SPORTS Football LOVING this 'Go For It' WORLD CUP
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8 months ago  ::  02 Jul 18 09:52 PM #1
Paul C
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What a GAME!

And it ALL turned on that header & it actually looked like he tried for it but how fortunate was that? but from here on in it all changed.

Nothing but PRAISE for JAPAN for GOING for it with thought & precision & it so nearly paid off.

Yes they perhaps were a little naive going for it with so many players for that last minute corner but it still needed Belguim's own precision to excute that brilliantly calm last minute breakaway & shock them but hats off to Japan for trying to win it in that last minute.

If England are to go out? then this is the way i would hope it will be like & not the damp squib of a match with Iceland in which after that Rooney leading goal they never got another shot on Iceland's goal.

Had this game gone on for another 10 minutes or so perhaps Belgium don't get back into it from 0-2 down but it's the what if's & maybe's.

I was ready for the HA HA's (not sure you folks are like that? but hey i'm a big boy i can take it if that's how you go?) BELGIUM are no longer in the tournament & to be fair it looked very much like that a few minutes into the second half.

BELGIUM...Could it be that their Name is on the Trophy? FATE? Hope not (but they are my 2nd pick for obvious CITY reasons & the fact i like LUKAKU as a guy)

I'm sticking with my guns & going for a BELGIUM v ENGLAND Final & if you thought i was LOVING THE HELL out of this WORLD CUP Tournament already, if that happens i think i'll have to have a defibulator at the side of me for such a match!


How do Colombia cope with ENGLAND's pace? do they even try?

Would love to see an OPEN attack, we attack...if THAT happens (i think) ENGLAND wins!

If COLOMBIA go defensive (i really hope not) then they COULD beat England with those tactics but i couldn't cope with Extra Time & Penalties at this early stage so regardless of which tactics Colombia adopts i think England will have too much for Colombia & i am predicting (i know i really shouldn't after what we've seen at this WORLD CUP) an England win by 3-0 or 3-1 & with Lukaku the only striker now likely to beat Harry? (Mbappe & Neymar shout some! maybe!) to the GOLDEN BOOT i can see KANE getting at least one goal with others from Sterling & let's go for another for Stones from a corner?

But the way this World Cup is going you never know.

FOOTBALL is WINNING this time by teams GOING FOR IT & if England do that & Lose (at any point i'm OK with that but could you please try not to lose until at least the SEMI's Wink)

I still have ENGLAND winning this thing...Nothing has changed my mind.
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SPORTS Football LOVING this 'Go For It' WORLD CUP
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