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6 months ago  ::  08 Nov 18 12:01 AM #1
Paul C
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So, here sits a real, true, genuine FOOTBALL fan.

I can appreciate my local small towns football teams, women's teams, kids teams, under 11's, under 18's, under 21's, even partial sighted football...i'll watch pretty much any kind of football but of course my REAL LOVE is for Football played by MANCHESTER CITY.

But there is a DANGER looming (i feel) in the form of this UEFA EUROPEAN SUPERLEAGUE.

And it could spell the END of true FOOTBALL as we know it?

The ELITE TEAMS from ENGLAND including my club of Manchester City along with Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool & i think Tottenham were on this list too? and then of course there will be the other BIG CLUB NAMES of EUROPE that might be making this move away should they ALL be willing to do so? the likes of REAL, BARCELONA, JUVENTUS, INTER, BAYERN etc making up well how many? 18 seems to be the favoured numbers in a LEAGUE SYSTEM in EUROPE.

But from what i gather...THERE SHALL BE NO RELEGATION?

Well OK, it is highly unlikely (as is at the moment) that ANY of these sides would drop down a Division in their own countries but at LEAST there is the possibilty of doing so (a slight RISK but never the less A RISK)

But should this so called SUPER LEAGUE ever take place?

And for it to do so the named clubs would need to resign from their own COUNTRIES Leagues THEN (for me) FOOTBALL has headed away from we NORMAL FOLK & will be heading to an ELITISH few that can afford to go to these away games in ITALY, SPAIN, GERMANY (GOOD FOR THEM OF COURSE) but even the HOME Games will be so out of reach to most normal fans & in so doing it will end our version of NORMAL, Genuine, high profile national football in these countires, one in which they'll get the crowds, the BIG Tv figures & viewers but one that will lack the GENUINE LOVE OF THE GAME...

Here's the THING...

Surely without the ENGLISH TEAMS this is a NO STARTER?

And these teams (mine included & especially) should say 'NO' to this idea.

Yes we have always been a BIG name in British Football for a good while back there in the 1980's, 90's & part of 00's we were struggling, so much so we ended up in the 3rd tier of English Football for the first time...i can't say it was FUN but i seriously wouldn't change that part of our history for anything, it brought CITY fans closer together & we realised we were no longer one of the ELITE during that time.
It changed for us against Gillingham in a PLAY-OFF (we would NEVER get this if part of such a league) Paul Dickov & Nicky Weaver somehow??? managed to get us over the line & this was the beginning of returning us to becoming one of the top sides in English football again.

I'm no ELITIST & so teams like OLDHAM & BOLTON (to name but just two) would HOPE one day to RETURN to the promised land of the PREMIERSHIP and to do battle against the BIG SIDES and in doing so YES make enough money to do good for their teams (i realise money is a part of it) & keep them SECURE for years to come.

Such a league DENIES THEM this chance EVER AGAIN...

It's NOT FAIR & it takes THE DREAM & HOPE Away.


Now if THEY want these types of GAMES (one's we already have really with the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FORMAT currently, so WHY CHANGE IT? but a format which gives even teams like Oldham & Bolton an outside chance at playing them some day...Leceister remember them (we should)) THEN...

They should (if this is what these clubs want? & it's ALL ABOUT THE MONEY isn't it, not the HISTORY of OUR FOOTBALL shamefully) SCRAP the Champions League Format...

And INTRODUCE a new MIDWEEK EUROPEAN SUPER LEAGUE (Weekends are for OUR National Leagues) but one which has teams that can get promoted & relegated, rather than it be ULTRA SAFE for them & their MONEY...Where's the FUN it that, except for trying to finish in the TOP few places!!!

Can't see ex players like ROY KEANE thinking this is a good idea & his Prawn Sandwidge rant (which i think most of us normal fans agreed with)

Personally i see NOTHING wrong with the FORMAT we have NOW.

They want a BIG, SAFE (no relagation), MONEY GENERATING (they'll ALL get far more money clearly & these TOP Premiership Teams will get a LARGER slice of the CAKE)

I just think WHAT A SHAME Football has come to this...

When the TV RIGHTS for the PREMIERSHIP Games abroad were up for re-negotiation THESE so called 'BIG' football sides including CITY (aparantly) who should know better WANTED a larger slice than the so called smaller teams, some might agree with this & i do understand that clearly these types of SIDES are the one's folks abroad are more interested in but STILL, WHY??? can't they band together? they're rich enough, let everyone have their slice!!!
They've earnt it for getting to the promised land...
I LOVE that the liked of BOURNEMOUTH & WATFORD & WOLVES are Mixing it with the BIG BOYS and getting rewarded for it.

DON'T TAKE THIS AWAY from these types of TEAMS.

I think such a league will be exciting but boring in a funny kind of way as the TRUE BIG NAMES will have all the BEST PLAYERS & it will become what the SPANISH League currently is (or was until Messi went a little of the boil & Ronaldo shipped out) with BARCELONA or REAL usually winning...BLAH, good football at times but BORING!!!!

Here in ENGLAND...

Any team can beat ANY other (on it's day) that's FUN, INCREDIBLE & can be EXCITING & gives the PREMIERSHIP a whole DYNAMIC the other EUROPEAN LEAGUES don't have!


Rant Over.

BTW another 6 goals for Manchester City (we are seriously becoming the HARLEM GLOBE TROTTERS of EUROPEAN Football) playing beautiful attacking football.
BIG surprise that Manchester United battled back & beat Juventus on their own ground.
CREDIT when CREDIT is due...THAT was a MAGNIFICENT RESULT, did they PLAY WELL? we in the UK don't get Champions League Football unless you have BT so who knows? but even if they didn't JUVENTUS (mainly thanks to RONALDO) were being hailed as the Favourites this year but i went for CITY from the off (even at the expense of the Premiership) and NOTHING has changed for me...

CITY's MIDFIELD is prehaps one of the BEST EVER???
Silva, Debruyne, Sterling & then take your pick? even the young DIAZ & FODEN give us a FUTURE partnership to ponder, add in Gugadoan, Bernado Silva, Fernandinho, MARHEZ & SANE & we have a group here that makes it a NIGHTMARE for Fantasy Football Pickers.

But WOW! am i a HAPPY CITY fan right now.

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3 months ago  ::  03 Feb 19 05:57 PM #2
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I totally agree! Only to generate more money... but that's football nowadays :(
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2 months ago  ::  02 Mar 19 06:42 PM #3
Paul C
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Hi Nik, sorry i have not replied earlier.

I posted this awhile a go & have only just noticed your reply to it.

Sadly we are both in agreement.

I do not begrudge these football teams (the so called ELITE TEAMS) making money, all clubs want & have to make money if they can? but it's the degree by which they do so?

To price ordinary folks out of going to matches is sad.

But if such an ELITE LEAGUE is ever set up it will probably favour them all remaining in it with no relagation or perhaps just the very bottom side being relegated.

Now it is highly unlikely that the teams i mentioned as an example (OLDHAM & BOLTON) will ever get anywhere near making such an ELITE TOP European League & if it's a closed shop then there will be no chance for them or even some of the better historical clubs such as EVERTON, WEST HAM for starters & we HAVE 6 rather BIG NAME CLUBS already in our Premiership which is why it is so GREAT & COMPETITIVE & Difficult to Win.

So one has to ask which of those 6 will make this ELITE EUROPEAN LEAGUE as of now?
Well Manchester United will always be allowed in, so too at the moment Manchester City & one would think Liverpool & Arsenal...that would mean already that CHELSEA &  TOTTENHAM might be out from the start for surely they will not have 18 Euro Teams with 6 of the places taken by English clubs.

It's as i think we both can agree a PURELY Prawn Sandwidges ELITEST let's get BIGGER & RICH Football League.

Should this ever may start of as something to replace the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE but like it or not it WILL become HUGE & a TV Ratings hit but it will hit the PREMIERSHIP hard, so much so that it may well eventually lead to some of these BIGGER ENglish teams removing themselves or at the very least considering the Premiership a kind of feeder league for their lesser players.



Football is for (or was for) the Ordinary People but UEFA & FIFA are trying to milk it for Greed.

No Relegation!!! softies! 

And if sides such as OLDHAM or BOLTON have absoultely NO CHANCE of ever having  sniff of competiting in such a league then football might be lost to me & others even though i'm someone who's team are more than likely (for now) to be in their competing for it, still don't make it right & i hope ALL these ENGLISH TEAMS that would be considered for such a thing would realise this & would NIX IT...without these English Teams it's No longer an ELITE EURO LEAGUE so we should make sure it does not exist in the way they would like.

Change will always happen...but it has to happen for the right intentions, this is not it.

Football has indeed changed Nik.
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