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8 months ago  ::  02 Jul 18 06:14 PM #1
Paul C
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A good & expected win for Brazil.

But NOTHING that should scare Begium, France or England.

Part of the reason for the NEYMAR Effect.

BRAZIL are nothing like the sides of old, the be afraid effect is no more (we have the History & the Shirts but if your SCARED by those then it's time to pack up & go home now!)

They're a GOOD side with GOOD players.

But is the Neymar effect stopping them from being a very GOOD TEAM?
For me he is not in the same class as a MESSI or RONALDO & as for ZICO & PELE? don't make me laugh but it was lovely to see that over-head piece of skill he created in that corner flag area in the previous game.

Personally for me, after having seen all the Brazil matches, i feel it's the NEYMAR show (even though he's still not up to speed & probable full fitness after that injury before the tournament, even more need to concentrate on the team you'd have thought?)

Neymar is looking for the worldy goal...something to remember! LOVE that kinda thing but he's seems to be doing it all the time!
Some (including myself) have said Jesus & Coutinho are more talented than he? but Jesus looks like he's been ordered to seek out Neymar at all costs!!! 

Brazil are in danger of becoming an Argentina or a Portugal...No not a one man team like them but but playing with him in mind ALL the TIME!

This is a World Class team but they're not yet really playing like it from what i've seen.

The likes of Fernandino (incredible anchoring role at City last season) but who is not starting games for Brazil, Coutinho he's trying but even he seems aware that Neymar is the supposed BIG DEAL? as for Jesus i can but only smile...NO GOALS (yet) & 9/10 he'll be looking for Neymar even when he has the better chance, he seems shackled?
Poor Firminho (excellent for Liverpool) also seems to struggle to be make the starting line-up, perhaps understandably with Jesus & Neymar.

Just watched this Last 16 with MEXICO...they did enough! 

Perhaps that's what BRAZIL does now?
But they're nothing like the Brazil of old.

Would be shocked if Belgium head home tonight & i expect to see Belgium dump Brazil out of this tournament...that may be a  tight game? it may be a surprising scoreline but Belgium's 'A' side have more recently been trying to play like the Brazil of old (as have England to their credit)

A GO for IT attitude is VERY REFRESHING..perhaps France are beginning to see that too?

I simply cannot believe England's side of the draw now...

The Premiership is probably THE BEST LEAGUE in the WORLD?

And we are now trying to play the Premiership way...QUICK TEMPO, winning the ball back quicker, playing out from the back but not giving it away. hustling & getting those crosses in & balls in to our strikers...we are creating chances (might not always be putting them away but at least there are chances)

I had hoped we would get into this side of the draw but never imagined it would LOOK LIKE THIS!

If England are as GOOD as i think they are with players from TOP CLUBS such as Manchester City (Walker, Stones, Sterling), Manchester United (Lingard & Rashford) & Tottenham (Alli, Tripper & KANE) that's a hell of a good set of players right there!!!

NO CHANCE may well turn out like that but they will NEVER, EVER have a BETTER Route to the FINAL & Brazil & Neymar are not the team i fear!

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