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4 months ago  ::  04 Mar 19 01:12 AM #1
Paul C
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We here in the UK have a good few RADIO STATION FOOTBALL Forums (Phone in's really)

A popular one & one i listen to a lot is RADIO 5's '606'

But get this after Liverpool's draw away to an improving EVERTON, a couple of POOL fans took the time to phone in & actually COMPLAIN about Liverpool's form & one even thought KLOPP's time might be coming to an end!

Pundit CHRIS SUTTON who i kinda like but who is kind of HIT & MISS could not believe his ears & i agree with him.


Before this season started i figured (even though Liverpool finished some 19 points behind CITY last season) they might take it down to the final few games this season & might even win it (perhaps depending on CITY focusing more on the Champions League?) & i still think this is likely (as i will try to show with probable? predicted results for the remaining 9 games)

To be fair to PEP & CITY they seem to be GOING FOR IT...ON ALL FRONTS...not mad about the competition we won recently (it will be forgotten as quickly as we won it, in fact what was it we won Smile and i do hope PEP will play the youngsters in that one from now on in the coming years in this competition)

So back to LIVERPOOL...

They have recently had a number of draws but to GOOD TEAMS...Man United (AWAY) & Everton (AWAY) of late, this is NO DISAGRACE & normally i'd say they're acceptable results?

These Liverpool fans have a problem because they had a lead of 7 points over CITY & that is now gone (with CITY having a 1 point lead now)

Wow! what a bad run of results? not really, i would agree Liverpool's form has dropped from what it was but POOL FANS just consider WHERE YOU ARE NOW!!!

Your in the LAST 16 of the CHAMPIONS a GREAT RESULT against BAYERN at home, OK, it was another draw (but one you should have won, so unlucky) but it was a 0-0 draw, it'll be a close fought thing the 2nd leg but hands up those that expect to LIVERPOOL to score at least one goal over there? my hand is raised, sure Bayern could win 2-1 even 3-1 but i'm going for Liverpool to edge this one with a 1-1 draw over there...ENOUGH to progress.

And they have LOST...ONLY ONCE so far this season in the PREMIERSHIP.

Yeah this is an awful season for Liverpool isn't it Smile

These fans that phoned in here are a DISGRACE.

KLOPP is a very good manager...i was ill & in hospital at about the same time he came to Liverpool & i remember telling a nurse who was a Liverpool fan & was unsure, stick with him, it might take a few years but he had won two GERMAN top tier Titles with a fairly unfancied team in DORTMUND & what's more he did it with attacking flair...something he's brought back to Liverpool.

Now folks have figured Liverpool out a little & this with some GOOD OPPONENTS of late & they have suffered a number of draws denting their Premiership hopes but NOT scuppering them.

Another MAJOR thing KLOPP has done which POOL FANS should be praising him to the ROOFTOPS for is for getting Liverpool's DEFENCE back to something like it was back in the 1970's & 80's.

LIVERPOOL have conceded ONLY 15 goals in the Premiership (percentage wise this way lower than the nearest best defence which is an improved Manchester City defence with 20 goals against)

Still in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE & even if the do go out? (i don't think they will yet) they'll have gone out to one of the BIG BOYS, only 1 point behind Manchester City with 9 games still to go, a super defence & usually a good attacking side.

Many of us can see WHERE Liverpool needs to IMPROVE.

DEFENCE has been SORTED...costly to do so but it would set up Liverpool for the next 10 years or so & GREAT to see some super attacking defenders here who can also defend.

ATTACK...Pretty much sorted, a front 3 of SALAH, MANE & FIRMINHO is pretty darn good but sometimes they rely on them a little too much but it's understandable not having (yet) the funding of CITY, another TOP NOTCH STRIKER wouldn't go a miss next season.

MIDFIELD...THIS is the area of the Liverpool Team that is not as STRONG as some Teams in the Premiership but especially Manchester City who have impressive midfielders to spare.
I really thought after losing COUTINHO they'd have gone for MAHREZ (delighted they didn't & we (CITY) got him but they missed a trick there.
I think they are at least two midfielders short & that extra striker away from being a closer match to CITY.

Pretty sure KLOPP knows this...CITY have a better 11 for sure & bigger numbers & should win it but Liverpool (like City) have a very good manager who has put things into place these past 2 or 3 years without winning anything yet BUT IT'S COMING.

I fully expect KLOPP & LIVERPOOL to invest in at least 2 top notch MIDFIELDERS & a STRIKER get those choices right & every chance they could grab a PREMIERSHIP TITLE in the next few years.

I can't believe i am defending KLOPP & LIVERPOOL who have done little wrong, in fact they have done nearly eveything right, including bringing on good young talent.
They are not that far away from winning something be it the Premiership, an FA CUP or even a Champions League final so the nonsense that came from those so called Liverpool fans today on the radio simply made me laugh.

Another POOL fan thankfully followed soon afterwards to disown those so called fans.

So i looked at the remaining 9 fixtures this season in the Premiership for both these hopefuls & have tried to work out the most likely results to arrive at possibly this seasons Premiership Champions? (before this season i had a gut feeling for LIVERPOOL because i thought CITY might concentrate more on the Champions League & it's also very difficult for a reigning champion to defend their crown...very few have done it)
There are some very interesting pivotal weeks to come & don't forget CITY are still in the FA CUP & i would actually LOVE to see CITY in another FINAL but this may have some effect on the predicted results to come but i have tried to include this factor into it.

So, first up on the weekend of the
9th & 10th MARCH (The Predicted Results are as follows)


(CITY remain 1 point clear)

30th / 31st MARCH...


(CITY now lead by 3)

5th/6th APRIL...


(CITY still lead by 3)

As you can see from these next 3 weeks i think it's safe to say (on paper at least) that CITY's FIXTURES here are the easier one's & at the very least at this stage of the season i would expect no less than 7 points from these 3 games for CITY, for LIVERPOOL i've given them 7 also but it's very possible Tottenham could spring a surprise & win away at Anfield making it 6 but Burnley & Southampton are not a given...any of those could be a draw which might bring it down to 4...Should this happen? that could be curtains at this stage for Liverpool.
But i'm going for 7 points each for above 3 fixtures.
So at this stage it's CITY by 3 points (and i am trying to be unbiased)

This next set of fixtures if still close could be a PIVOTAL Weekend of Results as BOTH sets of fixtures are tricky.

14th APRIL...

C.PALACE 1-2 CITY (but Palace are in great form of late & this is not a given)
LIVERPOOL 2-1 CHELSEA (i think Liverpool will edge this one but who knows with Chelsea?)
(CITY still by 3 but not out of the Question POOL win & CITY mess up at Palace? bringing it back all EVEN? but i'll keep with the CITY 3 point gap to this point)

20th/21st APRIL...

(Down to 1 point advantage again for CITY)

26th/28th APRIL...

(City still by 1)

4th MAY...

(City holding on by 1 point ONLY)

There are the re-arranged matches for LIVERPOOL & CITY that i forgot about before coming to the FINAL GAME of the SEASON....these re-arranged matches should take place around the 13th of MARCH?


Clearly this is a PIVOTAL GAME for CITY & a 1-1 result coupled with a win for LIVERPOOL at Craven Cottage could be THE RESULT that CHANGES EVERYTHING.

CITY are still (on paper) far superior to United but it's at OLD TRAFFORD, United have improved, will clearly be up for it & for me...
A win against UNITED here in MARCH? sets up CITY to win this seasons PREMIERSHIP,
A defeat & i think we LOSE IT
A draw as i believe it will be? coupled with an AWAY Liverpool win changes things to now give Liverpool the lead once again by surprise, surprise 1 point.

Should LIVERPOOL go into this FINAL GAME of the SEASON with a 1 point lead THEY WIN.
Should CITY go into this FINAL GAME of the SEASON either with a 1 point lead or level but with superior goal difference i expect CITY to win.



CHEER UP Liverppol Fans...i have tried to be honest with the results & my outcome shows a very narrow PREMIERSHIP WIN for LIVERPOOL by just 1 point (that UNITED v CITY game is crucial & one CITY i think needs to win to retain the PREMIERSHIP Crown)

Even should Liverpool fail to win it...i can not see it being by much & it could well go down to the FINAL GAME of the SEASON?
Not bad for a team that was well beaten last season & does not have the better team on paper, so HOW can Liverpool FANS seriously go on a radio show and say such things?


And don't forget depending on who PEP plays in the FA CUP TIES (assuming we get past Swansea) could have an effect that sways things in Liverpool's favour, same could be said of the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE? in a strange way losing to BAYERN next week might enable KLOPP & his side to re-focus with more time to work & get things right on & off the pitch.

LIVERPOOL for me by 1 point but it could be CITY by as many as 6 if things in these next 3 weekly fixtures go well for CITY.

All i will say is how can ANY Liverpool fan phone up & say such things???

KLOPP to be fired.
Upset at disappointing draws away to 2 difficult sides in MAN UNITED & EVERTON.
Sure you've lost a 7 point lead but the last thing the team needs is for these sort to phone up & say such things...good on the other POOL fan for phoning & correcting this nonsense.

KLOPP has SORTED this DEFENCE...he knew it needed doing & at great cost but it's done & they should have this strong defence for upto 10 years now.
ATTACK wise they are a little tired for sure but these top 3 in SALAH, MANE & FIRMINHO is highly impresive.
MIDFIELD surely is where KLOPP will focus on next year...get that right & every chance next season of winning stuff.

And whilst this CITY fan truly hopes CITY just goes for it & BLOWS everyone out of the WATER including TOTTENHAM & UNITED it don't always work out like that & i will stick with Liverpool edging it by just 1 point which will be gutting to we CITY fans but i will applaud Liverpool should they do so with a slightly overall lesser quailty side...Liverpool defence STRONGER, not greatly but enough, ATTACK on a par with CITY but it's MIDFIELD & the QUALITY to be found here that makes ALL the DIFFERENCE...City's attacking midfield options make every other side in EUROPE jelous.

COME ON CITY prove me wrong but i have tried to be honest & work in the factors that we have 2 very difficult games in SPURS & UNITED to come plus EXTRA FA CUP Fixtures.

Should we lose this RACE...i can only hope we get UNITED in a 1st all MANCHESTER Final & that PEP wins it, we'll LOVE HIM FOREVER MORE if we don't already.

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4 months ago  ::  09 Mar 19 08:06 PM #2
Paul C
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Well that was a good start as to predicting the final 9 games for both MANCHESTER CITY & LIVERPOOL.

Just wish i had put some money on the 3-1 CITY win...ARGHHH

Also wish i had gambled & gone with STERLING as my 888 Fantasy League CAPTAIN...Double ARGHHH (and what's more i had considered it!!!)

So will LIVERPOOL beat BURNLEY at Home tomorrow 2-1 as predicted?
Liverpool have the best defence in the Premiership (one of the reasons i think they might hold BAYERN to just 1 goal next week in the Champions League, meaning if they score 1 as one would expect? surely they'll have a go??? then a 1-1 would send them through on the AWAY GOAL RULE which BTW i believe IS A GOOD & FAIR way to progress through UEFA) but i still think Burnley with Wood & Barnes could get at least one at Anfield.

Expect Liverpool to win & close the gap to 1 point (same games played)
But with more difficult games for Liverpool to come when compared with City's a draw tomorrow could be very costly indeed, in which case i would be HAPPY TO BE PROVEN WRONG TOMORROW...come on Burnley ;)

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4 months ago  ::  14 Mar 19 01:26 AM #3
Paul C
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Status: I would like to VIST the planet 'PLUTO' :)
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OK not quiet the 2-1 Liverpool win over Burnley but in a strange way it was kinda uniform with POOL winning by 4-2 (double my score Smile)

The fixtures above are a little out of whack due to rearranged fixtures...but this weekend is an interesting one in that (ON PAPER) Liverpool should win away to Fulham & if so? then that puts them back on top of the Premiership ahead of CITY by 2 points & surely we pretty much all expect this?

If they do only draw or heavens forbid lose there then they will be either level on points or nah it couldn't happen could it? they would still be a point behind City (having played one game more)

Fully expect after this weekend for Liverpool to top the Premiership with a 2 point lead.

We then get the small break from the Premiership for International Qualifying matches...COME ON ENGLAND!!!

But when that's over...

It then gets even more interesting for as odds would have it...City then play at Fulham too(early kick off) before Liverpool get a home match but it's against SPURS.

One should not assume anything in Football but Manchester City SHOULD beat Fulham which would mean having played the same number of games City return to the TOP by 1 point but it's this game for Liverpool the next day against Tottenham that is a really interesting one to call...

This is an extra game played for Liverpool & assuming CITY are still 1 point ahead at this point? i seriously could make a case for ANY RESULT between these two HOME or AWAY.

I like Spurs as a team & their manager...he could (right now) just about walk into any club around the world i think, this includes REAL, BARCELONA, BAYERN, JUVENTUS, PSG, MANCHESTER UNITED & yes even CITY (had the PEP rumour been true! thankfully that wasn't) & di o wonder if UNITED might have missed a trick here?

OLLY has done AMAZING THINGS (and hands up those who seriously thought United could turn around a 0-2 home result with PSG?) & it's only fair that he now gets the chance to be given the job full time but how will he cope when he has to do pre-season, choose & buy players? cope with the pressure which comes with being manager of probably the BIGGEST Football Club in the World? is he likely to be a better manager than POCHETINHO? i think NOT!

But i am really pleased for OLLY & (this CITY fan will whisper it quietly) for UNITED fans too! who in recent times have been let down badly...with FERGIE's LEGACY almost in tatters thanks to wrong choices of not only Managers but some Players.

Gone off track here but back to POOL vs SPURS result???

Crucial one this...Favourite result will be a Liverpool home win for obvious reasons but if you take into account recent footballing results there is a case for a draw & even a Tottenham win?

You could see this being a tight game...

Liverpool do have a very good defence & an excellent strikeforce but when KANE & Co are on it they are capable of beating any current side in the Premiership.
The fact Tottenham are now no longer safe in the Champions League spots (with the gap now GONE) means they need to fight for every point which is why i fancy the DRAW with SPURS perhaps even scoring first in this one?
Spurs too have a decent defence so i don't expect too many goals so my prediction is a 1-1.

A 1-1 brings Liverpool level on points with CITY with them having played 1 game more!

But as folks (myself included) have pointed out CITY have two vey tricky games to come in UNITED (away) and as much as Man Utd hate Liverpool they will not want to lose to CITY & same goes for CITY's game at home to Tottenham also.

I've got these 2 games down as DRAWS for CITY...perhaps i'm just being a little cautious?
They are of course well capable of beating both well but i have a funning feeling they'll make it difficult for us...especially Tottenham?
Strangely i think we might be able to lose 1 of these games just so long as we win the the other, every chance we win one & draw one with which i would be very pleased with but i think most might say...If CITY wins both of these as tricky as they come matches then WE probably win it (something not done (defending your Premiership title) since the days of FERGIE & his UNITED side) would be a hell of an early achievement at CITY should PEP do so?

And who's to say if we win the Premiership (making it two) that we won't go on to win 1 or 2 more? in the form of the FA CUP & the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.

For you Liverpool fans...

I still have you winning it by a point (if your level your likely to lose as CITY score goals for FUN but can as we've seen at times take their eye of the ball and end up with a strange unexpected draw or the odd defeat despite having been the better side)

Can CITY do all 4?

It REALLY is DO almost impossible FEAT.

It's 50/50 with POOL for the PREMERSHIP.
I have CITY as STRONG FAVOURITES for the FA CUP (United & Palace being the THREATS & i would dealy, finally like to see a MANCHESTER FINAL for the first time & us winning it)
And i can also see us meeting UNITED in the CHampions League QF or SEMI-FINAL and by some quirky form of FATE...
A CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL with LIVERPOOL a few weeks after they might have pipped us to the Premiership Title.

It is do able (STRONG AS BULL) sorry it just popped in there Smile

I said it might take PEP a good 3-5 years more winning & defending CUPS & TITLES for him to become THE CITY MANAGER LEGEND...but can you imagine if wins ALL 4 (yup it includes the MILK CUP or whatever it's called now?)

Such an interesting end to the season for both CITY & LIVERPOOL.
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