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10 months ago  ::  08 Aug 18 11:35 PM #1
Paul C
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I'll pick my Top 5 predictions at the end at the end of this (no reall's simply where they will finish?) & i'll have a go at choosing the 3 that might get relegated (which this season looks like it could be the most difficult choice of all...seriously i make it almost half of the teams will be fighting to stay in this league)


MANCHESTER CITY first (i hope i'll be saying that again at the end of the season)
Guardy has done little (if anything? wrong) the style of play is EXCITING & almost DREAM like.
As a CITY fan since birth it is like a dream come true but what makes it so is the way we are playing FOOTBALL...Kevin Keegan style but with an eye on our defensive duties.
We are strong favourites, will we win it again & do something very few sides have ever done?
I'll keep ya waiting Wink

It says they finished runners up last year but i think we all feel they shouldn't have, that run in the Champions League for Liverpool helped them (along with that luck)
But how will they cope this time?
They have enough good (if not great) players to be a danger but i just can't see them winning it.
Top 4? Champions League spot & a cup run/win is probably as good as it will get for them (to a City fan some 10-15 years ago i'd have bitten your hand off for that) United fans will not be too happy again i think this year & it's mainly down to MOAN-RINHO who's already sulky & playing down his chances...and we haven't even started yet!
Thank-God Benetiz or someone of this elk isn't in charge of United i'd be more concerned.
Mourinho will wind everyone up's sad, i don't get it, he's not a bad manager (record shows this) but he's just not a happy, encouraging manager & it shows!
Every chance he goes at some point if they hit a bad patch?

They are well & truly back.
Are they quiet there yet? time will tell...many will tell you they NEEDED a Goalkeeper (a good one) & it looks like they've got one! but 70 million+ well if he helps deliever the Premiership you can't argue.
They have also picked up a good few other players which i can see will strengthen them.
Without a shadow of a doubt a BIG, HUGE, DANGER to CITY.

I think Spurs fans will be a little concerned (HAPPY but concerned) as i write this i can't recall ANY signings!!! never mind any good high profile game changing signings.
That having been said they have a good first 11 but why Pochetinho has not been given funds to try & get to the next level & challenge CITY like Liverpool or United is beyond me.
Rumours BALE might return (that would have been interesting) but that seems to be a no goer so i suppose we can expect the same from them...a good season but not winners.
TOP 4? 
Due to the non signings that could be in the balance...but if i had to choose i'd say 3rd (just)

And now we come to the 2 sides which i think could be the most interesting to see how they go? and what happens with them?

A good sway of gunners fans got their wish...that SUPERB manager & DECENT man (Arsene Wenger) is no fairness he should have chosen to go a year or two ago but he will still go down as a PREMIERSHIP GREAT MANAGER.
Will they go better now he's gone or will Arsenal descend even further?
The fact the club could soon be owned by just one man i think could bring GOOD FORTUNE to this club.
The team has some good players but they need much better & they might get them (perhaps not before this deal is done? but it's coming)
Only a matter of time before ARSENAL return to being ultra competitive & a DANGER but this year? probably not but can see them doing better.

This for me is the real interesting one...
Is the keeper on his way?
Is Hazard going too? i think he's had enough & wants to leave, but will they let him?
CONTI has gone (what's new for a Chelsea manager) but will the new guy do better?
Again they have good players but when compared to those of CITY's & LIVERPOOL you get the feeling they are treading water.
Will Ross Barkley feature for them??? nah i don't think so either, who has this once upon a time England prospect in their Fantasy League side?
Who would you say are in better shape heading into this Premiership season...
It's almost as interesting as the duel between CITY & the POOL.

Is this the season this side finally come good?
This is not a side that should be coming close to getting relegated & i LOVE the signing of Jack Wilshire (IF??? he can find that early Arsenal form) a player i liked but he's not been the same for a good while (Looked fit in the recent pictures though so GOOD LUCK to the fella)
IF??? he can get on the ball & back to something like that Arsneal form he could help West Ham go close to EUROPA Qualification.

I just have no idea...except perhaps expect to see what we've seen from Everton over the years, i feel for them a little as they have been something akin to what CITY were some 10 or so years ago...another side treading water, hoping to make the EUROPA LEAGUE places but secretly hoping they don't have a disaster of a season & go down? they won't but i don't expect a Europa place either.

Damn SHAME this...i say it every year now...nothing changes!
I have so much sympathy for this side (sorry Ken if your reading...know your a Sunderland fan & they're your rivals, still can't believe your in tier 3 but a good late win last week...but i do) & their FANS.
How amazingly (almost unbelievably) LOYAL is BENITEZ.
I can't quiet believe that he keeps TRUSTING his chairman to provide the funds needed just to keep them in the TOP HALF.
He thought he'd get a much better shopping budget again this year but it's down to the pound shops again for him (well those that are still open Smile)
BENITEZ is a TOP 4 side manager.
NEWCASTLE have a BOTTOM 3 side owner.
When they got promoted i figured THAT PROMISE Benitez was given would be honoured but it clearly wasn't...they got to the Premiership but didn't strengthen the side too much & yet finished half way up in their first year back.
What now?
I see them as one of those 10 sides that will be battling it out to stay out of those bottom 3 positions come the last day of the season.
Think they'll be ok but they'll be little for their deserving fans to cheer on.
Hope he sells up & that Newcastle are giving the funding in this Footbal rich world to give it a go.
Remember the good old attacking KEEGAN sides (he thought nothing of defence...well not too much...LOVE IT) this side can't do this but i hope for them that those days will return.
A good NEWCASTLE side enhances the Premiership i think.
MORE REGIONAL TEAMS the better rather than  yet more LONDON or North West sides, hopefully the likes of NOTTINGHAM FOREST, VILLA, WBA & COVENTRY from the MIDLANDS will return to the big time soon too.

Speaking of the MIDLANDS...

Congrats to WOLVES.
They pretty much dominated the Championship last season & should have enough about them to avoid relegation from what i saw but it's a step up for them...i'll take them to be one of the promoted sides to survive but it won't be as easy as some of the bookies are saying!
Some have Wolves finishing higher than 10th which in their first season back would be some going...wish 'em well.

Wish all the sides well but some have to win & some lose & will be relegated BUT WHO?

Time to stick my head up above the parapit (is that the saying? my memory is shocking thesedays)


You could pick 10 (perhaps even a few more?) that might go down.
This could be one hell of a battle to avoid losing the money & their Premiership status (the RICHEST League in the World)

Any one of...
Bournemouth, Brighton, Cardiff, Fulham, Huddersfield, Leicester? oohh controversial? will explain (should Schmichael & Macguire go i would include them in this list of 10 although with Vardy & Ichanacho upfront it's unlikely), Newcastle, Southampton, Watford, Wolves & Manchester United (ONLY JOKING...even if Moan-rinho gets them all upset & playing poorly they're still not a side capable of finishing in the bottom 3 Innocent)

So of those...
I like Bornemouth & their manager, same goes for Brighton & Leicester will be ok too.
I also like Southampton although i'm not sure about them? should be ok?
Newcastle? i hope & expect them to stay up thanks to Benitez but WOW what he could do given some BIG adventurous MONEY.
Wolves played superbly last year & may well end up close to half way up the league so that leaves FOUR...
17) FULHAM Sessignon might be the difference?
18) HUDDERSIELD...did wonders to get promoted & stay a season
19) WATFORD...teams such as Watford normally get a number of seasons then go, time up?
20) CARDIFF...had a great run with this old timer manager WARNOCK but i think those other teams experience in the premiership will have it's weight in gold.

Feel free to come back at the end of the season to rib me on how wrond i was & how MANCHESTER UNITED did self combust & went down (even with Sanchez, Rashford, Lukaku et al) would be SOME STORY huh? Laughing


1) LIVERPOOL....Seriously, that caught you out i bet?
They are ticking, there is a FEEL GOOD FACTOR here the likes of which we remember in the 1970's & 80's.
I think they'll make this competition their priority & coupled with City prehaps taking their eye of the ball when it comes to those Champions League days might just make the difference but it will be CLOSE i think...far far closer than last season (HOPE NOT)
Just got a feeling they'll get there but they'll probably have to beat CITY home & away to do so.

City should win it, on paper we should.
Our stikers (what few out & out one's we have) are better than POOL's of which Firminho is their main danger man upfront but Aguero & Jesus (for me) are much better, yet lose one of these? & Aguero does get some injuries thesedays then it becomes a little more even but even then CITY's midfield is one would say a good deal better...

DeBruyne, Sterling, Sane, Mahrez, D, Silva, B.Silva, Fernandinho, Gungadan, FODEN (this kid is going to be a star for both City & England) but we also have another kid to go with him that could be just as good...his name eludes me right now though (sorry)
Compare this with SALAH (the BIG thing last season) MANE, HENDERSON, MILNER & SHAQUIRI & co & it's clear they are no match for the group above.

So why City Runners Up?
I hope i am wrong but it's because i think Guardy will be going ALL OUT (with a somewhat weaker Real / Barcelona & ageing Bayern) to WIN the CHAMPIONS League.
CITY have never really, truly come too close to it but with this side they have every chance & i think he will make this competition a priority with the owners blessing.
That's my reason...well that & Liverpool (at this moment) are MORE than the sum of their parts (or players)
Two very attacking FUN sides to could be the closest Title Race for some time.

Hoping CITY win both this & the Champions League but winning a second championship in a row is very difficult.

This is one occasion in which i HOPE i am wrong but i think LIVERPOOL's TIME might have come around again.

Thanks to their first 11...KANE may well start slowly (as usual) & to be fair their opening games are not the easiest but he'll get into his stride.
Expect & hope for ALLI to turn it on again, Tripper could well kick on from the WORLD CUP Performances, Erikksen is always a threat, SON is a player United would die for (he's more of a THREAT than POGBA)
So here's a question for you folks out there...
Would you keep POGBA or swap him for SON?
You know where i stand on Pogba, he's a good player, no doubt but Mourniho is NOT getting the best from him & even if another manager came in & did he's not way ahead of SON.
Spurs should finish in the Top 4 i have them to just about edge out one of the other BIG London sides but which?

Things seem to be heading in a direction MOST Arsenal fans are happy with.
The club will be owned by just 1 person...makes things easier for them.
They have a new manager in after perhaps stagnating for a while under the SUPERB Arsene Wenger.
Pre-Season Frienly results have been encouraging (not always an indicator i know) which in this case with everything else that's been going on is a GOOD SIGN?
Also, i do think they got some good players in last season & they should now be settled.
OZIL is interesting? looks to be staying & Arsenal have backed him, i wonder if he will have one of those seasons from a few years ago?

I know that's a bold choice placing Arsenal above United when United probably do have the better players for the most part.
But i don't know about you?
But i get the feeling UNITED are going to BLOW UP!!!
I know some United fans & they are NOT HAPPY even after finishing 2nd (how they managed that last season was a mini miracle Innocent a chance for the halo emoji i could not resist Laughing)
2nd is surely out of the question?
Tottenham are a more attacking better team so i'm going for them 3rd.
And although on paper United should over the season top Arsenal (for the mo) you get the feeling there are BAD VIBES over there at United.

Let me make this clear...i am NO United hater, although it was tough in the Fergie years, i even supported them in the EUROPA Final (happy to support ANY GB team in Europe) but with Mourniho in charge it's CHANGED them.
They are no longer the ULTRA DANGEROUS ATTACKING Team of old...even if they go 2-0 up you get the feeling you have a chance getting back against them (NEVER with a FERGIE Side speaking of whicj GREAT NEWS to hear Fergie's getting BETTER & is back HOME...wish him well...without a DOUBT the BEST MANAGER EVER!)

I do think UNITED will be safe from RELEGATION though Cry

To be's still likely they'll make the TOP 4 but they've got more of a BATTLE on their hands this time i think.

Who for that 6th EUROPA LEAGUE Spot?

Would it surprise you if i said WEST HAM? come on JACK WILSHIRE get back to your best.
You'll need to if you want to keep FODEN out but he's capable & if he does WH might go close?

If this season is ANYTHING...ANYTHING close to LAST SEASON then we're in for a TREAT of FOOTBALL again!


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10 months ago  ::  08 Aug 18 11:37 PM #2
Paul C
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BTW Ken...

Does this count as my 4 postings for the MONTH? Laughing
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10 months ago  ::  12 Aug 18 03:15 PM #3
grumpy (got me vajazzle back)
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will be interesting to see how burnley will get on if they qualify for the europa league. they have the second leg next week after a 0-0 in turkey. no team likes playing thursday/sunday. 
a pair of melons beats anything
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10 months ago  ::  13 Aug 18 08:47 PM #4
Paul C
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Not a bad 1st Leg result Grumpy but damn NO AWAY GOAL....Arghhh.

Good performance by JOE HART to be fair.

They should be ok but your right it's not useful for Burnley to be playing these kind of games so early in the season.

Wish them well qualifying for this Europa League...there could be some EPIC European nights just around the corner for them if lucky with the draw?
It will affect they're Premiership form as they're just not set up for such things but if any manager can cope it's this guy (Dyche) who i think most neutral fans like...a no nonsense tell it as it is type manager.

Don't think Burnley will go down or be in any real danger of doing so but i'd be very surprised if they finish in a similar position this time around...Half-Way would be impressive.
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10 months ago  ::  18 Aug 18 06:42 PM #5
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08 Aug 18 05:37 PM , Paul C wrote:

BTW Ken...

Does this count as my 4 postings for the MONTH? Laughing

LOL Paul    4 it is

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10 months ago  ::  23 Aug 18 02:09 AM #6
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Your City team looking good again Paul but Liverpool will come close I think.  Klopp has done good business and shown everyone why creating a winning team is a project that takes time.  As a Utd fan this is obviously the worst possible scenario for me but I cannot argue with the quality of the football on display.

As for Utd,  the circus is certainly in town and with Raiola criticising Scholes, Lol this is a guy who doesnt work for his money, he just makes his living off the wealth of others.  He has ruined careers.  Ibrahimovic comes to mind,  If Ibra didnt listen to him saying "get out of this Club" at every opportunity he would have been at 1 club long enough to get the true recognition of a legendary player.

Mourinho needs to go and the pattern continues,  he signs new deal then burns the house down.  He has done this three times now.  Utd were stupid enough to fall for it but who will be next to fall for it?

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10 months ago  ::  25 Aug 18 08:21 AM #7
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I am a United fan and I was so happy seeing that Jose Moaninho getting fingered. I just want them to lose all the games as long as he is here. 
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10 months ago  ::  26 Aug 18 02:01 PM #8
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25 Aug 18 02:21 AM , Vaskar wrote:

I am a United fan and I was so happy seeing that Jose Moaninho getting fingered. I just want them to lose all the games as long as he is here. 

How the mighty have fallen,  lol now we are reduced to hating our own team.  I agree moanrinho out and hope he somehow gets in the liverpool door.

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9 months ago  ::  06 Sep 18 01:35 PM #9
Paul C
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Good to read some new posts, my energy levels have been low of late (too much excitement over the SUMMER me thinks)

Thanks Ken, worthy of 4 postings me thinks Laughing not going too well at the moment though on the 888 league & i really thought i'd picked well....Arghhh.

Sad to see BURNLEY just failing to make the EUROPA League (but it may be a blessing in disguise?)

Hi John, yeah City have started well along with Liverpool & Tottenham too.

BRILLIANT start for WATFORD who i had as perhaps one of the one's to go down, 4 wins from 4 is mighty impressive, especially the comeback vs Tottenham, could be wrong about this one (generally teams with double figure wins usually STAY 6 more wins only during the rest of the season & coupled with the usual draws would more than likely keep them up so I HAVE CHANGED MY MIND already Innocent)

Personally i am SHOCKED that West Ham are down there with 4 loses but perhaps Jenny could give us more reasons as to WHY this is? on paper they've got a decent side (i thought) with a decent, good guy manager so i feel for him & hammer fans...perhaps they'll do a CRYSTAL PALACE from last season?
Wilshire has shown nothing really so that's disappointing.

Burnley should recover now (i hope) in fact MANCHESTER UNITED could do a lot worse than getting DYCHE in (but of course there's no chance of that...they will want a BIGGER name, i'm just hoping they don't nab BENETIZ from Newcastle)

Will keep with Huddersfield & CARDIFF to go much BULL spoken on Radio & Tv (mainly by a guy i liked...JASON MOHAMMED & BBC Presenter & Cardiff fan) concerning them CHRIS SUTTON who can be a little abrassive SPEAKS his MIND...what's wrong with that? i agreed with him but Mohammed has gone off on one with regards to this...just an opinion Jason!!! geezzz.

With WATFORD having hit brilliant earlier form & assuming they can get those 6 or more wins during the rest of the season who might that 3rd side be for releagation? surely not West Ham? didn't see such a scenario coming! but who knows?

Returning to UNITED, it's clear to me John & Vaz that it's not just you two guys that are unhappy with this manager still being in place & one can only think those in charge at the club will see the light eventually?
I had a feeling (after the pre-season games) that he was going to rant & rave & upset folks at United again & it seems to be the case.
The recent rant about him having won 3 premierships compared to just 2 from other managers (currently) in the Premiership...both City managers, current Guardy & Pelligrini down there with West Ham would never have happened with Fergie or Wenger.
He's unpleasant guy who seems to think he's a nice guy (behind the scenes EVERYONE LIKES ME!!! really??? hmmm, does that go for that nice lady who was part of the medical staff you berated on the field of play for TRYING to help a PLAYER)

2 wins from 4 for United against Burnley (away) after Burnley had played a tough Europa tie just a few days previously & a narrow win over Leicester at home which a good number would say was an unfair result?

The United story will again be an interesting one but ONLY because of the guy in charge & probably not for the football (unless it's goes completey pear shaped?)

GREAT start for the POOL but i do think they will have to beat CITY home & away & after recent HISTORY between these two sides i think GUARDY will want to desperately win those & if we do i can see CITY winning two titles in a row.
But what's going on with SANE...brilliant last season, shocking he didn't make the German World Cup Sqaud never mind the side itself & now there are rumours all is not well him? being left out of the opening games, but surely this will be the case for most players at CITY, they have to be interchangable due to the amount of games coming.

Really want to see FODEN given more chances here at CITY, cup competitions should see him play & i'm curious to see if he can forfill his potential?
Some, myself included rate him highly & consider him a possible (in the mold of) Inesta & Zavi which is high praise indeed.

Not quiet 4 postings worth this time but with energy levels something returned, surely worth 2 Smile
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9 months ago  ::  11 Sep 18 01:28 PM #10
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haveing a go at this  not sure how   it works i do auto picks  not sure if thats  the way  or not but trying lol  gl all
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