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9 months ago  ::  01 Jul 18 07:00 PM #21
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spain go home..Yell unreal.. the worst match by them ive ever seen. lost all bankroll
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9 months ago  ::  01 Jul 18 07:26 PM #22
Paul C
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Aliaksandr i don't think anyone saw that coming.

It was clear Russia would try to frustrate Spain & they did it perfectly (and when you haven't got the quailty of players that Spain have & Russia having been derided as hopeless before the tournament, well, you just have to hand it to them)

Russia's gameplan WORKED, 

I didn't fancy Spain to win it but i too am shocked they didn't at least make the QF's (at least) & more likely a Semi Final place but that ticki tacka football with no END PRODUCT is now getting a little boring & some of their KEY PLAYERS are now a lot older...they'll need to rebuild, SORRY you lost your money Aliaksandr.

As Slim previously said...This is becoming the BEST WORLD CUP since perhaps ITALIA '90, it's fun, trouble free (i hold my hands that wrong..apologies to Russia) but more than that...IT'S ENTERTAINING & as Slim also said..

It's no wonder ENGLAND fans are now getting excited & dreaming of what could be with flags waving...if you had told the England Squad ALL these so called BIG NATION TEAMS would be out (HOLLAND & ITALY didn't even make it here! & then GERMANY, SPAIN, ARGENTINA, PORTUGAL all OUT before the QF's...Wow!) and that your route would be...

Last 16

Sweden or Switzerland

and a SEMI FINAL Opponent of possibly
Russia / Croatia or Denmark

To get to a WORLD CUP FINAL they'd have thought you were crazy!
I did have inkling about this changing of the guard...the same teams can't always keep winning this thing every 4 years & if England continue to play football as they did before that crazy 3rd 'B' Game they'll take some stopping getting there.

The likely BRAZIL v BELGIUM QF should provide one of the FINALISTS for one of these above as i'm still not convinced about FRANCE (there is a soft core at the centre of them it seems to me but it was a super performance against Argentina but the fact they only won by 1 goal in the end? you could read something into that!) & i'm hoping it's an England vs Belgium Final?

Back one of those two & i think we might have a WINNER?

GREAT WORLD CUP so far though i agree Slim,
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SPORTS Football World Cup 2018 Daily Bet PREDICTIONS
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