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Switch to Forum Live View THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Last 8 but WHO WINS IT ?
4 months ago  ::  14 Mar 19 02:26 AM #1
Paul C
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Some of us Wink said this might happen & you didn't have to be a footballing genius to figure it out (although it helps Laughing ) some European Teams have a good run but it usually comes to an end & others take over!

I said the ENGLISH PREMIERSHIP was now even STRONGER & that they might perform rather well but i will admit i didn't expect quiet this well.

So some BIG CLUBS are OUT & we are LEFT with a curious mix...

1) MANCHESTER the moment this SQUAD look like they are playing for FUN.
Defence is SOLID, MIDFIELD is UNBELIEVABLE & we have 2 of the BEST STRIKERS in the WORLD in JESUS & into the mix players that have finally stepped up to the mark (LAPORTE & KLINCHECKO) & add to that a few excellent youngsters (FODEN) and well you've seen them...they are playing FANTASY FOOTBALL!!!
STERLING, SANE, DeBRUYNE, Both SILVA's, MAHREZ, FERNANDINHO with a line up like this they must be FAVOURITES.
They are probably the ONLY Club left in this ompetition that could somehow? go 0-3 down & yet come back to win it 4-3 or's HARLEM GLOBE TROTTERS Football & if they don't HAVE FUN PLAYING FOOTBALL NOW well they NEVER WILL.

2) LIVERPOOL...My 2nd favourites.
Depending on the draw i could actually see CITY meeting POOL in the FINAL and WHAT a FINAL this could be...both i hope just going for it?
Although KLOPP is a canny one (even though some stupid Liverpool supporters want him out!!!) he can see the dangers of CITY's attacking ways & although we have this season beat them once & drawn with them once THEY WERE CLOSE GAMES, he seems to have a way of stemming our attacking ways & making the matches between us more dour (even a little boring?) than they SHOULD BE!!!
I'd LOVE to see an ALL-OUT ATTACKING Premiership like Game between these two but if we did there would only be ONE WINNER usually which is why KLOPP is an excellent manager in the making.

3) AJAX.
This might surprise some?
And some will what??? they beat a REAL MADRID side who are low on confidence & lost their STAR PLAYER (they say you don't have a ONE MAN TEAM but RONALDO almost did with REAL & does with JUVENTUS if just a little unfair to some of the other excellent players in that JUVENTUS side) but it's the way they went about it & they had already shown that this YOUNG side were progressing nicely last year.
Wouldn't surprise me if they made the SEMI-FINALS but it would depend on who they get in the QF?)

You just cannot deny the CHRISTIANO RONALDO Factor.
The other 7 teams left will surely have him earmarked which is why i don't think they'll make the FINAL as they had hoped to do.
Again it will depend on who they face, clearly i think they could beat the other 4 in the QF's but what of AJAX? that might be a real interesting one but i do think if they came up against either Liverpool or CITY especially they will have too much for them.
Famous last words...expect RONALDO & Co to now go on & win it Laughing

The oldies still have the 'IT' factor & it's amazing we have 2 incredible players in RONALDO & MESSI gracing us with their football.
How long will they last & are the rest of the team around them good enough?
They have Messi but the likes of XAVI & INIESTA have long gone.
ENGLAND & the PREMIERSHIP now seem to have promising players that could take up their mantle & some may laugh? but i think PHIL FODEN of Manchester City might be one of them? he has that combo of XAVI & INIESTA & having seen him play for the England youth squad (WINNING the World Cup with them) he shapes, passes & makes runs every bit as good as those guys but he seems to have the tackling quailties & goal scoring abilites too, i have GREAT HOPES for this young lad both for CITY & ENGLAND.

On current form & confidence i think i would have to put them as the 6th most likely to win this years CHAMPIONS LEAGUE.
When RASHFORD & LINGARD (2 more very encouraging young ENGLAND Players) are on it they look as good better than ANY young players around, add in the added happier POGBA, LUKAKKU getting back in the goals & others performing up to standard & you have a far more dangerous team than the one MOURINHO was managing.

They have a Spurs LEGEND already? and very likely an ENGLAND goal scoring HERO in HARRY KANE.
Tottenham could be a very interesting club to watch over the next few years to see if they can fully create a TEAM SET UP to match the likes of CITY, LIVERPOOL & UNITED.
They haven't got their new STADIUM just yet but when they do...this CLUB could take off?
They'll have this STADIUM & with it increased numbers watching = more money (on top of the money they earn from being in the Premiership & the TV money it brings)
They have a GOOD spine of a TEAM with some Excellent players, shame about Dele Alli being injured (he's another i had great hopes for at last years world cup but who just didn't ignite, we'll have to wait & see on him) ERIKKSEN is being touted as ending up at REAL or BARCELONA but seriously...WHAT'S THE FUN IN THAT???
Your more than likely pretty much guaranteed one of the TOP 3 places (with these two taking two of them & currently ATHLETICO MADRID the other) & sure he may challenge for this CHAMPIONS LEAGUE with them....

But WHY NOT try & BUILD SOMETHING new (as CITY have done, LIVERPOOL are trying to do again) it's been a long time since TOTTENHAM were really strong Premiership Challengers year after year....they're solid, finish in the TOP 6 places but can they build on this & give their fans a chance of doing some amazing?

If LEICESTER can do it!

Then TOTTENHAM most certainly can, especially with POCHETINHO in here as Manager.

They need new, exciting players & you can now see them getting them to make the PREMIERSHIP even more interesting but as for this CHAMPIONS LEAGUE as they currently stand i think they will do well to progress to the SEMI-FINALS?
But who knows...if they get PORTO my 8th rated side then maybe they find themselves in that position & when you do & knowing your only 1 game away from the final with the likes of KANE, ALLI, ERIKKSEN, TRIPPIER then who knows on that day?

Like i interesting MIX.

With ENGLISH TEAMS Providing 4 of the 8 Quarter Finalists.

I got the feeling the English sides were getting back into the swing of things & it looks to be the case...just didn't expect ALL 4 to make it!

And of those 4 we have 2 who should have a GREAT CHANCE of WINNING this thing but i have a feeling PEP & this CITY team may not have a better chance of winning it & i think they will & it wouldn't surprise me if for a change...we get a FINAL with plenty of GOALS thanks to someone i think has every chance of becoming a CITY & ENGLAND Hero in the form of RAHEEM STERLING who i fully expect to WIN (one day) the EUROPEAN FOOTBALLER of the YEAR.
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3 months ago  ::  22 Mar 19 03:12 AM #2
Paul C
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Status: I would like to VIST the planet 'PLUTO' :)
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Well i did say CITY were capable of coming back from 0-3 down & with this squad of players turn it around to win such a game 4-3 after being in such a position.

I just didn't expect for us to be nearly 0-3 down away to SWANSEA who although out played took their chances & if we are being honest deserved a little better (that goal was offside & with VAR it would have been ruled out) so yeah 0-2 down & came back to win this FA CUP QF 3-2.

Delighted as i still LOVE the FA CUP.

But what of the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Draw?

CITY vs of this to play either AJAX vs JUVENTUS

I would expect CITY over 2 legs to get through this ftie  & i do think GUARDY has especially targeted this CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Title this season (as there might not be a better time to win it?)

As for the AJAX v JUVENTUS tie...two matches that could be AMAZING?
It's the tie i wanted to see, MOST will make JUVENTUS favourites with RONALDO clearly a factor but i'm going to go with my gut...i wouldn't be at all surprised if JUVENTUS get through but i have seen enough of AJAX to make me think this is not straight forward & might even be decided on the away goal rule & i'll go with my AJAX gut to get through this one.

Giving a SEMI-FINAL of MANCHESTER CITY vs AJAX (i'll go 2-1 or 3-1 to CITY to advance to the FINAL for the first time ever???) which means Tottenham vs Juventus Laughing

On the other side of the draw we see...

Barcelona will be favourites & United have now hit a dip! can they bounce back? this is OLLY's first real test & perhaps (just perhaps) WHY the United board have not yet given it to him already...they'll be curious to see if they can provide a real test to Barcelona & if they can make that TOP 4 in the Premiership? i think Barcelona will only just edge this one! 1-1 at Old Trafford & 2-1 tto Barcelona back in Spain.

I do think United might sneak that 4th Premiership spot achieving CHAMPIONS LEAGUE QUALIFICATION but will this be enough?

I have a strange feeling that despite UNITED & OLLY's current good form it could be a MISTAKE by the United board to have not head hunted Tottenham's POCHETINHO who might well take with him (Daniel Levy allowing?) HARRY KANE with him to England strike force of KANE & RASHFORD at UNITED would be AWESOME!
Still surprised Manchester City & PEP has not gone all out for another striker & there are few better currently than KANE.

The other Q-Final see's 

And although it's always risky to say for sure but this on paper should be the easiest tie to call, Liverpool have a fairly solid defence, a decent midlfield line up (KLOPP will address this next season after correcting the defence this) & an excellent STRIKE FORCE so surely this will go to Liverpool by a difference of 2 or 3 goals.

This means it is very likely that we shall be getting a SEMI FINAL made up of

BARCELONA v LIVERPOOL (although many of us here in ENGLAND would find a SEMI-FINAL between Manchester United vs Liverpool a more interesting prospect)
Tight call between Barcelona & Liverpool but i'll hold with my thoughts that i think LIVERPOOL would do it (IF??? they play a clever game which KLOPP is more than capable of doing) wouldn't shock me if ended 0-0 or 1-1 at Anfield but in the return leg in Spain it's a higher scoring draw or on the break away win to the they are my choice.

Giving us a very interesting possible FINAL of...


On Paper you would have to go for a CITY CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Win.

It would again depend on KLOPP's TACTICS?

Should he GO FOR IT which is what many would WANT!
Then it could be one of the GREATEST FINALS EVER...seriously i could see it ending up 5-2 to CITY should they do so!
CITY's MIDFIELD are DEADLY QUICK & well capable of catching Liverpool on the break should they GO FOR IT?

I don't think they will should a FINAL showdown be this one?

I think he will do exactly what he has done in more recent previous games against CITY.
Keep things tight, trying to cut down space for the CITY midfield & keeping things as tight as they can with hopefully any chances that come their way being taken & then defending for their lives (and what a good defence they have)

So, can i see a LIVERPOOL champions leagie win? against CITY? sure & it would likely be another fairly boring, cancelled out game with one goal perhaps settling it 0-1 to Liverpool or even 1-0 to City depending on who takes that chance?

I REALLY WANT a CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL everyone in EUROPE will REMEMBER & for that to happen...CITY either need to TURN IT ON FROM THE START & go for POOL's throats (getting an early goal forcing them to come forward) OR surprisingly to see Liverpool GO FOR IT in which case i could see CITY catching them on the break (depite their excellent defensive record)

IF KLOPP is as an intelligent manager as i suspect he will adopt this TIGHT approach with both the SEMI-FINAL & FINAL should they get won't be (i think) the attacking Liverpool we have seen during parts of this season BUT it might just work in seeing LIVERPOOL win it yet again?

He must know CITY's MIDFIELD is LIGHT YEARS ahead of Liverpool's which is why he will keep it boring & tight with any breaks perhaps making the difference but wouldn't we LOVE to see these two teams go at it with each other...

Perhaps KLOPP will settle for a defensive break-away win & to then grab some better Midfielders next season giving them the FIRE POWER to get closer to CITY's fantastic Midfield line-up...and WHAT ODDS ?

Liverpool head back to BARCELONA for a COUTINHO return back to Liverpool.
They'll need more than just he of course but it would be a hell of signing, he did great things for them when there & is young enough to do so again?

But as for the FINAL WINNERS...

Dangerous to say being a CITY FAN but as they have been playing like HARLEM GLOBE TROTTERS Football i can see them finding a way past AJAX or JUVENTUS & then BARCELONA or LIVERPOOL to win their first European Silverware since the late 1960's.

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3 months ago  ::  22 Mar 19 03:25 AM #3
Paul C
Posts: 628
Date Joined: Jul 30, 2015
Status: I would like to VIST the planet 'PLUTO' :)
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Oh & i have a strange funny feeling that young PHIL FODEN might have an important part to play in such a SEMI-FINAL vs AJAX (or perhaps JUVENTUS)

And i think PEP would be willing to bring him on in a CHAMPIONS LEAGUE FINAL (even though he is still only 18 i believe? probably why he is still not in the ENGLAND Squad yet?) & i have a strange feeling being a young combo of XAVI & INESTIA that he could do something AMAZING?


If he progresses like many of we CITY fans believe then i think we have a REAL PLAYER on our hands here & one that could help propel ENGLAND to GLORY in the FUTURE?

Very possibly a future ENGLAND CAPTAIN too?
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