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12 months ago  ::  13 Jun 18 12:07 PM #1
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Ive created a fantasy dream team league for world cup if any1 intrested in joining, only for fun  and bragging rights, its free 2 enter and u can create up 2 10 teams, i hav to so far ( The Frilly Fockers and Meet The Frilly Fockers ) there is cash prizes up 4 grabs when u reg with site...2 join my leauge pls go to                                                                                                                                                            If any1 joins,,best ov luck  Smile               
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12 months ago  ::  13 Jun 18 01:38 PM #2
Paul C
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Good Luck with it nuts.

But frankly i need the rest from Fantasy Football for awhile.
Just don't have the concentration for this right now, what with so many World Cup games about to hit us...i just want to bet, enjoy the football & be ENTERTAINED (hopefully by England)

Only thing i'm taking part in over the next month or so is my usual SUPER SIX Predictions (over at SKY) & that's all, but hopefully you'll find a few folk from here taking part.

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