SPORTS Football FRANCE vs BELGIUM Semi-Final 1 (Thoughts)
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9 months ago  ::  09 Jul 18 10:02 PM #1
Paul C
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I think most would have expected France to come through their GROUP (C) although i was not not totally convinced by them after these group games (but hey they did what they needed to do right?)

I'll be honest & say i didn't fancy FRANCE & thought they would exit at either the LAST 16 or QF stage so whilst others are not surprised i have to say i am that they are here in this first Semi-Final & in with a great chance of making the FINAL.

But will they?

They are capable of course but i just can't see it.
I've thought BELGIUM would make the FINAL from the start & i still do.

Belgium didn't struggle as much in their GROUP (G) but let's be honest it was a lot easier!
They fielded a weakened side against England (who did the same) but SURPRISINGLY (for me) won it...i have never REJOICED so much & so wanted ENGLAND to lose a match EVER!!!
To their credit both Martinez & Southgate tried to win this RESERVE game but to this day i still don't know why?, England are not quiet the finished article but they're getting there so i was grateful for this result as finshing 2nd in the group gave us our best chance in years of going all the way to the final (of course no one quiet expected all the BIG NATIONS to drop out) so of ALL the sides in this tournament BELGIUM (for me) have been the BEST & STRONGEST (just ahead of England)

LAST 16 
Against JAPAN well wasn't that an AMAZING Game?
JAPAN...Hats off to YOU, utterly BRILLIANT Game Plan & that header changed EVERYTHING!
But you have got to hand it to Belgium as with only 20 or so minutes to go they came from 0-2 down to win this one 3-2.

QF vs Brazil.
i listened to each & everyone of the pundits on the BBC & ITV which without exception went for a Brazil win.
It was on paper a very tight 50/50 game so perhaps these ex pro's were once again going with the HISTORY & the Colours of the Shirts (you'd be surprised!) but for me this is not an EPIC Brazilian side...good players? yes COUTNINHO, NEYMAR & JESUS but unbeatable? certainly not (saw enough clues in the England friendly i think)
But not one of them could see that Belgium on paper had players every bit as good (if not on their day better than Brazil' it turned out)
That 2-1 win MUST give them GREAT CONFIDENCE as Brazil were the Favourites.

So now these two sides meet...


And France are STRONG Favourites & i just don't get it that they are such strong favourites?
they beat Argentina but at the end there they were jittery, saw off Uruguay fair enough (although that Griezmann goal was incredibly LUCKY & Cavani did not play against them)

If we match up the teams i can see only 1 winner (famous last words) of course matches are never won on paper but let's take a look...

France for me have perhaps ONLY 3 truly VERY GOOD (some might say WORLD CLASS Players?) those 3 being?
MBAPPE (young but already showing more promise than POGBA)
& KANTE (gives his all each & every game but truly World Class?)
World Class at this point may be pushing it?

There's also the mentioned POGBA of course (some think him World Class? i don't, for me he's over-rated & simply a good player who sometimes has a stunning game)
GIROUD is perhaps someone who is a little under-rated?
And we might include DEMBELE? as a danger?

For me FRANCE have a soft belly...they can turn it on but very rarely seem to do so & even when they do they are capable of being pegged back.

Compare these above with the BELGIUM's STAR Players?

VERMAELEN, ALDERWEIRELD & KOMPANY (back in TOP FORM) look like a SOLID DEFENCE to me (i get they conceded goals to TUNISIA in the group game & those two against Japan but there was always a chance of Brazil scoring) but this group seem to be getting STRONGER like ENGLAND's defence.

FELLANINI can bully & torment as much if not MORE than POGBA...he's not as good a footballer player of course but he probably creates more DANGER in a match than he?

The MAGIC 3 & it could be ARGUED ALL 3 are truly WORLD CLASS?
i think they are...
& LUKAKU (felt a little sorry for him at United under Mourinho)

Could be tight?
Wouldn't surprise most i guess if it goes to Extra Time or perhaps even Penalties? but i just can't see it.

I expect BELGIUM to come out of the blocks going for this & an early goal would for BELGIUM would be most interesting as it would mean FRANCE could get caught on the counter-attack & for this reason & better quailty of players i'm going for Belgium BIG TIME.

Favoured PREDICTION SCORES are for 2-0 or 3-1 wins to BELGIUM.

I think there will be goals but wouldn't be surprised if it ended 1-0 or 2-1 to them too.

I can see Belgium keeping a clean sheet here? but if not i can't see France scoring more than one against them.

1st GOAL SCORER Scorecasts with some INCREDIBLE ODDS that might interest some of you?

LUKAKU & 2-0 is 45-1
LUKAKU & 3-1 is a whopping 100-1 & i can see this happening (can see Belgium leading 2-1 going into the final 20 minutes or so & France having to go for it getting caught on the break by any of those 3 star players making it 3-1)
a $1 bet on Lukaku scoring first & it ending 3-1 would pay a delightful $100 to you.
Yes i'm on both of these.


HAZARD 2-0 at a massive 70-1
& HAZARD 3-1 at a frankly incredible 150-1 (don't forget he takes the penalties not Lukaku i think?) but these are prices which mean HAZARD would have to score the 1st goal

Which is why another batch of SCORECASTS are recommended with HAZARD scoring ANYTIME.
HAZARD (ANYTIME) 2-0 is 40-1 & that 3-1 which i favour is 50-1 for him to score one of these goals.

Some will see this as a tight game...and it might well be with the importance of such a game but i can see GOALS & FRANCE being outgunned.

Hopefulyl a GREAT match?

LOOKING forward to this one. 
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9 months ago  ::  10 Jul 18 05:30 PM #2
grumpy (got me vajazzle back)
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I think this game has every  chance as being as good as the spain portugal game. I'd go with a high scoring game with 4 plus goals 
a pair of melons beats anything
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9 months ago  ::  11 Jul 18 01:59 PM #3
Paul C
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Well grumpy i would have agreed with ya before the match.

In the end i guess it was the enormity of the match...both trying to reach a WC FINAL will do this...that ruled that this would (sadly) not be a very good game & so it proved.
I found it one of the more disappointing games at this WC & one that will not be fondly remembered.

Some decent performances here & there....a few chances from both teams & one set piece winner winning it for France!!! still not sure how they've got there!

Belgium for me edged the performance but really i expected a LOT MORE from them...

This was their WHAT IF moment...They had a chance to take the bull by the horns & go for it but in the end i think i & many were left wondering where was that Belgium side that blew away Brazil in the first half of that match?

Had that Belgium turned up they would have beaten France but hey you've got to hand it to France...their game plan worked here but should England make it to the FINAL against them i would be truly shocked if England didn't give them all kinds of problems.

Those Belgian players will know this was a wasted chance!
It also ended my prediction of Belgium making the final...ah well, they got as close as you can get to making a FINAL & so it's now over to England?
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SPORTS Football FRANCE vs BELGIUM Semi-Final 1 (Thoughts)
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