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2 months ago  ::  09 Apr 19 07:10 PM #1
Paul C
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This is an interesting one.

Given the choice tonight of watching Liverpool v Porto or this game between Tottenham & Manchester City (especially in this country) i think most will be tuning in to see what happens in this one?

I'll be honest i have a BAD FEELING about tonight.

CITY looked a little jaded during that FA CUP Semi-Final at the weekend, meanwhile SPURS have had a much longer rest & will be looking forward to playing in this AMAZING new 1 Billion pound STADIUM!!! crikey it's been overdue & expensive but i didn't know it was this expensive (that's far more expensive than the new Wembley) but it is a beauty i have to say.

So Tottenham will want to win this one being their first Champions League match at this stadium & to give themselves an advantage & i think they'll do it tonight?

I'm expecting GOALS!!! so should CITY lose this 1st leg? at least they may have a goal or two that could be useful in the away goals rule.

HOPE i'm wrong! but i just have a funny feeling about this one...
Oh if only we could win every match we are ever entered into but as we know FOOTBALL is not like this & i can see a slight shock here it still called WHITE HART LANE?

Totteham are a whopping 13/4 to win this one on 888.

CITY are the BETTER TEAM...No Question about it...but this is a SPURS Team that can beat anyone in the Premiership on any given day (it's been a surprise seeing  them in double digit loses this season in the Premiership, that won't happen next season!  and drawn only it's a team that either WINS or there you go it'll be a 1-1 draw tonight Smile)

Just going to go with my hunch...

We play Tottenham 3 times in a short period of time & although 2 of those 3 are at CITY's ETIHAD stadium i'm with those that say i can't see CITY winning all 3 of these against a dangerous side...i'll take a draw tonight & hopefully win the other two.

Can anyone else make a case for SPURS tonight?

Big fan of KANE (as most here probaby know) ALLI has potential & might start up again tonight under these circumstances, Erikksen is a huge danger especially from set-pieces & of course there's SON (another player i like) i'd be surprised if CITY blew them away tonight.

Most likely result? a scoring draw 1-1 or 2-2

But i think Spurs will edge it 3-2 & that will make the 2nd leg very interesting.

Could see this being a classic?

Just for FUN this Undecided
But here's how i think it might play out...

CITY did seem jaded to me in the FA CUP SF so i expect Pochetinho to have his side at us from the off and so i see an early'sh goal for SPURS who go 1-0 up after 14 minutes (SON goalscorer)

SPURS are spurred on Wink by their fans & new stadium and get a second on the half hour mark (a surprise result is on) SPURS are now 2-0 up (SON again)

City rally and Guardy is getting MAD on the touchline...CITY attack but it's broken up & Spurs launch it downfield, catching City out, ALLI is through & EDERSON pulls off a BRILLIANT SAVE (and what a SAVE Laughing) to keep it at 2-0 at HT for SPURS (could that save prove to be cruical further down the line?)

THE TEAMS ARE OUT and changes are made to CITY's TEAM...

Phil Foden is ON (the new XAVI / INIESTA) i know! i know! too early to compare him to those two yet but i've seen enough of him to know this is a PLAYER & at just 18 he has these attributes that both those guys had.
He makes a difference straight away by laying a beautiful through ball to JESUS (well i'm assuming AGUERO does not recover from that injury to play tonight? another reason i sense a bit of a surprise result) who SCORES, 2-1 to Spurs...can City do it and get a draw?

CITY are now on top.

But in the 69th Smile minute (Bill & Ted would be PROUD) Spurs launch a counter-attack after breaking up a DeBruyne through pass to Jesus...they find ALLI, who lays it off to SON, Erikssen is on the edge of the box & gets the ball he spots KANE (who has been quiet tonight) making an angled run..he feeds him, no messing BANG, GOAL!!! 

Tottenham 3-1 Manchester City.

This is NOT GOOD for CITY & if it ends this way they'll have their work cut out (says the new John Motson Laughing )

Spurs are fresher & more hungry & although the game has been very even they have taken their chances well...they sense another goal could end this tie here & now and rightfully they are going for it & KANE comes within inches of making it close that one Frown WHAT???

Not long left now...we're into the final 10 minutes.

CITY huff and puff but SPURS are defending well tonight.

LOOKING like a Spurs win with 84 minutes on the clock, Debruyne comes in from the wide, ball at his feet, finds Jesus just inside the box, spots FODEN in on goal & it is a GOAL!!!
PHIL FODEN...INESTIA Magic!!! he's been a little quiet since getting that assist to Jesus but he's made up for that now.

It's now SPURS 3-2 CITY

Ball goes back to EDERSON who along with the rest of the CITY team have now settled for this 3-2 but WHAT's THIS Ederson is being given room to bring the ball out to the edge of his BOX and he's seen that the Spurs GK Lloris is out of his goal (he's been chatting to the refree about what he's having for dinner when he gets home) and EDERSON has launched it goalward & Lloris is not going to get bounces short of the goaline, hits the bar and bounces out (ah WHAT THE HELL it's MY STORY....VAR says it's over the line....GOALLLLLLLLL 3-3 end of time whistle blows)

Well who knew?

That even surprised me Surprised i thought this match was going to end 3-2 to SPURS but it just goes to show you never know...not even in your own HEAD Laughing

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2 months ago  ::  13 Apr 19 12:35 PM #2
Paul C
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And the story was but a FANTASY Smile & my hunch was more on the mark.

Not many goals & not the best of games, City edged it in terms of the game but as happens sometimes with CITY they were not on this occasion able to turn it into goals...even missing a penalty...ARGHH & Spurs edged it late on thanks to (who else?) SON (predicted him scoring on the night)

BAD RESULT for CITY...just about as BAD as it could have been (OK 2-0 would have been worse)
NO AWAY goal either which was surpring & could now be their downfall.

The only GOOD NEWS? although i'm not one of those that revels in the injury of other players, especially players i fully respect & like (HARRY KANE is such a player) sad he's likely out for the season & that could cost Spurs a Top 4 place now (but i hope not) Spurs have always been a good footballing side down the years (like CITY) so i hope they hold  on to one of those spots but having him out of the second leg possibly with ALLI (broken wrist...OUCH...i've had a double fracture of the wrist by way of a football injury so i can't see ALLI playing anytime soon either?

But still with a solid defence & the likes of ERIKSEN & SON i wouldn't write them off?

But of course you would (with CITY's FIREPOWER) expect CITY to come good after some disappointing performances of late.

MANCHESTER CITY need to GO FOR IT...from th start of the game, tippy toeing around this game i think is the wrong tactic, especially with those injuries to SPURS.

Can i see Spurs scoring? YES & Pochetinho will be drilling that into their heads, that surely they must score at least once at the ETIHAD to have a chance of going through, which means 2 goals for CITY will simply not be enough (that's why the 1-0 was an awful result for CITY)

2nd LEG Champions League Result?

I'm nervous, I hope & expect the CITY players won't be (it's fair easier playing the games, i never got nervous playing them back in my day but WATCHING? Pfff nails gone!) and i think we will win on the day, the QUESTION is ? by how many?
I expect Tottenham to one way or another score 1 so CITY must score 3 to go through but i can see Spurs keeping us out keeping us down to the 2, i have it as


Spurs to go through desite the injuries to KANE & ALLI (it may even benefit a more defensive display, which is WHY CITY must GO AT THEM at the START...if they do who knows? CITY are capable of 4,5 or even 6 against very good sides (remember the 6-0 against CHELSEA?) but just trying to be honest.

Should SPURS do it...i'll be CHEERING both they & LIVERPOOL on to CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Victory.

If CITY blow it...they may well regret this CHANCE at winning it (they may never get a better chance with all the sides left seeing CITY as a major threat to them but Spurs may well do themselves & they a favour next week...BUT I HOPE NOT!)

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