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5 months ago  ::  09 Jun 18 11:12 AM #1
Paul C
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Hi Folks,

With the BIG Tourney starting on Thursday (that's unusual...normally Friday) this weekend was always going to be the one with the giveaway WORLD CUP WALLCHARTS.

Up early this morning...

Found 2 newspapers offering BIG GLOSSY Wallcharts, don't think i missed any?

Some newspapers do offer theirs on the SUNDAY (tomorrow) so may take a look at those also even though i don't buy too many papers thesedays, THIS & possible TOMORROW are the days to do so for FOOTIE FANS.

Thought i'd post early to give you good folks in the UK a chance to still get out there & get one (or in my case 2 Laughing i'm like a kid at this time)

The 2 on offer TODAY are from...

"Daily Mail" This is double sided (not all wallcharts in the past have been)
And on the BACK of this one is the information for England's previous World Cup progress (we generally do pretty well really with the Quarter Final stages the stage at which we exit the most...I HOPE NOT THIS TIME!!! who's playing where & when, pics of the stadiums (they look rather cool) and a list of previous winners.
The MAIN front section is a by the numbers type...well laid out, easy to follow & good.
Daily Mail paper cost £1.

The 2nd wallchart paper i spotted & my FAVOURIT by FAR is from...the good ol'

Again this is Double Sided, BIG & Glossy.
The back is BRILLIANT!!! the kind of thing i was HOPING for...
It's a POSTER of ARTWORK World Cup Footballing moments...showing TArdelli running away screaming (LOVE seeing this...the PASSION on this guys face...i want this from others including the ENGLAND players), Pickles the Dog Smile, Ray Houghton's fun, jokey roll, Ronaldo winking...damn winker Wink, Zidane's head butt to the chest (Ouch!), Gazza's tears, Suarz biting, Lampard head in hands (after that equailzer was ruled out against Germany which was so far over the line everyone but the refree saw it!) Maradona is here with his hand beating Shilt's Cry ONLY PART of this poster i don't like is the image in the bottom right hand corner...YUCK!
Absoultely BRILLIANT POSTER...and very different....LOVE IT....go get ya'self one.
On the MAIN front cover are your tables & sections to fill in, smaller than the Daily Mail's but that's to accomadate the fun graphics along the top half of it...
BIG NAME (Key Players) in the form of Russian Dolls making them look a little chubby (FUN IMAGE)

WONDERFUL Wallchart from THE SUN which cost 70 pence.

If you only choose 1 then it would have to be this but i would recommed you buy both as the Daily Mail has bigger sections to fill in (so this could be your main one) whilst the Sun's is more colourful & fun one for display (think i'll pin this up with the back poster instead)

HOPE this HELPS some of you folks in the UK.

Of course if you miss these there's always tomorrow (Sunday) which should see one or two others? STAR? MIRROR? EXPRESS? TIMES? or maybe they'll not be doing it this time?


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