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Sticky: My.888poker Community Tournaments Eligibility
3 years ago  ::  24 Aug 15 12:50 PM #811
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24 Aug 15 06:31 AM , Marko wrote:

Hi 888ers, i'v just noticed that there's a Omaha league running and i would like to take part in it :) so can anyone tell me, when it starts, when it ends so i can know a perfectly time to get to it? And where i can find a league leaderboard infos?

Thank you vm,

Hi Marko

Tomorrow night is game seven of this seven week league. The following Tuesdays 1st/Sept/2015 is the date the next seven week league starts

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3 years ago  ::  24 Aug 15 07:36 PM #812
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thank you for info Lambone, i'm really looking forward to next round, omaha league really looks great :)
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3 years ago  ::  31 Oct 15 12:49 AM #813
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Anything new coming up for the league and or where is our schedule ? SOrry I am been at pokerstars donking my life away, I finally returned to the best site ever! >>>

People fill me in add me as a friend >>> thanks!
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1 year ago  ::  08 Jan 17 11:12 AM #814
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Hi my888's

Welcome to the my.888poker community!

We hope you enjoy what is available and become a valued and contributing member, we are more than just a poker community, we are an online community offering help, advice and support to all of our members.

As part of our community, you are welcomed to join in on our conversations in the forums, upload videos and/or pictures, write blogs, join groups, participate in our private poker games and of course make new friends. You can also rate the pictures, videos, blogs and comments of your new friends. It’s now your home, so don’t be afraid to be different. 

We have our own community poker tournaments here. All of our games can be found in the ‘Tournaments’ tab under ‘Restricted’ section of the main lobby and the title usually begins with ‘my.888poker’. 

In order for you to join our ‘my.888poker’ tournaments you must: 

        1. Have an open 888poker account

        2. Enter your 888poker account username in the ‘Your 888poker 
            username’ field of your profile.

Note: Details on how to earn Lifetime Points can be found here:

My.888poker tournament passwords can be found here:

Please join the group to get updates when new tournaments are added or for exclusive my.888poker freeroll opportunities! The passwords are updated every time there is a change so don't worry if the date on them is old.

In order to claim any community added prizes, you MUST post in the thread for the game where you won your prize within 7 days of the end of the game to claim your prize. There will be no exceptions to this.

Again, welcome to our community –please make yourself at home.

Kind Regards,

The Community Manager and the Moderators

Will all my888poker members please ensure they have their 888poker player name in their profile.
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1 year ago  ::  08 Jan 17 12:42 PM #815
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my profile is completed and I hope that once I get there any prizes
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10 months ago  ::  02 Sep 17 06:30 PM #816
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Date Joined: Sep 2, 2017
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