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8 months ago  ::  27 Aug 18 06:40 PM #1
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Hey my888's

Does anyone play any sports?

Golf, football, swimming etc.

Do you play seriously, say in a team or for fun?

let us know what you all get up to sporting wise.

Will all my888poker members please ensure they have their 888poker player name in their profile.
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8 months ago  ::  27 Aug 18 07:01 PM #2
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Well after not playing golf for quite a while I have taken it up again, a bit ring rusty but sorting it out on the driving range and hope to get back into the groove. Use to play off a handicap of 14 (slightly rigged) Not going to join a club yet as not playing enough to warrant the expense. bought a privilege card that gives me discounts on rounds and the driving range and the local par 3 is free to play anytime to get the short game back on track.

As for poker I have just fallen out of love for it and very rarely log in and then its just to muck about in the silly freerolls. Reg to play then log out to see if I can cash.
WHY ARE 888 unable to sort out their server issuses.
or are there other gremlins at work?
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8 months ago  ::  02 Sep 18 08:10 PM #3
grumpy (got me vajazzle back)
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i swim, rather good,,,or i used to. i do swim now but at the ripe old age of not far from 50 i don't swim as fast as i used to. i still compete now and again in the masters events or as my kids call it swimming with old people.  a couple of years ago i was 3rd in UK nationals 50m butterfly for 40-44 year olds. got a meadle and everything 
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