...before getting perhaps France in the semi's who i think are very beatable before reaching the final who could be a re-meeting of the group stages in the form of Belguim again...

That could be a far better game than you might imagine, 2-2 after ET & England to win on penalties in Russia...what a WAY to win it after ALL the penalty talking talk...i can see it happening but it would mean perhaps Belguim coming through a tougher bottom half draw where they are likely to meet Germany in the QF (think Belgium will beat them) and then Spain or Argentina in the Semi's where i forsee (to some) a shock win for Belgium to reach the FINAL vs England (if England can finally start winning against the BIG teams again...especially BRAZIL)

So that's my FINAL pairing prediction...BELGIUM v ENGLAND at 40-1 with 888 (60-1 with BETFRED...come on 888)

Favourite to be the FINAL is FRANCE vs GERMANY at 14-1 and i don't see any of these even reaching the FINAL (famous last words) SPAIN vs BRAZIL is the 2nd favourite at 15-1 & that's far more likely & yet i just have this feeling ENGLAND will show up this time & so too will DeBruyne, Hazard & Lukaku this time to play each other again.

Unless you think Portugal might meet Spain in the Final this is the only group (G) that might feature the 2 finalists.

Quick thoughts on the Groups...

Group A...should see Russia coming through it despite not being in good form (but perhaps they'll find something from somewhere Wink) would be a shock if Uruguay didn't follow them through or top the group.
NO WINNER to be found here.

Group B...Spain should walk it with Portugal following behind (without Ronaldo i'd give them little chance & i still can't get over the fact they won the EURO's last time out)
SPAIN are back to their BEST...likely WINNERS.

Group C...Is this or Group D the GROUP of DEATH? i'd go with the one below but this should see France topping the group but not without some problems perhaps with PERU perhaps in the form they are in grabbing that 2nd spot?
NO WINNERS here...many fancy France but i don't know why? they got POGBA, GRIEZMANN, MARTIAL & one or two others but i prefer ENGLAND.

Obviously Argentina will be favourites to top the group (and should) but with Croatia, Nigeria & the hard working LET's GIVE IT A GO Iceland in here who knows what might happen? expect Croatia to end 2nd but they are not the force of old.
ARGENTINA might win it but i think they'll be found out in one of the KO rounds but with MESSI & AGUERO & a number of others they could WIN IT.

Group E...or the HOW MANY GOALS will BRAZIL score against Costa Rica, Serbia & Switzerland? it's probably the reason NEYMAR or JESUS are favourites to win the GOLDEN BOOT.

Group F
Shocking news about SANE...seriously who saw that coming? out of order decision i feel.
Germany should top the group from Mexico but Sweden always seem to make things hard for teams at World Cup's so by no means a certainy that Mexico follow Germany through.
NO WINNERS here...Just don't fancy Germany this time out (was not impressed by them in the Wembley friendly which England should have won comfortably)

Group G.
Would be a HUGE SURPRISE if ENGLAND & BELGIUM do not get the top 2 places here & it could be decided on Goal Difference?
Would like to see England top the group & end up in the top half of the KO rounds (even though that means they would meet BRAZIL at the QF stage)
ENGLAND never start big tournaments well...and it wouldn't bother me too much if they so again just so long as they finish strong but isn't it about time they started with a BANG & this could be it...i expect (and hope for) GOALS against TUNISA & PANAMA.
Don't want it to go down wto the final game against Belgium who i think we could meet again in the FINAL Smile see ya in 3 or 4 weeks time when you can give me the...WHAT WERE YOU THINKING???
YUP WINNERS will come from this GROUP Surprised that emoji is for most of you (not i)

Group H...This could be the GROUP of BOREDOM or the WOW they're ALL GOING for it one!
Columbia & Poland should come through this one but suely JAPAN & SENEGAL will give it a go against these other unfancied teams?
If the winner comes from this Group then it would be a SHOCK even larger than DENMARK winning the EURO's when they weren't even in it Smile


Most will go for the USUAL SUSPECTS (and you can't blame them, it's logical) so SPAIN & BRAZIL, some will think FRANCE & GERMANY still have it in them to win this (they do! but i don't think they will)
ARGENTINA could take the tournament by storm but then get found out in the KO stages when the going gets tough.
I think this could be the World Cup in which ENGLAND finally show up again!!! and another slight outsider with on paper a super team in BELGIUM put it together.
A surprise final for sure should it happen but i could see one of them making it but it wouldn't shock me if both line up to ploay each other again in the final come the 15th of July.

RUSSIA will get through their easy group (how did that happen Wink) but they'll struggle to go any further...if they win this thing then something's up.

My Dark Horse is PERU but assuming they end up 2nd behind France they'll probably go no further than the LAST 16 but if somehow they can shock FRANCE (not impossible) and win the group and head into the easier? top half of the draw where they could meet Croatia in the LAST 16 rather than Argentina and then URUGUAY in the QF's there is an outside route for them to go deep into the tournament.


BELGIUM 2 (Hazard, Debruyne)
ENGLAND 2 (Kane, Sterling)

No winner after ET & England to shockingly win on PENALTIES (after everything that's been said about our failure in such's got to come GOOD one day right? just hope HARRY and Co have been practising & don't end up being LAZY and sending them down the middle!!! Arghh...if your a good penalty taker you should be able to slot it to the side of the GK rather than take a chance down the middle)

Will give it 2 weeks before i probably scrap everything i've said above Cry

But seriously...i truly & honestly think we will get a FAR BETTER showing from ENGLAND & BELGIUM this time & it will come as no surprise if one or the other win it...just hope it's us.

They'll be many games to discuss, many decisions to question & hopefully many more folks will chip in here during the i HOPE will be a LET's GO FOR IT one, with plenty of chances, goals, mazey runs & long distance spectacular goals (if rumours of the ball doing crazy things again it makes sense to have a go if you have a shot on)

DON'T GO OUT with a regrets, no fear.
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SPORTS Football Pre-World Cup Thoughts...still convinced...
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