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5 days ago  ::  12 Jun 18 08:23 PM #1
Paul C
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Just 2 days away now.

So i'm guessing many of you will have some form of wager on these games (even the so called lesser games) as it makes them so much more interesting.

Let's see if we can't find WINNERS from the off (PLEASE join in if & when you like)

For my PREDICTIONS here (over the Tournament) i will mainly focus on my favourite type of bet (after match result accumulators) which are SCORECASTS

Many of the betting shops don't offer or make it difficult to find SCORECASTS with ANYTIME goalscorers to accompany getting the correct score but 888 & others online do.

Because i probably won't head here everyday i'll post 2 or 3 days worth of ideas on my likely bets.
These scorecasts which involves the CORRECT SCORE outcome of the match DOUBLED with a SCORER in the match (reduced odds for ANYTIME scorers but that's what i more often than not use if i believe there will be more than 1 goal in the game) which is why i normally make 2 or 3 different bets using this type...some with the same score & different scorers & vice versa.

So without further ado...

Here goes with my first batch of (likely?) SCORECAST Bets

THE WORLD CUP opens up on Thursday 14th JUNE at 4pm (UK time) with this blah of a 1st game (but i'll be betting on it to make things more interesting)

The Russians don't inspire & amazingly are the lowest rated side at this tournament so i am not expecting too much from it, luckily for them the Saudi's aren't much better but they have been scoring recently (the Saudi's have scored in 4 of their last 5 matches)

So a 1-1 or perhaps 2-1 win to Russia should interest many?

Russia are in poor form but the home crowd coupled with the fact that they really need to get off to a good start (a win) with EGYPT & URUGUAY to follow so mu pick is for a...

1-0 Russian win & SMOLOV as 1st goalscorer (NO NEED for ANYTIME picks here with only 1 goal perhaps in the match)
A 2-1 saver bet might also be a good idea? with the same SCORER.

The 2nd day (15th JUNE) sees a couple of games to interest me...

EGYPT v URUGUAY (the other teams in this Group A)

Had Salah played it might have been closer but assuming he doesn't make it for this game then it has to be a pick for URUGUAY surely? who have 3 wins, 1 draw & 1 loss from their last 5 games.
EGYPT without Salah are toothless, their current form is lost 3 drew 2 although one of them was with COLOMBIA.

Got to go with a 2-0 Uruguay win with CAVANI scoring ANYTIME as my SCORECAST.
Of course Suarez is a good replacement choice for Cavani (but Cavani has been on decent goalscoring form of late)

Also on the 15th...

The first of only a couple of truly BIG 'Group' GAMES (the other being England vs Belgium) but this one sees PORTUGAL take on SPAIN.
It's no secret that i found it amazing Portugal won the last Euro's, still have no idea how they did it? ok we all know how but it was flukey for me.

If both teams play to form then i can only see one winner (SPAIN) but i suppose you can't rule out a 1-1 with Ronaldo or Guedes most likely to score for them but i do think SPAIN will win this one.
The QUESTION is the SCORE? Spain's recent form isn't exactly earth shattering with 2 wins & 3 draws from their last 5 games but if there is a winner it is likely to be them.

SPAIN 2-1 for me with ISCO or COSTA as ANYTIME scorers.

SATURDAY the 16th of JUNE sees 3 interesting of which i may have a very close eye on should i go with it for my BIG Free Bet?

First up...


Not convinced by FRANCE & the Aussies can be tricky, France have been letting goals in too so a tight 2-1 to FRANCE with MBappe as ANYTIME goalscorer shouldn't be too far away?

The middle game of the day sees...


I think this is a close one to call & it does surprise me a little that DENMARK are made slight favourites for it by the bookies with PERU's current good form.

1-1 with Farfan or Carrillo (of PERU) as ANYTIME scorers is my pick but will i be brave enough or foolish enough to go for a 1-1 or even a basic draw with that bet?

By the time this one comes around i might have a lot more invested in it.

The Final game on the 16th sees a very intriguing one with...


Now whuch Argentina will turn up this time around?
Iceland have scored in 4 of their last 5 games, however they're form reads Won 1 Drew 1 Lost 3.

So my pick is for ARGENTINA to win 2-1 or 3-1 with MESSI or AGUERO to be favourites to score at ANYTIME.

I look forward to other people's suggestions.

Should be back here for a few picks from the 17th with the GERMANY vs MEXICO game looking the pick of this days games, an interesting 1st one in GROUP F.
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4 days ago  ::  14 Jun 18 12:42 AM #2
Paul C
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Well i'm back a little earlier than expected because i thought i would let you folks know WHERE my FREE $100 bet went?

Considered Harry Kane getting the 3 goals or more at odds on which would have won me $75

I have a strong fancy for a 1-1 draw in the Peru v Denmark but the draw was my favourite option at 11/5 so this would have won me $220 but like Ken i have this nagging feeling PERU might just edge this with Farfan & Carillo dangers.

So NONE of these.

I wonder if you can guess???

Well i'll be gutted if either of those above do happen because not being greedy i would have been happy with either the $75 or the $220 but the bet i choose does involve ENGLAND (although a last minute wobble almost had me chosing BELGIUM instead)

I just have a GOOD FEELING for ENGLAND this time around...

He seems to be a Good new manager & inventive & friendly one.

The Team seems happy, we quailfied from our group easily & remain unbeaten in 10 friendlies i think it is? and many of those friendlies were against the BEST TEAMS in THE WORLD.

We have 2 of the BEST World Class Players in HARRY KANE & STERLING & some VERY PROMISING YOUNGSTERS who just MIGHT fire at this tournament?

The climate should be fine for us.

And FINALLY, at long last i can see England playing a brand of EXCITING, keep ball but using it well & quickly to create chances in ANY GAME they play.

And so with that i have (according to most) made a bit of a gamble here...

$100 free Bet at 3-1 on ENGLAND to make not just the Q-Finals (as i was favouring which was 3/4 on) but i've gone for them to reach the SEMI-FINALS at 3-1 which would give me $300.

It's a gamble & i've GONE FOR i hope ENGLAND will, i still think they WILL win this WORLD CUP.

Of course if they WIN this Group (G) then it will more than likely mean that we would more than likely meet BRAZIL at the crucial QF Stage, so there is a little bit of me now hoping we end up 2nd in our group where if we get through the LAST 16 game we would face GERMANY in the Quarter's...this is a game i wholeheartily think we WOULD win.

The Brazil match? i can see us doing it but it's clearly more difficult.

WISH ME WELL i wish you with your bets.

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4 days ago  ::  14 Jun 18 11:33 AM #3
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Good luck Paul! Impressed that you've put your money where your mouth is ... not so sure I'd be able to do that

Still waiting to hear what's happening with my $50 bet, but will let you know when I get it and what I do with it.
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4 days ago  ::  14 Jun 18 12:27 PM #4
Paul C
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Thanks Jenny.

Yeah i've gone a little bolder than even i expected i the end i went with my feeling that England will have a good tournament (for the first time in about 20 years) but i acknowledge that i've gone one round further than i thought i'd put the bet on.

Well it's a bet that (with a little luck) should give me a good (and tense) run for my money.

Ken didn't let you down informing Sean & Sean's a good fellow also & he won't let you down either i'm sure.

It will be very interesting to see where you place it?

Ready for this afternoon? surely a Russian win? despite the poor form, you can almost see them getting a dodgy penalty (even with VAR Laughing)

Oh & of course i wouldn't be gutted with HARRY (Kane) getting more than 3 goals (only in respect of i seriously considered going with this what i feel is SAFE bet) i want HARRY to bang them in & get us to the SEMI's (at least) & help us win this thing & in so doing he wins the GOLDEN BOOT...anyone on Harry might get a good ride for their money if he perhaps bags a first England World Cup HAT-RICK since you know who? back in 1986 in Mexico...

It's about time we had another England Hat-rick (although i wouldn't rule out Mr Sterling either)

GL whatever you decide.
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2 days ago  ::  15 Jun 18 11:57 PM #5
grumpy (got me vajazzle back)
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germany v mexico both teams to score and costa rica v serbia both teams to score. double pays over 3 to 1. got the sweepstake correct the other day so got a few $$ to put on this.
a pair of melons beats anything
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13 hours ago  ::  17 Jun 18 11:47 AM #6
Paul C
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Good Morning Everyone...Enoying it?
Only been two truly boring matches (Morocco v Iran & Croatia v Nigeria) so not too bad.

It's Sunday the 17th June & we are half-way through the 1st Round Games Smile

Do you think we have seen the WINNER yet?

Well it's early days & many teams are edgy and games can be be tense at this point but NAH i don't we have, still not convinced by the likes of France & Argentina, Spain maybe?

I have won NOTHING so far...

Came close with the Uruguary prediction (they too were not convincing) getting the right score & one of the goalscorers (to score at ANYTIME in the game) is rather tricky but hopefully you eventually hit on a good odds pick that pays off? not yet though & we've already had surprises with Iran winning, France struggling to get past the Aussies & Argentina held by Iceland (these guys are becoming a FORCE)

The Peru v Denmark game interested me greatly as i STRONGLY fancied a draw (the Danes are known though for getting a point in these first games) as it turned out Denmark did even better than this with that BREAK-AWAY win...HOW DO THEY DO IT?

Anyone watching this game will already know that this was the most unjust result so far.

Peru had chances galore, a missed penalty, a fantastic back heel that came within inches of beating Schmichael & generally THEY WENT FOR IT...Denmark like Nigeria didn't & it was one of those games in which they got very lucky...SMASH & GRAB they call it, it happens & i felt for PERU & their fans.

The silver lining for me was that i did not place that big free bet on this outcome of a draw as i could see PERU nicking it...WHAT DO I KNOW?

It's my belief we are are about to see the winners in this 2nd half of the first round of games with the likes of GERMANY (yeah you can't discount them but i don't see them winning it, in fact if ENGLAND meet up with them in the QF i'd make ENGLAND favourites to make the SEMI's), England, Belgium & of course everyone's favourites BRAZIL.

And so here's my selective picks for the next 3 days...if you go with any GL, you'll need it Laughing

SUNDAY the 17th

Brazil 2-0 Switzerland (with Jesus at slightly better odds than Neymar so he's my pick)

Germany 2-0 Mexico (Werner) although a saver of 2-1 as with GRUMPY up there might not be a bad idea as Germany are not (in my opinion) the big force of old.

MONDAY the 18th of JUNE...and the start to the WINNERS campaign Wink

Belgium 3-0 Panama (Lukaku is the obvious choice but Hazard might be a bolder choice?)

Tunisia 0-2 England (Kane or Sterling) i am NOT taking Tunisia lightly, i hope England start well for a change & win their 1st match but these are the BEST RATED African side which is why i would have a fall back result of 0-1 to England & i'd be happy with that but of course i hope we HIT THE GROUND RUNNING (like Russia) and show our intent?
I am very optimistic but as it's our first game hopefully REALISTIC.

Tuesday 19th June

Colombia 2-1 Japan (Rodriquez) of course all these players in brackets are choices to score at ANYTIME during the match, it's the worst when you back a 1st Goalscorer & they score the 2nd or 3rd goal as you would not win...Odds are reduced for this but it gives you a better chance at winning, especially GOOD if you back a big scoring game or perhaps a SURPRISE result?

Poland 1-1 Senegal (Lewandowski will be favourite to score but perhaps try KONATE for Senegal to score at better odds if you think it will end a draw, 1-1?)

And finally for the 19th it's the first of the 2nd GROUP GAMES...and this is where some teams will need to go for it more & the EXCITEMENT should (hopefully) ramp up?

Russia 2-1 EGPYT
We saw very little from Egypt really in that Uruguay game & seeing how surprsingly well Russia played with some of the BEST GOALS so far in the tornament i'll go with them but will probably have a bet on SALAH to get a goal at some point & 2-1 sounds about right to me as Egypt should be fair better than the Saudi's here (especially as they know they need let's be honest a win)

Hope you WIN on one of these should you choose them?

As always get your picks in folks, i'm always about whay other folks pick.


BTW: is it worth a wager on ENGLAND to win 3-0 or 4-0 vs Tunisa & perhaps HARRY or RAHEEM to get a hat-trick in it Laughing maybe not, might save that one for PANAMA?
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13 hours ago  ::  17 Jun 18 12:04 PM #7
Paul C
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This is just a quick reply to say...

Please forgive me if at times my wording or english is not as it should be.

I make mistakes & have done so for a good few years on various forums & this is simply because i had a little problem some 8 or so years ago in which i was starved of Oxygen * it left me thankfully only these minor albeit annoying problems.

Ever since this my memory has not been as good as it was & my spelling & grammer is shot to bits but hopefully you good folk will get the gist of what it is i'm trying to say...even my speech sometimes comes out gobbledegook Laughing i know what i mean to say but it comes out different! strange...i have even been known to get my right wrong from my left!!!! blimey!

Only posted this as i could see a good few errors above & changing them all is a pain Cry something i hope i won't be in come Monday night.
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