SPORTS Football SPAIN sack their MANAGER...just 2 days before...
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Flag Paul C June 13, 2018 1:46 PM BST
WOW that's CRAZY!!!

This is heading back to the times when SPAIN where all in fighting & in disarray before finally getting it together to form a WORLD CUP / EURO winning Squad.

Aparantly the head of SPANISH Football did not like this national manager having already agreed to be REAL MADRID's manager whilst this tournament was about to start.

But these things happen thesedays...not ideal but this has surely made things worse?
How much worse we'll have to wait & see.
The Spainish players WANTED this manager to stay in control (been here for 2 years) so now they have a brand new manager JUST 2 DAYS before their 1st game with PORTUGAL.

It will have an effect in the negative you'd have thought? but how much 5%, 10? 20? 
The players are still the players AND they have come back to something like they were, still not in  GREAT FORM but would probably be in most people's TOP 4 to win this thing.

Very Interesting news for the other countries...Portugal for starters...but i'm liking ENGLAND & BELGIUM's chances even more with this news.

Incredible really...ah the WORLD CUP Laughing
Flag Mark June 16, 2018 3:47 PM BST

The Madrid presentation was priceless.  First time I seen a manager cry at presentation.  Serves him right though as he showed a total lack lof respect or professionalism by not informing the FA. 

There should be a full audit carried out by officials into Real Madrids affairs such as finances and transfers.  I have never seen a more arrogant person in football than the Real President and he should be ashamed of himself for the position he put the manager and the national team in.

Fair play to Zidane who was clever enough to know when to get out and leave with his head held high before Perez had a chance to chop it off.

Flag Paul C June 17, 2018 10:47 AM BST
Good points John (as always)

Rules & how people conduct themselves in football seem to have changed a lot thesedays, of course a lot of it concerns politics & money unfortunately.

Was he wise in not informing the Spainish FA? of course not, silly really but this will have upset the players, i had Spain to win this match, now it could be argued with the talent (on the night) of Ronaldo it was he & not this that brought about the 3-3 result but in the short term (over the course of this competition) i think it might make enough of a difference to affect this Spain set-up enough to make the difference.

Could be good for the likes of ENgland, Belgium, France, Argentina & Brazil.
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SPORTS Football SPAIN sack their MANAGER...just 2 days before...
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