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Switch to Forum Live View ENGLAND vs SWEDEN is it really COMING HOME?
9 months ago  ::  07 Jul 18 08:12 PM #1
Paul C
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I don't know if my predictions will come true? but i did put my money where my mouth was this time around, just felt things were different this time, we played well in qualifying, lost none of the friendlies to so called BIG TEAMS & although i like BIG SAM his era of management is on the wain so what he did to be fired as England manager has become a HUGE BLESSING in DISGUISE.

SOUTHGATE is making this FUN for the Media, the Players & Us.

It's funny to see some of the ex players who didn't give England a chance now saying they have every chance Laughing

Maybe somehow i remember this happening before somehow? maybe i'm a TIME TRAVELLER Wink maybe that ENGLAND vs BELGIUM Final does not come about but if you were to ask me now i'd say there's every chance this will now happen.

Thankfully that FREE BET PAID OFF...Thank-You 888 & Sean for doing this (from 888 Fantasy Football League) should KANE win Golden Boot, Enlgand & Belgium make the final & England then somehow manage to beat Belgium in the FINAL more pennies will be heading my way.

As for this QF match?

It went about how i figured & hoped it would...on Paper i think this was a 60/40 game in favour of England (would have been BIGGER in our favour if ONLY for the HISTORY between us & Sweden...more often than not they're tight with many such WC & EURO matches ending a draw)

No CHANGES from manager SOUTHGATE was GUTSY & to be applauded (i'd have made changes similar to those mentioned by FERDINAND on BBC1) but he's clearly happy with WALKER in that position & ALLI & STERLING...well Sterling should have laid it on for a plate for HARRY KANE but was greedy but you still get the feeling he's got an EPIC Goal Scoring game in him?
As for ALLI...gutsy call that paid off (big fan of Alli but he's been shocking & wasn't a great deal better here apart from the goal, expected Loftus Cheek to tak his place but good on him for keeping the collective)

It worked we WON & DESERVEDLY won...MOMENTUM & Good Will is with ENGLAND.

Although i think some England fans like i would have been very worried by ENGLAND'S Performance in that first 30 minutes which was abysmal & almost as bad as that ICELAND match.

We thankfully improved just before HT & than Southgate clearly got into them a bit.
A QF with a SF place at stake & we were passing it back & to the side & just NOT getting those dangerous crosses in & balls through to KANE when we should have.
THIS CHANGED in the 2nd half...a brilliant performance & a HERO is born in both PICKFORD (Great SAVES!!!) & McGUIRE who as seen is a HUGE THREAT from Corners & Free-Kicks & a Man Mountain back in DEFENCE (but one who is FAIR)


Watching the RUSSIA v CROATIA QF and there really shouldn't be too much to concern ENGLAND.

As for the other Semi-Final?
France v Belgium.
It's not a done thing? unless i really am a Time Traveller or have lived this life before Wink yup maybe we do all come back to relive it all again? who knows but i had STRONG feelings for a BELGIUM v ENGLAND final from the START wouldn't it be weird if that's what happens?
Well i do favour Belgium as you know Laughing but ONLY to reach the FINAL...there i think maybe? perhaps? possibly ENGLAND gain revenge over them & win again over Belgium (we have VERY GOOD past HISTORY playing Belgium)

Should that final happen?
It could be a one of your very BEST (Top Notch) PREMIERSHIP MATCHES.

Well most of Belgian's player do play in this league.

LOVED this WORLD to remember but i hope my Predicition of ENGLAND winning the thing now comes to fruition (i think it will...this is a TEAM that looks like they're going to create HISTORY)

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9 months ago  ::  09 Jul 18 04:16 PM #2
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Well done on your free bet coming good, Paul!

I can see England beating Croatia but not sure how we/they will do against France or Belgium. Enjoying the whole tourney though. Watched the England v Colombia game on the big screens in the Aria in Vegas - not a bad atmosphere with England and Colombia fans there.

Not heard anything about my $50 free bet, so I guess I'm not getting it.
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9 months ago  ::  09 Jul 18 06:30 PM #3
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Wow im buzzing at the mo. As i said before this has been the best world cup that i have seen.
Great games and the whole country is on a high as England go deeper in the tournament.
The only down side to it is that i havent been playing much poker.
I am looking forward to 2mo game which should be a cracker. And Wednesday cant come quick enough for me, i have booked the afternoon off so i can get down the pub early and get in the party spirit. Im going for a tight game 1-1 and then we get a goal in the 2nd period.

Hopefully they sort out your $50 Jen. And hopefully you are correct Paul.
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9 months ago  ::  09 Jul 18 09:02 PM #4
Paul C
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Status: I would like to VIST the planet 'PLUTO' :)
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YESSSS Loving you folks enthusiasm.

Thanks Jenny...delighted with that win...hoping a good few more that i made come good?

Sorry (and somewhat surprised) that free $50 bet was not sorted in time for this tournament but as Slim said i'm sure Ken & Sean will sort this out for you sooner or later.

WOW! Watching an England game in VEGA$ that would be surreal to me.
Glad your enjoying it Jenny...KEEP THE FAITH...Will post my thoughts on BOTH semi finals in a seperate post (no awards for guessing which way i go for BOTH but i'll give some of my reasons there) of course football can surprise so perhaps we'll have a FRANCE v CROATIA Final but i think you folks know which way i think it'll go by now Wink

Buzzing is the word SLIM i think the whole country have taken a BIG HAPPY PILL.
Gareth Southgate you delightful fella...a credit to England, the UK, THE UNIVERSE Smile

Yes slim i think Poker has been put on the backburner somewhat during this tourney, the 1st WC i can remember is the 1978 Argentina one...remember my parents allowing me to stay up late for a good number of matches...remember the classic Argie kit & Kempes & co getting the goals needed vs Peru, Archie Gemmil's WONDER GOAL but it was up to this point ITALIA '90 that has ALWAYS (and always will) stay with it progressed WE SHOULD have won this one (along with our home tourney in EURO '96)
Let's hope the FOOTBALLING GODS are shining on us?

If we reach the FINAL or win it i can see the newspaper HEADLINE...simplistic but says it all i think...

"FINALLY!!!" 3 exclamation marks for the 3 lions Laughing

We really should have been in another final by now & some might think THIS IS IT!
I love the 3 Lions SONG but it would be nice to put it to be bed & regard it as NOSTALGIA right? i
It won't be easy to be sure but we must at least make the FINAL for only the 2nd time.

This having been said...i am ENCOURAGED by ALL our ENGLAND Under teams U-17s, U19's 7 U21's i think ALL 3 of these at this point are WORLD CHAMPIONS so why not add the SENIOR side to this...even the fantastic WOMEN'S ENGLAND TEAM went tragically close with their Semi-final.

YES win it if we can?

But if we don't (just so long as we don't go down NOT fighting, running & shooting on sight) then just LOOK at this lot above here...we have the BEST YOUNGSTERS in the WORLD & a SENIOR England manager who knows the set-up & won't be afraid to use them...

PHIL FODEN & SESEGNON just 2 for starters.

I think & hope a GOOD ERA is around the corner for ENGLAND but let's hope it STARTS here?
It already has but let's not end it again at the SEMI-FINALS stage.

EXCITED beyond belief.

FEEL like hugging the whole damn lot of you Kiss

I have a decent 1/1 size replica of the WORLD CUP & i've had everyone & his dog rubbing it for luck...IT SEEMS TO BE PAYING OFF...

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