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7 months ago  ::  29 Sep 18 08:12 PM #1
Paul C
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THAT was a JOKE.

Delighted to see probably the GREATEST MANAGER of ALL-TIME back smiling & in GOOD HEALTH at Old Trafford last week.

Of course Sir Alex cannot come back but just what is he thinking of the current situation?
That result last week & midweek loss & then THIS result away to an improving West Ham is also a JOKE.
Manchester United's starting line up vs West Ham actually had be laughing as most of their so called better players were on the BENCH.
Was this a way of JOSE throwing it in.
Does he now WANT to GO? or be SACKED? because that line up was ASKING for TROUBLE.

JOSE was NEVER the RIGHT FIT for UNITED, most of us saw this coming, he's a defensive manager & UNITED have (for the most part) ALWAYS been an ATTACKING club, he worked miracles at CHELSEA (who even had some attacking swagger about them back then) but he's a MISERABLE, NEGATIVE fellow, he says he's not! but HIS FACE SAYS DIFFERENT.

We are ALL aware of MANGEMENT PRESSURES & STRESS & i am sure no one wishes him ill but his time has probably come to move on again?

Talk of ZIDANE is rumored tonight but he's untested in management, never mind ENGLISH PREMIERSHIP managerment, he was a super footballer but is he right for UNITED?
Could ZINDANE work at United? if not then who? i think BENETIZ would have a good go at it but really!!! would United fans except an ex Liverpool manager (who still LOVES that club & their fans) i doubt it.

UNITED have got themselves in a right PICKLE & i think many of us saw it coming, i still can't believe they ended 2nd last season & JOSE was right to say it was one of his BEST EVER RESULTS, that being said, they had some LUCK with regards to decisions & Liverpool going for the Champions League but there were BAD VIBES coming from this squad before we even started...
POGBA is a decent player but he's NEVER, EVER going to be a FOOTBALLING Great (don't think that will come back to HAUNT ME) SANCHEZ is a huge waste of money & my impression of him after CITY tried to get him was that it was ALL about the MONEY, glad we left him to it & he ended up here doing (so far) very little.

I hope STERLING (who CITY fans do genuinely LOVE as does GUARDY) even though there is a hint of arrogance about him will not try to price himself away from CITY, as we've already shown we're not a side to be held to ransom despite the wealth, it seems we are trying to get these youngsters in to are main squad & FODEN could be something MAGICAL, even Guardy has now compared him to the incredible INESTIA which we fans have already been comparing him too...
England were glouriously COMPETITIVE at this years WORLD CUP but you know what they were missing? the likes of a Lampard, Gerrard, Keegan, Gasgoine, dead ball situations as Garth brilliantly figured out are CRUCIAL as are those balls deliervered into the box BUT we were MISSING creativity & FODEN (even at this young age) HAS IT.

United once had a group of youngsters coming it's BIG TIME CHARLIES (who LOVE Social Media over being Footballers it seems to me sometimes)

Big Change now...CITY are where they were when FERGIE was in charge & set things up brilliantly for them & in so few years it's turned 180 degrees for both teams.

Being a CITY fan i am thankful but i do not like seeing UNITED like this, at times they are not even competitive & you genuinely do think if United go 2-0 up it is not out of the question that you could not only come back into the game but get a result or even a win.

KLOPP was a missed chance for will be interesting to see if United go for ZIDANE? for surely this situation cannot go on???

The POLITICS of FOOTBALL are almost as INTERESTING as the football itself sometimes thesedays.
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