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2 months ago  ::  13 Apr 19 01:10 PM #1
Paul C
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I'll start with BURNLEY (played 33, 36 points) vs CARDIFF (played 32, 28 points)

Such an important game for both (i have a feeling Southampton will pick up a point at home to Wolves meaning played 33 with 34 points)

I think & expect Burnley to WIN this one (they are the better side & are at home) but should they lose it? they would be risking things for themselves having played one game more.

Should Burnley win today against their main rivals for going down & Southampton get that draw or even a win? then i think Cardiff could be more or less down? never say never though until mathamatically certain but it would mean...

BURNLEY would have 39 points (from 34)
SOUTHAMPTON on 34 points (from 33)
BRIGHTON currently 33 points (from 31) don't know why but i think Bournemouth may win there.
CARDIFF if they lose to Burnley 28 points (from 33)

I just think & surely Sean Dyche & is Burnley side will know this too that 39 would probably be enough (alone) to be safe but should be expected to pick up a few more points.
Southampton too will surely pick up more points over the end of the season getting them closer to the 40.

Brighton would be the slight worry? but again would expect Houghton & his team to do enough which is WHY this game for Cardiff away is cruical & one they need to win i think with more tricky games to come.

For me should they lose i think that's more or less it for CARDIFF who credit to them battled better than most expected & got that most awful & unlucky death of a newly signed player.

Things are just as important at the top of the Premiership this weekend.
Crucial i think & it really could go any way?

CITY for me have been playing no where near their early form (a little understandable with the games mounting up & the team being changed around) but they need to RE-GATHER and find that form again NOW...before it's too late.

CITY play first on Sunday away to CRYSTAL PALACE and normally you would say fairly safe away win but i'm really not so sure right now?
I do think they will win but perhaps not by the goal fest we've been used to (i'll take a 0-1 away win right now but it would be nice for we fans if they found their goalscoring form again?)

Should they WIN?
CITY would have played 33 with 83 points.

Liverpool play later...
vs CHELSEA, who have NOT LOST at Anfield for 6 games!!!
Can Liverpool win? i think they might break with this sequence & do so which really means the Premiership is still up in the air.
If they should slightly slip up with a draw? then it would read as...
LIVERPOOL played 34 games with 83 points.

As one pundit then stated...
CITY could then afford to lose to either Spurs (at home) i think that very unlikely with the injuries to that side & City knowing how a win would put them 3 games ahead & with a better goal difference, they could then afford to lose at UNITED & assuming Liverpool won their game after this? CITY would need to win their remaining 3 games to win the Premiership.

I don't know?
It's very interesting.
Not out of the Question that CITY lose or draw to PALACE & LIVERPOOL beat CHELSEA?
If that happens POOL will have a gap of 4 or 5 points (having played a game more)
But with CITY still to play SPURS & UNITED, with POOL to play CARDIFF it would not matter if CITY won both of those, Liverpool would be ahead & might well go on to win it by a point or two?

Much more competitive PREMIERSHIP this year, very exciting & one that could well go down to the final game...WOULDN'T THAT BE INCREDIBLE???

But things could change on way or another & again i have another BAD feeling about it?
I think PALACE could get something against a disappointing CITY of late & Liverpool could go further ahead by beating Chelsea.

HEARD the sad news about TOMMY SMITH (Liverpool LEGEND & Hard as nails) but unlike a Vinny Jones, he could play & what a GREAT headed goal as MUNCHENGLADBACH (always loved that name as a kid) and well if THIS along with those dozy gits of Chelsea ranting on POOL will have their tails up for this one (especially if CITY drop points?)

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SPORTS Football PREMIERSHIP Title & RELEGATION could (more or...
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